Unreliable source: Sox frontrunners for Johan

Save Hughes. Save Joba. Save IPK. Save The Future
40-man omission a dose of reality to Duncan

Now, this comes from the same newspaper that printed this laughable article, so take it with the largest grain of salt you can find. But this writer has a “source,” which may or may not be his own broken imagination, that says the Sox are in the lead for Santana. The potential winning bid: Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie. Not only do I think the Yanks can top that, I think they can top that without Hughes or Joba.

Dear Pioneer Press,

If you pay me, I’ll make up more believable rumors than your current staff. Promise.


Hat tip to Steve.

Save Hughes. Save Joba. Save IPK. Save The Future
40-man omission a dose of reality to Duncan
  • Zabon

    IPK, Carbrera, and Horne easily tops that

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I’m not sure IPK and Horne tops Lester and Masterson, so adding Melky wouldn’t do the trick. But just have a look through the Yanks top 30 prospects. Surely you can pick out a few names to add to IPK and Melky that could get the deal done.

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        I’d say IPK + Horne > Lester + Masterson, but I can certainly see how you could make a case going the other way. Masterson’s a reliever, a good reliever, but still a reliever. Horne’s got a far better chance to stick in the rotation.

  • Tripp

    It would be a typical move by MLB teams to once again dick over the Yankees. Just like the Gagne trade. Obviously I’m glad it didn’t work out, but they asked the yankees for IPK and Melky and then took a 5-6th starter and a 4th outfielder from the Red Sox.

    Besides Coco Crisp would be to expensive and the Sox would have to throw in money along with the trade.

  • nmc

    Yeah, the problem is that opposing teams know the Yankees have this talent, and they know that its possible that they can get them. If someone would just come out and say… Joba, Hughes, IPK are UNTOUCHABLE, maybe other guys would be a starting point.

    Anyway, I think this article is a load of BS. The Yankees, Angels, or Dodgers could make way better offer than that. I am positive this “source” is BS and they’re just trying to get the other teams to pony up more than they already have; they’re trying to give the Yankees a “Red Sox scare” to get them to give up the farm.

    Don’t buy it, Brian Cashman, Hank Stein, or whoever is running the show.

  • nmc

    And what’s the deal with Lester, people? The kid is not great. He’s shown flashes of “OK” but not even masterful. I think he’s less of a good bet than Kennedy. 4th starter at best. It’s why the Sox are so willing to get rid of him.

  • Tripp

    The Twins want a deal circled around Hughes from the Yankees, but not Bucholtz from the Red Sox?

    They are practically identical pitchers.

    • nmc

      Except Hughes is better.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        And not a felon.

        • Aaron


  • LiveFromNewYork

    They wanted to decimate us for Gagne and accepted so much less from the Sux. It would not surpirse me if Santana went the same way. Teams just want to boost up the price when it comes to the Yankees. I think the Yanks should tell them all to pound sand. The Twins owner has money (lots of it) and won’t spend it on Santana. I dont’ expect them to make any good decisions. Jerks.

    • nmc

      I don’t understand… why aren’t people doing this to the Sox? They’ve won 2 WS in the last 4 years. Why aren’t people trying to gut them as well?

  • Rob

    What’s scary is that’s close to a good trade for Minny. They address CF, 3B, and they get a decent lefty back and a good prospect. If they swapped Ellsbury for Crisp, I’d think that deal could get it done unless the Yanks start throwing in Ajax or IPK (in addition to Melky and Hughes) because they simply can’t address 3B and the Sox can and with a decent prospect ready for 2008.

  • Rob

    And I don’t think the Gagne for Melky AND IPK was correct. I think it was one OR the other.

    Don’t forget the Sox also included Engel Beltre, which is like the Yanks trading Tabata or Montero for Gagne.

    • dave Harris

      Man do I agree with you. Once again MLB will stick it to the Yanks. Florida, Arizona and Texas have had their turn so now its Minn. I wouldn’t trade any of them. Just jack up the price for Boston and let them make the mistake. One slip by Santana on a wet mound and our trade and future goes up in flames. And everyone will forget they were saying make the Trade. NO DEAL!

  • Dave

    I wonder if Kennedy, Melky, Horne and Alberto Gonzolez gets it done. I still say forget this whole idea. Having to give up prospects and pay 25 millionn per year is ridiculous. Wait a year and sign either Sabathia or Santana as free agents. Who knows, maybe Wang, Kennedy, Hughes, Joba can be a solid enough front line to allow Horne/Clippard/White/McCutchen/Marquez to hold the five spot while guys like Jairo Heredia/Beteneces/Brackman develop.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Kennedy was rated the number 26 prospect by MiLB.com earlier this week. I wonder if we’re not all undervaluing him a little.

    Meanwhile, I just don’t see the Twins taking Crisp. They want cheap talent under contract for a while. Crisp doesn’t fit that bill at all.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      I think we are undervaluing him. While Santana will sign an extension wherever he goes, I think that we should say Kennedy, Melky plus Horne and that’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      I don’t even want to part with that but I would make that our final and best offer. I’d rather sit tight with who we have and not give a flying rats tail about where Santana goes but I think that Kennedy has more value than we’re giving him.

  • sabernar

    No way do I include IPK in the deal. He’s the type of pitcher who will win 12-17 games a year for 10 years, all while being overshadowed by the other ‘big’ guys. My opinions is to just not make the trade at all unless the Big 3 are left out of the deal entirely, which I don’t see happening.

  • barry

    fuck Santana I’ll take Pettitte back way before I take Santana. I honestly hope Andy gives us an early Christmas present.

  • http://mybaseballbias.com JMM

    Maybe the “little birdie” was this guy.

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