40-man omission a dose of reality to Duncan


When Eric Duncan was left off the 40-man roster last week in advance of the Rule V draft, no one blinked. No one, that is, except Eric Duncan himself. As Pete Caldera writes, better players within the Yankee organization have simply passed by Duncan, and while the 23-year-old still wants to make it as a Yankee, he understand the reality of his situation. I guess hitting .234 with an OBP hovering around .300 in your first 500 AAA plate appearances does that to a player.

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  • Mike

    Anyone notice that while A-Rod was “gone” and the Yanks were looking for a 3b, NOBODY ever mentioned Eric Duncan? The writing was on the wall then.

  • barry

    I went to a few games this year though where Eric had some key hits. Also he had odd line up positioning I remember a few times he was batting 3 or 4.

  • Count Zero

    Now I feel bad for the guy. I resolve to root for him wherever he ends up.

    • steve (different one)

      he’ll end up in the Yankees’ organization. no one is going to take him.