Game 150: Avoiding the inevitable let-down

Red Sox security forces worse than the Boston bullpen
You can't please all of the people all of the time

I know what you’re thinking: Uh, oh, Daniel Cabrera and the Orioles. And, hey, don’t the Yankees always lose games like this?

After yesterday’s dramatic win, the Yanks face off against the Orioles tonight. All season long, the Orioles have been a thorn in the Bombers’ collective side. The Yankees are just 4-8 against a team that is 64-84. Imagine if the Orioles represent the difference between the AL East and the Wild Card or, even worse, the Wild Card and a playoff-less October. These two teams play six more teams this year, and the Yanks very well could have their playoff fate determined by the Orioles.

But I’m not ready to write off tonight’s game as one of those let-down games. We’ve got Phil Hughes on the mound. He’s pitching for his place in the postseason rotation. And the Yanks aren’t facing the same Oriole team they battled against earlier this year. Baltimore, since Dave Trembely was named permanent manager, have gone 6-19 over their last 25 games. They’ve given up 10 runs or more eight times during that stretch and managed to allow 30 runs in one game in August.

As the Indians and Tigers prepare to do battle in the Central, the Yanks need these games. With a 2.5-game Wild Card lead, they control their own fate. Winning games against the Orioles will make the team feel better about their playoff hopes, and it will make us feel better about this team come October.

Meanwhile, submit your fan-on-the-field captions here.

Thirteen games left. Melky, hitting .190/.242/.241 this month, takes a seat tonight, and the Yanks put their sub-par defensive outfield out there.

Johnny Damon CF – Yikes
Derek Jeter SS – What a weekend: 5 for 14 with 2 HR and 5 RBI.
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui LF
Jorge Posada C
Jason Giambi DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Doug Mientkiewicz 1B – Looks like we were right about this one for now.

Phil Hughes P

Red Sox security forces worse than the Boston bullpen
You can't please all of the people all of the time
  • Ramadan

    Is it safe to say that Phil is our third best pitching prospect?

    • Ramadan

      I have to admit that I like Kennedy and Joba better.

      • Michael T

        Joba > Hughes > Kennedy

        But I have to say, I am really impressed by IPK’s tenacity and courage on the mound. He really seems to be able to spot his fastball, and can get outs with it even when guys are sitting on it. Hughes hasn’t shown a similar ability this year but all those scouts raving about him in the minors can’t be wrong. And, he is holding his own as an above-average major league SP with an arsenal that is clearly not what he is sued to. IN a pennant race no less. For the Yankees. At age 21.

    • Mike A.

      I can certainly see the argument for Joba over Phil, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Phil’s a better prospect than IPK.

      Don’t make the mistake of assuming that how a player performs over his first 50, 100 or even 200 innings is how he will play the rest of his career.Phil’s going to be outstanding, trust me.

      Best part of this is that all 3 are on the team!

      • James Varghese

        Amen to that. Throw Horne into the mix as sweetner and damn, is that a nice group of players to work with.

        • Adam


  • JS

    I’m not about to say that the Yanks WILL win 5 out of 6 against Baltimore, but they’d damn well BETTER win 5 out of 6. After playing Cleveland, Detroit’s going to play Kansas City and Minnesota (who’ve absolutely quit) at home and then the White Sox (who quit in July) in New Comiskey.

    So the Yanks NEED to add another game between themselves and the Tigers heading into the Toronto series this weekend and need to be up at least 3 games a week from today.

    • Mike A.

      Minnesota has only 4 players with more than 5 homeruns. That’s fucking pathetic.

  • Marc

    yayy 89mph! from phil.. hes improving!

  • Marc

    and then a 93 mph! wooo bitch slapped me lol

  • Marc

    im officially tracking tonight to annoy Mike A

  • Marc

    ooo boy 2-0 o’s

  • Marc

    im being pre emptive

  • Marc

    wait…. that doesnt make sense.. ok im done for an inning

  • NYFan50

    This has not been a very good start to the game.

  • Mike 44

    If anyone is getting the Baltimore broadcast of this: How much does Jim Palmer hate Daniel Cabrera? Its brilliant.

  • Mike A.

    One of these days the light bulb is going to go on for Cabrera, and he’s going to be un-BE-lievable. Randy Johnson just started to figure it out at Cabrera’s age (26), and he took off at age 29. So watch out for Cabrera in 2010.

    Betances & Brackman are going to be the same way: frustrating at times, dazzling at times, and then all of a sudden they figure it out and bam, unhittable.

    • Adam

      I think it’s more likely that Cabrera will never get it together.

  • Mike A.
  • eli

    Are those some sliders from Hughes? Is he figuring out you have to throw more then 2 pitches to make it through major league lineups!?

  • ansky

    wow nice little umm….reacharound there by Giambi.
    Heads up baserunning, i thought he was dead to rights for sure.

  • Styles

    Lol did hughes really just throw a 87 MPH Fastball to Payton?

    And man does Michael Kay and CO really irritate me sometimes. Besides the normal cabash that comes out they’re mouth they called Phil Hughes a notoriously fly ball pitcher? Guess they haven’t seen his minor league track.

  • ShawnT

    I hate joe torre, Why cant he just let him pitch out of it, how is he ever gunna learn.

    • Mike A.

      Agreed, but I guess it’s okay since they’re in the middle of a playoff race. If this was April, I say leave’em out there.

