Ajax named 49th best prospect in baseball

Yanks award $2M construction contract
Another day, another Hank Steinbrenner article

Milb.com starting counting down its annual list of the Top 50 Prospects in the baseball today with numbers 41-50. As the title implies, Austin Jackson was named #49, sandwiched between Dexter Fowler and Carlos Triunfel. Milb’s brass grossly under-rated Triunfel (should be top 15 in my opinion), but Fowler is rather impressive company for the former hoops standout. The Yanks should have at least three more players on the list, and I suppose there’s an outside chance Jesus Montero‘s name pops up along the way, making it four more.

Yanks award $2M construction contract
Another day, another Hank Steinbrenner article
  • stylez

    Its nice to see Ajax get some attention at his 5 tool potential but this list is terrible. Johnny Cueto is a top 20 prospect,so is triunfel for that matter! Colvin and escobar shouldn”t even be on this list; Liz is 24 and while he throws hard he can’t locate at all. This list is not a viable list of top prospects

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Jeffress’ ranking is a joke. All he does is throw hard. No secondary stuff and a drug problem. Ridiculous.

  • Greg

    you can’t put a 17 year old(Triunfel) in the top 15, I think he’s in about the right spot and he has plenty of time to rise up the rankings before being near the majors.

    • Kanst

      I agree, he is probably destined for third base, and who knows if he will hit for enough power at that position. There are very very few 17 year olds I would feel ok rating top 15.

      As for complaints, Clement is WAY too low I would put him top 20, a catcher with 20-30 homer pop is very valuable

  • Bo

    The list is about best prospects. If a 17 yr old is one of the best he should be at the top.

    • Mike R.

      I agree in theory, but there is alot more that can go wrong with the development of a 17 year old than with the development of a 23 or 24 year old that is in AAA. The uncertainty factor is what he is taking into account. If Triunfal falters and become a bust (BIG if) the reporter probably doesn’t want to be on record as saying the kid is the next big thing.

      I’m not saying it’s right, it just is.

  • dan

    These wide-ranging, multi-level, multi-position prospect lists never turn out well. Who is anyone to decide whether single-A Austin Jackson is better than Major League Radhames Liz? They should at least separate pitchers and hitters if they want to have every potentially team in the rankings.

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  • IE

    If Austin Jackson continues to hit at AA the way he has at Tampa and the HWBL, there is every reason to think he may be the team’s CF sometime in 2009. He very much has the potential to be a right handed version of Curtis Granderson.