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I was all set to write a post looking at the Mariners’, Tigers’ and Yankees’ remaining schedules this morning when Peter Abraham beat me to the punch. So since he did all the work, I’ll just summarize. The Yanks have a very easy schedule; the Tigers have a harder-but-still-somewhat-easy schedule; the Mariners play a lot of good teams and are struggling. Basically, with a three-game lead, a post-season appearance is in the Yankees’ hands. If they win games, they’re in. And they should win these games.

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  • dan

    one problem: tigers play 12 of 21 at home, yankees play only 7 of 22 at home.

    tigers home record: 36-32
    yankees road record: 31-35

    • Ben K.

      But 9 of the Yankees’ remaining road games are against Kansas City, Baltimore and Tampa Bay. While the Yanks have tended to struggle against those teams, I’m less concerned than I would be otherwise.

  • Barry

    Baltimore seems to own us this year, and we don’t exactly own tampa either.