  • NYFan50

    Edwar’s entered the Circle of Trust?

    • Jake T

      as of tonight hes as good as in

    • Mike A.

      I think he’s in. He’s such a weapon too, for the reasons we just saw. He can come in and get the K in a big spot. I knew he was going to throw the change. You knew it, he knew it, everyone in the Stadium knew it, Mora knew it…and he still swung & missed. Filth.

      With Edwar-Joba-Mo-Farns-Viz, the Yanks suddenly have a pretty reliable quintet out in the ‘pen.

      • Relaunch

        Yeah, pretty good at loading the bases also and leaving a shitty mess to clean up

  • Mike R.

    Edwar is officially in the circle. Poor kid won’t know what hit him.

  • Relaunch

    Sterling and Waldman have no grasp on baseball. The things that come out of their mouth really ruin the drive to get ice cream.

  • MvN


    • Mike A.

      This is fucking retarded. I dunno where this Me vs EJ bullshit started, but I really hope it ends soon. I’ve got nothing but respect for the guy, and for chrissakes, he’s even guest written here at RAB!

  • Mac

    That was very impressive by Viz.

  • Relaunch

    Again, Posada thinks he has the wheels of someone fast. How many times is that this year?

  • Relaunch

    Wow, Farnsworth went from shithead on everyone’s list to reliable on yours. Impressive. He was very reliable in Toronto and Boston.

    • Mike A.

      Right, because those 7 hits he’s allowed since July are a major cause for concern.

      • Relaunch

        Yeah, when he pitches once a week, its not that hard to do. Great $6m a year investment. Also, since you didn’t realize, he has become mostly a mop up man and doesn’t pitch in big spots

  • Stylez

    I’m guessing it’s the connection thing you guys share since he was your successor at MVN. Gooddamn that Mike A and his loyalist faction lol.

  • yankz

    EJ, in re Phil’s struggles, once said something like “I want my Mike Prior now.” That was about it for me.

  • DKA

    Does it really matter who is our best, second best, third best pitching prospect? I can’t understand why people on the net can’t wait to blast Phil Hughes the moment he struggles. Can’t wait to see you all turn on Joba next year when he’s in the rotation.

  • Wordewizard

    anybody think it’s wrong that moose gets to pitch tomorrow and kennedy is getting bypassed, with pettitte working the final game? i think A-Pet should have had a couple extra days, or Moose shouldn’t be pitching tomorrow. Bad sign when moose gets the nod after a good outing and kennedy gets bypassed after a spectacular one.

  • Mac

    Is it really necesssary for this game to be 3 and a half plus hours long? Like, really?

  • dan

    wheres the velocity hughes had his last 2 starts? the last 2 he was around 93 or 94 the whole game (hitting 96 last week on gameday). tonight he didnt hit 93 once according to gameday.

  • Relaunch

    Cleveland won

  • Relaunch

    Wow, what “reliable” performances by Ramirez and Farnsworth. Just to give a heads up, he came in with an 8-3 lead. Go Kyle, the Yanks reliable reliever

  • ansky

    nice…big game for the Yanks. Sox lost, Tigers lost. Offense was potent and Phil did his usual scattered in the 1st but settle down and stay quiet on through…and Kyle is back to his old self(at least for one night)

    Another quality victory

  • Ivan

    The thing with builiding arm strength, you velocity becomes inconsistent. You may be throwing 95MPH this start and next start throw 91MPH. He’s still trying to get stronger.

    Don’t be surprise, he reaches at least most of his arm strength by october where he can be really, really deadly in the postseason.

  • Ivan

    Yankees Win, Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankeees Win.

    Good win by the yanks. Gain a game on not only detroit but also boston as well.

    Offense was solid, Bullpen was okay but must do a better job, anf Hughes came back and pitch a solid ballgame. If you notice he was fustrated that he didn’t get to finish the sixth inning. Nevertheless, he’s pitching well enough to win. All I want from Hughes is to give us quality starts.

    He doesn’t have to some Santana shit, just a solid 6 innings and three run game. If he can do that consistently, he will be okay.

    I am telling you guys, if the yankees do make october, I assume that Hughes will be about approximately 90% or more. I think his electric stuff will be back HOPEFULLY. As you can see I always been a Hughes fan and love the guy and of course his potential lol.

    Great win by the yankees.

    PS: Dustin Mcgowan, Don’t be surprise at all he becomes a breakout canidate next year and become areguebaly the best pitcher for the Jays. I really starting to like this guy and I think he has a chance to be a sick pitcher for years to come. I said it first, Dustin McGowan next year Erik Bedard interms of breakout canidate.

  • Ivan

    All I am asking Hughes is to give us Quality starts. you know 6 innings of three run ball that’s it. No Santana performances.

    Don’t worry Hughes will be okay and HOPEFULLY by october, he will get his strength at least 90%. That Electric Stuff is coming soon.

    PS: Dustin McGowan is plain sick. I really starting to feel this guy and I think he can be next year Erik Bedard interms of Breakout year. I said it First.

  • Marc

    Hey Mike A,
    surprisingly i have some compliments for Phil… I think hes doing a heck of a job considering he seems all out of whack, meaning.. his command is not there even with his fastball and the poor kid doesnt have an out-pitch. His curveball is missing bite and he’s really strugllign with his change.. but i find it admirable and a big poitive that hes able to pitch to decent results without any of those things working in his favor.

  • Clay

    Or the gun @ Toronto was fast…