Yanks, Bronx have yet to fulfill park money promise

Moose offers up some perspective
That sounds about right to me

When the Yanks, with the help of the City of New York, grabbed the Macombs Dam Park and appropriated it for their new ballpark, they agreed to pay back the Bronx through money that will go toward new parkland. Seventeen months later, the Yankees and the Bronx have yet to fulfill that promise.

Metro has a little bit more:

Central to [the new Yankee Stadium] deal was the promise of an annual $800,000 for Bronx nonprofits over the next 40 years. Critics labeled this a “slush fund,” because the money would be doled out by a new not-for-profit staffed by representatives of Bronx elected officials, and it didn’t have to be spent in the affected community. The funds were to start flowing, the agreement said, “upon the commencement of the construction.”

So imagine the surprise of Geoffrey Croft last week, when he discovered — one full year after the stadium’s groundbreaking — no such not-for-profit has been registered with the state yet, and no funds have been disbursed.

While I may object to the new stadium on the grounds that it’s simply not necessary – and an average home attendance of 52,645 would bear me out – the Yanks have continually stiffed the Bronx community on this deal. As the article notes, the city gave up the parkland to the Yanks with no public hearing.

Now, you may fault community silence, and it does seem that these Save Our Parks folks haven’t gotten nearly the attention they deserve. But the Yanks owe it to the city to make up for the missing parkland. At a deep discount, they’re taking public lands. They should replace it sooner than 17 months after construction started on the new stadium.

Moose offers up some perspective
That sounds about right to me
  • dan

    i have some questions/notes regarding the new stadium…

    -According to ESPN magazine, a team building a new stadium with private funds does NOT have to pay the luxury tax until their luxury tax spending (what they would spend) equals the amount they spent on the stadium.

    -Will the stadium still be on river avenue? and if not, will the name of the blog change?

    -Has there been any word, since that anonymous construction worker, on whether or not the stadium construction is on schedule?

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      The new stadium is off of River Ave I believe. If you look up at aerial shot in the banner above, the new Stadium is generally on the 3rd base side of the existing Stadium, right where that big patch of grass is. River Ave runs along the outfield (RF/CF), you can see the subway lines running over it on the banner.

      I don’t think we’ll change the name of the blog, not only is RAB pretty well established in the blogging community, we don’t want to pay for a new domain.

      I’m sure the project isn’t right on schedule. Construction projects, especially large scale ones like this, never go according to plan. There’s usually build-in contingency for this sort of stuff though. Believe you me, no matter what the Mets say, CitiField isn’t on schedule either.

      If that’s true about the luxury tax, then great. I’m not sure if this is entirely correct, but I think the way it works is that a team can subtract any stadium construction costs from it’s revenue before luxury tax is calculated.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      1) I’ve heard that, too.

      2) It’s still on River Ave., so no worries.

      3) No further word as far as I know.

  • Jersey

    Whether it’s on River Ave or not, I’d keep the name anyway. If the stadium is not on River Ave, then it gives the name a neat retro feel…