Boras seeking leverage wherever leverage can be found


As the hot stove season approaches, I find myself checking ESPN.com more and more. I don’t like doing it, not one bit. But I really detest FoxSports.com. Anyone who employs Kevin Hench, quite possibly the least knowledgeable sportswriter on the Internet, can shove it as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, there was a report there this morning regarding Scott Boras’s comments on the Torre situation. And guess what? It’s going to affect A-Rod‘s decision!

“I would say that state of flux is a grand issue,” Boras said Saturday. “We’re talking about a long-term contract here, and to make that decision is difficult, knowing there are that many issues up in the air.”

How long is that contract you’re seeking, Scott? Ten years? Something tells me there will be at least one more period during that tenure where the Yanks are in a state of flux. If A-Rod goes elsewhere, it could actually be more tumultuous. When teams lose, they change managers. The Yankees win, so the temptation to change is lessened.

But hey, leverage comes in all forms, right.

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  • NYFan50

    I don’t like Hench, either. That’s the problem though, and the reason Fire Joe Morgan is so good. Bad sportswriting everywhere.

    Hard to blame Boras for using this as leverage. Figured it had to happen, right? Ultimately he’s going for the dollars, though, and who is going to give him those dollars other than the Yankees?

  • steve (different one)

    well, to be fair to Boras, you could argue that Mariano is doing the same thing.

    personally, i think Boras showed his hand a bit when he asked the Yankees to use the YES Network to pay A-Rod. i think everyone knows there is 0% of that happening for so many different reasons. if YES starts paying players, wouldn’t the revenue of YES start counting as Yankee revenue and therefore need to be included in the revenue sharing??

    to me, it sounds like Boras is trying his hardest to get people talking like $35M is a given for A-Rod, so when he “settles” for $27M from the Yankees, A-Rod looks like a great guy.

    • Jamal G.

      that’s a great point you made steve in that last paragraph of yours.

      I personally think this is just Agent crap talk. A-Rod knows this team has the best chance to win and I really don’t think he will opt out. Honestly if he does opt out how much more money can he really get? Let’s say the Yankees offer him 10/290 or even 10/300. If he opts out and gets 10/320 or 10/330, is going from the Yankees, a perennial WS contender to a lesser talented club really worth the extra $3-$4 million per year?

      • Barry

        Logic would say you play to win and you win to make money so hopefully A-Rod will think that way.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I had the same “oh come on” response to the Boras thing. Now it’s “security” Arod wants? I’m tired of his crap talk and trying to capitalize on every little thing.

    I can see Mariano using it. Torre is “his” manager. They are very close and have been together a very long time. Arod? Not so much.

    • steve (different one)

      in other words, it’s OK because we like Mariano but not OK because we don’t like A-Rod, right?

      it’s well known that A-Rod clashed with Showalter in Texas. A-Rod might want to know that Showalter is not going to be hired before signing. seems kindof reasonable to me.

      but the Yankees are not going to hire Showalter. they will hire Girardi, Mattingly (who A-Rod loves), or Pena. and A-Rod will come back.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    No, it’s okay because Mo’s loyalty to Torre is well-known and Alex (or Boras) is just trying to turn it to their advantage. I truly believe that the Torre decision will weigh on Mo. I think that the Torre situation is just Boras using the situation to his advantage.

    • steve (different one)

      i guess time will tell. if Mo re-signs a huge contract with the Yankees, doesn’t it kindof imply he was pretty much as full of sh*t as Boras? he’s loyal to Torre until the $40M mark is crossed.

      we’ll see, personally i don’t care who is or isn’t bluffing, i just want them both back.

      • Jamal G.

        Hey dont you guys forget about Posada, he’s prolly the most 2nd Valuable guy on the Yanks behind Mo due to the lack of catching depth and his extraordinary offensive skills.

        • steve (different one)

          no one forgot about Posada. but i assume you meant “A-Rod” instead of “Mo” as far as the most valuable Yankee.