Jesus Ch…Montero!

Boras seeking leverage wherever leverage can be found
Torre turns down another offer

AzFL Peoria (5-4 loss to the other Peoria)
Brett Gardner: 1 for 3, 1 R – hit in every game he’s played in the AzFL…been on base 19 times in 9 games
Eric Wordekemper: 1 IP, zeroes, 1 K – 8 pitches, 7 strikes…that’s how relievers are supposed to do it

HWB Honolulu (8-1 win over West Oahu)
Austin Jackson: 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI – just out of curiosity, who would you rather have – Ajax or Jose Tabata?
Brad Suttle: 1 for 4, 1 RBI, 1 K – 5 hits in his last 6 games…I think he’s allergic to multi-hit games

Venezuela Winter League (a lone box score was available this morning)
Marcos Vechionacci: 0 for 1, 1 K – pinch-hit in the 9th….350-.458-.650 with a 1-4 K/BB ratio

In case you missed it in the comments the other day, Jesus Montero is tearing up his winter ball league, hitting .484 (15 hits) with 3 homers and 8 runs scored in no more than 8 games. He’s near the top of the leaderboard in most offensive categories. Thanks to both Matt L and our very own JP for the heads up.

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Boras seeking leverage wherever leverage can be found
Torre turns down another offer
  • Gustavo

    Here’s a better page with ussually up to date boxscores for the VWL

  • RollingWave

    ummmm i’ll have them both thanks.

  • Gustavo

    Keep in mind though, Montero isn’t playing in the VWL (LVBP) he’s playing in the parallel league, which is to say the minor leagues to the VWL. Too bad he plays for magallanes jeje

  • dan

    I’d rather have Tabata at this point. A-Jax needs to validate last year’s Tampa tear with another good season. I realize Tabata still hasn’t hit for power, but I think he’s the better bet to make it to the majors. Also, tabata is 2 or 3 years younger at the same level.

    • yankz

      Jackson is 18 months older.

      • dan

        my bad… my opinion is still the same though

    • JP Surget

      This is an excellent question. Next year will be a huge year for both players. It will be Tabata’s year to prove what he can do w/o the hand issues and A-Jax is busting out in a big way after focusing full time on baseball for only his second full season.

      Who do you think has more projectability? Tabata seems to have a slight edge so far but I would have to say that A-Jax has a higher ceiling.

  • George

    Ajax, may turn out too be a the next raw Bernie Williams (which isn’t bad), but for me, I am very optimistic in Tabata’s upside, if he is physically fine after his hand surgery from 10 weeks back. Any new news on Tabata’s physical/playing statues?

    Gustavo, in the VWL, do certain age rule requirements exist that prohibit a 17 year old in participating?

    • Gustavo

      As far as I know there isn’t such a rule. Magallanes had a 17 year old kid pinch hit in a game last year, I don’t recall his name right now. The parallel league exists to give younger players a chance to develop and rehab injured players. Montero is probably there because they have no room for him on the “big league” roster, they usually prefer proven if low ceiling players than promising youngsters. For this same reason don’t expect Vech to get a lot of playing time even if he does well, and by mid season (when the big leaguers usually join their teams) he shouldn’t be playing at all.. sort of what happened to him and Tabata last year.

    • kanst

      I dont really see the Bernie comp, I see A-Jax as more of a .275/.350/.500 type player who steals A LOT of bases. He could be a 40-50 steal type player. I see something like Eric Davis.

      Tabata on the other hand just seems like Abreu to me. I see .300/.380/.500 with 20-25 homers and a bunch of doubles. I think they are both going to be awesome.

      Picking one is hard I think Jackson has a higher ceiling since I could see him developing a lot more power, and his speed is awesome. I think Tabata has a higher ceiling, but next year is definately key for both of them.

  • Ivan

    How about this,

    I feel that A-Jax might be the better all around player because of athletism, but I think that Tabata might be the better hitter overall because of how great his bat speed is and his hand eye coornation is tremendous.

    What you think guys?

  • Zack

    Love looking at that link to the VWl and seeing names such as Edgardo Alfonzo and Rich Garces on the leader boards…

    • Mike A.

      Oh I know, these rosters are awesome. Know who’s on Robbie Cano Dominican Winter Ball team? 44 year young Luis Polonia! Crazy.

  • McLovin

    Doesn’t Tabata have very good speed as well?

  • felix the cat

    Wordkemper pounds the zone Like Peter North used to pound P****

  • Travis G.

    not very good speed but above average (i think).

    i’m not going to say 2008 is tabata’s make or break year, after all, he’ll be just 19! and i remember reading somewhere that the hamate surgery can linger. the 09 season, his 20-year-old season, is more important imo.

    ajax has the higher ceiling, but tabata seems more likely to become an everyday player. i see Jackson as an andruw/torii type guy and tabata as a kendrick/abreu kinda guy (with hopefully more power).