• dan

    grammar definitely takes a backseat to tonights win.

  • Stuart

    by far the best win of the year. red sux fanx are lunatics…there hatred for the yanks is pathological..

  • C-Note

    LOTS of un-happy Sox fans- NOTHING is better than sticking it to Palpabon… priceless

    • KAnst

      Beating Papelbon is right up there with beating Schilling as best ways to win a game

  • steve

    i was sweating on my couch. I dont know if i could take this in october. god damn these games are intense !

  • Chofo

    They are going to win the East, but great statement for the Yankees:

    1) we can beat ther best pitching, starters or relievers
    2) just 1 quality start from their starters in 16 games against Yankees this season
    3) A-Rod drove the winning run off Papelbon at Fenway for the second time in a row

  • Ben

    My wife and I got in a huge fight tonight, about the 5th inning. Funny that.

    We have to win one game, the game in front of us, you can’t do any better than that. We have to keep winning one game at a time. The Division is logically, mathematically, sabrematricially out of reach right now. BUT, if we just keep winning one game, each night, we still just might win it.


    • Bob Suydam

      Heh, Heh. My wife (RedSox fan) stormed off to bed end of the 8th! Now (AM) I gotta get her smilin’ again, ’til this PM. ARod is different this year. It’s almost playoffs and he’s making important hits. Become a Yankee, become Good!

  • The Scout

    Marrying a Red Sox fan is more heretical than a Sunni marrying a Shiite in Iraq…:-)

  • Rob in CT

    Another heretic here. Luckily my wife isn’t a fanatic like me, and she wasn’t really paying attention to last night’s game anyway. She wasn’t exactly pleased, mind you.

    I missed the comeback, though I did see the end of the game. The last I knew, it was 6-2 with Sean Henn coming in. At that point I figured it was a sure loss. I did have to check one last time, though, just in case… I flip to ESPN and there is ARod grinning on 1B, 8-7 Yanks.


  • Jesse G.

    I can one up all you guys with heretic wives. My long-time girlfriend is a former heretic who I single-handedly converted. She is now totally pumped whenever the good guys win.

  • NYFan50

    Funny, my wife asked me yesterday if she had been a Red Sox fan if I would have married her, and I told her no…

  • Count Zero

    Ben has it right – one game at a time boys. The WC is still far from locked up and the kittens are winning right now. I’d like to keep them four back in the L column. Santana on the hill for the Twinkies tonight.

    Catching the Sux hasn’t even entered my mind…if we sweep…

  • Malcard89

    “Mike A. on 15.09.2007 at 00:04 (Reply)
    I’m going to drink until I can’t feel feelings anymore.”

    DUDE, me and my roommate have that SAME beer mug with those words and with peter (from family guy, duh) wasted on the front of it!!

    good win, the game did after all take 5 hours to finish, so that win (off papelbon, the next mariano!!) was freakin sweet.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Small factoids from last night:

    Hideki Okajima allowed exactly zero HR to LHB this season before Giambi & Cano took him back-to-back.

    Papeblon allowed 3 consecutive hits for the first time in his ML career.