With $25 parking, take the train instead

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A report released on Thursday has dropped a bombshell on everyone who likes to drive to Yankee Stadium: It’s going to cost $25 to park in the new lots when the new stadium is open.

The Real Estate, a blog run by The New York Observer, has more:

If you must drive to Yankees games, you might as well stash your car in the bleachers. A city economic development official said today that it would cost $25 a car to park in one of the official garages at the new Yankee Stadium. The estimated cost of building new, more and better parking spaces to accompany the new stadium went up 13 percent to $295 million just since April, when the tax-exempt bond issue first appeared before the city’s Industrial Development Agency for approval, according to application materials.

The city’s economic development agency thinks that patrons will nonetheless pony up. While officials had been modeling revenues based on $20 to $23 a car this spring, they modeled $25 to make the higher cost pay for itself, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Currently, fans pay $14.

According to the report, this increase is due to inflation and an increased demand on behalf of the investors for the construction company to cover debt payments. Risings costs and inflation, eh? That’s fairly unsurprising.

This news also bodes ill for those of us holding out for affordable tickets at the new Yankee Stadium. If parking is going to cost $25, how much will bleacher seats cost, let alone anything else in the stadium.

Meanwhile, when 2009 rolls around, my suggestion is to utilize the new Metro-North stop or take the subways. It sure beats paying for gas, tolls and $25 parking.

Jays' Glaus received anabolic steroids
What he said
  • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

    I wonder if the private lots are going to drive up their prices too. There’s a couple on River Ave that are $20 now. Mass transit is basically out of the question for me so I better start begging for a raise now.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I know you go to a lot of games, Jen, so I’m sure you feel the same way many of my season ticket holding friends do: To charge season ticket holders $14 per game for parking is outrageous. It’s appalling that they charge the same amount to their loyal customers as they do for guys who go to one or two games a year.

  • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

    Yeah, that does bug me that I have to pay that much every day. That’s why I’m overjoyed when I find a spot on the street for free. The absolute worst though is when there is a rain out and you’re already parked. You don’t get that money back or even a rain check. So for that playoff game last year that was rained out they basically made double the money off of parking because they nailed everyone twice for one game.

  • Barry

    heres an idea, save a couple bucks by cutting salary and avoid taxing the fans.

  • fenway

    Fenway charges $20 and private is higher. get use to it. Think of the increase as:
    $1 clemens
    $1 petitte
    $1 abreu
    $1 damon
    $2 arod
    $1 sheffield
    $1 igawa
    $2 giambi
    $1 brown
    $11 payment for mistakes
    $14 (old price)

  • fenway

    …oops forgot this surcharge:

    $2 Pavano
    $13 Payment for mistakes
    $14 (old price)
    $26 Calculated New Price
    $25 Actual New Price
    $1 savings passed along to yankee fans.

  • Relaunch

    This is fucking bullshit. I have the 61 game plan.

  • Pedro el Oso

    Suckas! Somebody’s gotta pay for Carl Pavano. Hey, you want root for mercenaries, you’ll get treated like them.

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