A-Rod wants to go to Boston

A-Rod sending subtle messages?
Yanks top defensive team in 2007?

I promise you that I will stop talking about A-Rod just as soon as something else happens in Yankee-land. Maybe the GM meetings will bring us some relief this year. I hear the Yanks want this guy from the Twins — Johan Somebody or other.

Anyway, the latest news comes to us, unsources, from The Boston Globe, part owners of the Boston Red Sox. Hooray conflict of interests. The news is in Nick Cafardo’s rather extensive Notes column. Cafardo writes, in the Etc. section, about A-Rod:

If Alex Rodriguez could handpick the team he plays for, Boston might well be No. 1 on his list. According to a source who has talked to Rodriguez recently, he’d love to play for the Sox because he thinks they can win multiple championships… Whither the Yankees? “That’s something I will keep between Brian Cashman and myself,” Boras said. “I’m not making any more comments about the Yankees.”

There’s just so much to say about this little tidbit. Let’s start with A-Rod’s thinking that the Red Sox can win multiple championships. Clearly, A-Rod’s been doing his homework on the Red Sox, and he has decided that the Red Sox’s framework and organization best suits his own desires of finally nabbing that elusive ring. Never mind the fact that A-Rod’s old team owns the most championships in baseball history and is a perennial playoff contender. He wants to go to the World Series champion now, and he’s going to run crying to his mommy if it doesn’t happen.

See, A-Rod just knows what everyone else knows: The Sox have built up quite the team. Rich Lederer on The Baseball Analysts wrote a two-parter on the bright Red Sox future (Part I, Part II), and Baseball Prospectus has quite the love for Boston (Kevin Goldstein, New York’s own Jay Jaffe, John Perotto). It’s so disingenuous of A-Rod to want to go to Boston. In other words, it’s just like him.

Now, I also think there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that A-Rod winds up in Fenway. First, the Red Sox management is just too smart to give A-Rod a ten-year deal worth $30-35 million a year. They don’t want to pay 38-year-old A-Rod that much, let alone 41-year-old A-Rod. Theo Epstein, John Henry and, for all his idiotic talk about the Yankees-Red Sox rivarly, Larry Lucchino just don’t do that anymore.

Meanwhile, if A-Rod thought he had it rough with the New York fans, just wait until he experiences the full wrath of the Red Sox fans. They would expect this greedy turncoat to go 4 for 4 with 4 HRs every day.

Finally, in this three-sentence tidbit from Cafardo, we get another glimpse into the A-Rod/Boras relationship, and it’s starting to sound a little bit like Boras thinks he blew it with the Yankees. The closer to Cafardo’s entry is a veiled comment about Brian Cashman that one could interpret to mean that Boras and Cashman are indeed talking secretively about A-Rod’s potential return to the Yankees.

Yeah, right. The Yankees have made it perfectly clear that A-Rod is dead to them. They aren’t turning back from that stance any time soon.

Boras, you see, is using the media to intimate that the Yankees are in play because that serves to drive up A-Rod’s price. As long as that glimmer of a possibility exists, Boras can use it as leverage. But the Yankees have seemingly out-smarted A-Rod and Boras by maintaining a hard-line stance. The Yanks are not negotiating. Good luck to you, Scott, they said. And I have to think that Boras is maybe beginning to believe that the best deal he’ll see this winter for A-Rod is the one the Yankees originally offered before A-Rod opted out. Wouldn’t that be sweet, sweet revenge?

A-Rod sending subtle messages?
Yanks top defensive team in 2007?
  • MD

    Arod can return as soon as he is willing to take 17 mil for the first 3 years of his contract…..to do that, Boras would look like the big loser, and that just isn’t going to happen…..Boras blew this big time if the Yanks stay out, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair…..remember, Yanks did ok with Brosius and Hayes at third…..you dont need Babe Ruth at the hot corner to win……..

