Julio Lugo is fabulous



Go nuts on this one, kids. Don’t be too mean.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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  1. Mike A. says:

    Now we know why he’s such a slap hitter!

  2. Yankee Fan in Chicago says:

    Thith ith how we do ith in Provincetown ladies.

  3. Mike A. says:

    The post-game showers always were Julio’s favorite part of baseball.

  4. Victoria says:

    He feels pretty, oh so pretty, it’s a pity how pretty he feels!

  5. E-ROC says:

    I guess the Fairy didn’t want to break a nail.

    • A. Phil says:

      The fairly didn’t want to break his nail alright. Especially in the 8th inning when he let the ball slip from his grasp, if you know what i’m saying.

  6. Jim Johnson says:

    Agador! Spartacus! Agador Spartacus!

    He insists on being called by his full name.

  7. Mike R. says:

    Eeeeeeeeeek! I thought I saw mouse!

  8. D says:

    Agador Spartacus…brilliant….”I don’t wear shoes because, you see, they make me fall down.”

  9. steve (different one) says:

    i’d normally point out that seems kindof weak considering Boston is still playing and the yankees are not, but then i remembered that Lugo is a wife-beating lowlife, so he should be ridiculed at all times.

  10. A. Phil says:

    Lugo beating up his wife is more like a cat fight.

  11. yankz says:

    If I tiptoe, maybe they’ll forget I’m being paid 36 million dollars to suck.

  12. Jim Johnson says:

    Prance, prance, prance.. now jazz hands!

  13. Stylez says:

    I have spirit fingers, I have twinkle toes!!!

  14. Gustavo says:

    With a spring in his step Lugo sings “we’re going to the world seeeries, we’re going to the world seeeries”

  15. Jamal G. says:


  16. Rajah of Rehab says:

    Julio Lugo shows Melky Cabrera the proper way to go into first base on a close play.

  17. alex says:

    it’s been a while since lugo has taken one deep…..

  18. LBA Prequel says:

    Ryan Garko: “How you doing, Julio?”

    Julio Lugo: “I’m sssuper, thanksss for assking!”

  19. Tommy says:

    You know, I think it’s such a disgusting stereotype that gay people can’t hit. Most gay men I know could muster a better season line than .237/.294/.349.

  20. redbug says:

    Idiotic homophobic comments are offensive to me and I hope many others on this normally great site. Red Sox fans have been calling Derek Jeter homophobic names for years. That’s not surprising considering it’s coming from them. I would’ve thought Yankee fans were brighter than that.

    • Ben K. says:

      Mostly, these comments aren’t homophobic. It’s a silly picture; we’re making fun of it. I think Lugo’s doing one of the Monty Python Silly Walks myself. But, hey, a joke that’s funny to the rest of us isn’t going to be funny to everyone.

      • redbug says:


        You or no one else, I hope, wouldn’t make racial or ethnic “funny” comments about a player. I’m just saying this kind of stuff hurts some people’s feelings.

    • alex says:

      relax dude. funny is funny, and that picture is funny. if you are homosexual, your life would be a lot easier if you learn to laugh at stuff like this, and if you aren’t, loosen up.

  21. kris says:

    To describe Lugo as running like a lady is an insult to ladies.

  22. Stylez says:


  23. Jeb says:

    I’m tho fasst!

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