Joba the starter, coming in 2008

A sober reflection on "A fork in the road"
Fausto Carmona is ridiculous

Tip o’ the hat to commenter yankz for pointing this story out. It appears that Joba Chamberlain will, in fact, be a starter in 2008:

Speaking with a reporter from The Associated Press, owner George Steinbrenner‘s son, Hank, confirmed the news on Chamberlain — who allowed just one earned run during 24 innings in the regular season as a setup man for Mariano Rivera.

This decision is independent of Rivera’s status as a potential free agent.

That’s always good to hear.

A sober reflection on "A fork in the road"
Fausto Carmona is ridiculous
  • Count Zero

    Thank goodness!

  • dan

    Now we can hopefully see Joba for 15 years instead of praying for 5 as a reliever

  • steve

    that’s great news … does anyone have a pinstripe plus membership ? on their site ( there is a HUGE, and I assume very informative interview with nardi contreras, I’d love to read it …. if anyone does just copy and paste it somewhere … thanks !

    • Joseph P.

      Unfortunately, you can’t copy and paste their stuff. I’ve been meaning to read the interview for days now. Just haven’t gotten around to it. If I find anything good, I’ll let you know (in discreet terms, of course, lest they seek their lawyers on me with their bullshit copyright claims).

      • steve

        ahhh, i hear ya, thanks … ya if there is anything worth while that you can paraphrase if you get around to it .. ha don’t want to see you getting sued for any copyright infringement ;)

    • dan

      Maybe we can get some kind of listing of general points made in the interview series. I feel like if I pay for one, i have to pay for them all– $40 for BP, $30 for BRef, i think $90 for Scout, $90 for Baseball America adds up to around $250 a year (not happening).

      • Mike A.

        BA’s definitely worth it my opinion. There’s so much info you won’t know what to do with yourself, especially come draft time.

  • Travis G.

    yes! i’ve been wanting to read that Nardi article badly too. if anyone has a membership, perhaps you would be kind enough to post some of the more important stuff (in discrete terms of course). Thanks in advance.

  • yankz

    Yes, I made it into an RAB post! I’d like to thank the George Steinbrenner, Yankees, my mother…

    • dan

      ’tis a great feeling. Bask in the glory until this post gets buried.

  • mehmattski

    Hopefully, this isn’t like Brian Cashman defending Bubba Crosby as the starting CF in 2006…

  • yankz

    Hank Steinbrenner said it, so…
    Also, this would only hurt Cash in terms of leverage with Mo.

  • kris

    Hank Steinbrenner seems to enjoy the spotlight a little bit… I hope he is not going to be George II, as in the original George in the 70s and 80s.

  • dan

    As long as the yankees dont disrespect rivera, he’ll be back. He’s not going to ask for the world, and they shouldn’t low-ball him; they can afford to give an extra 3 million or so if he wants it

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