  • Samples

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but the story very much applies to this post. A good friend of mine is a red sox fan and went to the WS games in Colorado. After the clincher, he was at the Sox hotel and happened to get in an elevator the same time as Theo. Since the news about Arod just broke, he asked a tipsy Epstein if the Sox were going to go after Arod. Theo’s response: “F*ck Arod!”

    So I agree, no chance he ends up there.

  • stuart

    If we never hear about Arod agin it will be to soon. screw arod, enjoy sf or the angels and get lost.. a great player thinks he cn make his team a champion not a weasal who latches on to a good team so it givs him a title.

    arod is so pathetic it is scary..

  • steve (different one)

    with the yankees out of the picture, Boras simply needs the second richest team in the bidding.

    i wouldn’t place much stock in this. it’s all posturing. of course he needs boston involved.

  • steve (different one)

    also, it’s a little disingenuous to rip A-Rod so hard about this after standing and cheering while Wade Boggs rode that horse around Yankee stadium. pretty much the same situation.

    same goes for yankee fans who embraced roger clemens.

    i know we all want the players on the yankees to hate the players on the red sox, but that’s not really the way it works in the era of free agency.

    if posada signs with the mets, is he a huge “phoney” b/c he supposedly “hates” pedro martinez? my guess is they all sit around on huge piles of money and laugh about it.

  • Steve S

    its a ridiculous premise, because he never would have let the opt out stuff leak at the time. I think he wants the red sox in it because he wants the yankees back in it. But he and boras knew the ramifications of announcing when they did. In a couple of days youll an article about how he loves NY, and he thinks the Mets are a really good team. Its about pushing buttons, and Boras has to push all of them. And its not like the past, he needs to get this done quickly, the more time goes by, the lesser Arods value. If the want to send a message make a trade for a third baseman or sign one quickly. Arod’s leverage would all but gone.

  • http://lbaprequel.lobitowebsite.com/ LBA Prequel

    Given the postseason success we’ve had since A-Rod rolled into town (note: I’m not blaming our postseason exits solely on A-Rod), I think it would be great if A-Rod ended up with the Sox! :p

  • barry

    Arod wont last in Boston either, whatever happens A-Rod probably wont end up with much more than his last contract gave him and his decisions are a little ridiculous if you think about them.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    To understand the AROD market one needs to understatnd the baseball market.
    Today, baseball has more in common with 24, and Prison Break than it does with the baseball world of 60 years ago. Baseball is more TV programming than an in person contest. Much much more.

    The Angels clearlly stand to benefit the most from AROD’s presence and that is where the AROD conversation begins. Second team in a market, a regional sports network to feed, a certain sense that the Dodgers may be vulnerable spell value to the Angels. AROD gets West Coast exposure and the availability to the West Coast media machine plus the Angels will put up the dollars. It’s Boras’s job to establish that amount, that’s what he’s doing now, driving up the price.

    From a business point of view, Boston has no need for AROD, they control their market. The Mets might have taken a plunge, but with young stars coming into their prime earning years and a huge fan base all ready in place they don’t need to take the risk.

    AROD is Angel bound, make no mistake about it.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    i’m sure the ‘source’ is Boras himself. how better to bring the Yanks into negotiations than to hint he’ll sign with the Sawx? it’s a ploy.

    nevermind that they have a 3b who just won WS MVP. Arod’s going to LA or Chicago (although Fla would be interesting).

  • Travis

    I hope Alex Rodriguez has to sign with the Royals.

  • Bxgrl1

    I think that no one believes a word Arod or Boras says right now. It’s all posturing and their credibility is zero. The other thing is that Arod going to Boston is not quite the nightmare we would have thought a few months ago. We now hate Arod, we’ve always hated the sauks and now we can hate them together.

    BUT I don’t think it will happen because Boston’s desperation isn’t quite there anymore (at all). I think that screwing with the Yankees isn’t quite the priority it might have once been and I don’t think it will drive them into a crazy contract
    with A-wad.