• dan


    Whoever made that list clearly hasn’t seen this site.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Wow. We suck.

  • Barry

    i’m scared…. they’re here

  • Bart

    Maybe Aura and Mystique will make an appearance. We need them at the Stadium and at Cleveland.

    But Roger is 45 — and as fans we would not expect much in the regular season coming off a long lay-off — we’d look for five innings and few runs — what Aura and Mystique might provide is a Cone or Gooden like special game — one for the ages — a “Bloody Sock” moment that mentally and emotionally lifts the entire team.

    I am sure Clemens will leave everything on the field but he really has not had much since his retirement year gainst the Marlins – so to me this is not much different than inserting Matsui and Sheffield last year; or the Unit who was more effective in the regular season. Hoping that they really can just “switch it on” — a triumph of hope over reality – the aging of the athlete — is just so damn inexorable

    What can Roger have other than guts and adenaline – a case can be made that he conserved energy and used it wisely in the pitcher friendly NL — but he did not have to face an Indians caliber team on so little work with so many ailments.

    So the Genius Manager has plans for miracles from Roger and Moose and then he’ll throw Wang – on the road again — check the stats — if the miracles occur – and we get to game five.

    –Still the first part of the miracle is Roger — or that Westbrook can’t get anyone out and Cleveland depletes its bullpen as the Yankees rake –

    I would rather the Yankees pitch Hughes – let the kid give us the miracle

    — and if Rog gets through today then I’d pitch Hughes tomorrow
    — and if on the JT miracles required plan (pray) Moose gets through tommorrow then I’d pitch Hughes instead of Wang at the Jake
    — why these choices — because Moose has not done his job in the postseason either since game seven relief appearance against the Red Sox in 2004 – the same year Clemens couldn’t put a stake in the Marlins — and Moose has been awful agianst the really solid teams or hot teams all year — showing his decline

    Avoid Wang in game five — doesn’t picth well on the road
    The scouts have figured Wang — “patience” does not have a ‘strike out this guy mentality’ when he has the count in his favor – put the ball in play, go the other way, get on base and run on him
    — worrying runners (who he can’t hold on) he losses command in the stretch

    He is a number 3 or 4 starter — it is not Wang (a great guy) that has elevated his status – it the aging of Clemens, Pettit, and Mussina; and the failure of the AA pichers coming through the revolving door; without the injury he would have won 20 games but he should have done so anyway — the last three weeks were not good — why expect another miracle

    The guy who did improve – who has the upside, who the Indians have no book on is Hughes

    the future is Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy (not available) start now with Hughes