• Rob

    As one who had little problem with how they handled Torre, I’m beginning to like Boss Jr.

    • marc

      i completely agree, and as with all these free agent players, im really tired of them believing they are more important than an enitre franchise and its good to see the front office second that opinion.

    • brxbmrs

      Ditto, we get younger, cheaper and get to focus less on individuals and more on the team.

      We may stink for a while and maybe a long time, but I love the guts (or insanity) that is resulting in a change in how this team has been constructed for the last several years. – a bunch of All Stars who look anemic once the pitching gets good in October.

      A-Rod was great for us, and a bargain, I wish him well on his new team.

      Pitching and defense hopefully becomes the biggest priorities.

      • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

        I really don’t think we’re going to stink for long. Even next year, we could be looking at an 85-win season – which is not bad at all for a rebuilding year. Losing the Rodster is not the end of the world. The Empire lives on.

        • brxbmrs

          I don’t think we are going to stink either, but it is a possibility – alot is in flux, how good and how quick the kids develop in the rotation, do they stay healthy and pitch a full season, what other moves do we make, Mo and Jorge, etc.

          We really don’t have any power now – especially from the right side (unless Duncan gets a shot and succeeds – not a given or even realistic, but I’d love to see him get 400 AB’s).

          Personally, I always thought HR power is overrated – I’ll take doubles hitters with good situational stats.

          I’m still pretty stoked, its time for a change, even if that means we have to suck wind for a while.

  • ShawnT

    Go Boss, now lets get miggy

  • Jamal G.

    Iam beginning to notice Boss Jr. has a big mouth and some of the stuff he has said was dumb and unnecessary (media war with Torre for example) but in this case I have no problem, he’s being a proud owner and wants to reaffirm the Yanks decision to let A-Rod walk out without the Yankees chasing after him.

  • Brian

    Wow. This guy is just like most Yankee fans, basically. Cashman called it and now Hanks backs him up. I have to believe good is coming from all this. With Girardi as the pick, seems like we have a fairly principled approach to being both economically sound and a real product on the field. Even if this seems like a dangerous way to go, you have to admit that not having A-Rod on the team feels kind of good. I keep thinking one thing: when we win it next, decisions like these will feel pretty gratifying.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    Whoever signs A-Dud will choke on that contract. I’m glad it wont be the Yanks.

  • Malcard89

    Wow hank said that perfectly. boras has the nerve to say that he’s still willing to negotiate with the yanks, but why would anyone opt-out and still rejoin the same team if he actually wanted to stay?? well done boss jr.

  • The Scout

    I think both Boss Jr. and Boss Sr. came across as arrogant in asserting its a “privilege” to play for the Yankees, as though they are doing the players a favor by letting them wear the uniform. When a team hasn’t won a ring in six years, modesty is a more appropriate public face. And when did Boss Jr, he of the inherited position, earn the right to chide others about being ungrateful?

    Don’t get me wrong. Boras is a jackass, and is statement is as phony as it gets. But the Yankee management did not exactly cover itself with dignity in this exchange.

    • brxbmrs

      Not winning a WS in 6 (actually 7) years is not a sin. I like what Hank said. What’s phony is Joe Torre’s seduction of the media and many of the fans.

      As for A-Rod, he had another great year, but teams seem to win without him.

      Its all about the laundry – Hank understands that, not lets hope his moves are gutsy, not insane.

  • Craig

    I’m glad Boss Jr. stood firm……

    There is no way the Yankees can replace A-Rod’s production. The good news is that the Yankees now have 4 young pitchers to build a team around. It will take time, but it’s time for this team to reload…..Remember after the 08 season, Giambi & Mussina also come off the books.

    As for A-Rod….Thanks for busting it for 4 years in pinstripes. There were times he didn’t succeed, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. The guy played all out every night. I personally don’t blame him for opting out. He’s going to get paid no matter where he plays, but the media was less then fair with him. I know he gets paid a lot of money to deal with it….but he can get paid lots of money & not have to deal with the crap.

  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    Lets see…by Thanksgiving or so, we’ll hear from RAB’s own Buster Olney that A Rod has agreed to a new contract with the Yankees.

  • Brad

    Can the Yanks at least offer salary arbitration so that they get draft picks as compensation?

  • David

    no compensation – it’s written into the contract that the Yanks can’t offer arbitration (until 2009, I believe) so A-Rod will walk away with the Yanks getting nothing from his four years, except a bunch of production and a bunch of drama. Take Clemens off the payroll next year, though, and the Yanks have 40 million to play around with. Cut Abreu loose, and find some sucker to take on Pavano’s contract (good luck!) and that’s another 25 million off the books. Rather than bemoan the loss of A-Rod, Yanks fans should embrace this as an opportunity to re-invent the team, built around the core of Hughes, Wang, and Chamberlain and whatever stud young position players they can pry loose for all their veteran baggage. Certainly Giambi, Abreu, Mo, Farnsworth, Posada, Pettite, et. al (either traded or offered arb. in order to receive prospects) will fetch the Yanks a motherload of young, good prospects.

    The Red Sox just won the WS with 8 home-grown players playing a significant role (and considering Ortiz never did a thing before joining the Sox, and ditto the two Japanese pitchers, you could make the argument that half the team’s roster was developed by the organization) There’s no reason the Yanks can’t do the same, and definitely no reason they shouldn’t. This is a great time for the Yankees – I am excited to see what a team unburdened by a bunch of useless vets might accomplish.