Yanks award $2M construction contract

Joba the reliever or Joba the starter
Ajax named 49th best prospect in baseball

The old and the new face off against each other across 161st St. (Photo by flickr user Etep)

At some point this off-season, I’m going to grab my camera and head up to the Bronx to snap some shots of Yankee Stadium under construction. It’s been a while since we’ve seen much from the new Stadium, and the most recent photo gallery on Yankees.com is this one from the summer.

But while images are scarce, news is not. The Stadium is supposedly still on pace for an Opening Day 2009 premiere, but I’m growing skeptical. The Yankees recently awarded a new contract to a Canadian firm for $2 million. The contract calls for MQM Enterprises to construct the steel underpinnings that will hold up the stands.

MQM has already completed this work on the Mets’ Citi Field, and I have to wonder if this late date for a new contract means the Yankees are going to have to rush to complete their new stadium. As long as accidents don’t drag down the process as they are with the Mets, I’m sure the Yanks will do anything humanly possible to ready this stadium for Opening Day 2009.

Joba the reliever or Joba the starter
Ajax named 49th best prospect in baseball
  • barry

    I’m sure it will be done a year and 4 months is alot of time in construction. The slowest part of it all will probably end up being the finishing touches.

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  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    A “source” who is involved in the construction tells me “no way” its ready on OD-09.

  • Kevin

    I lived in Philly when they were building Citizens Bank and drove right past on on 95 a couple times a week. I can tell you that Stadium didn’t look like it had any chance to be ready on schedule. For months it looked like no progress was being made. Then right in the last few months it seemed to sprout up extremely quickly. That will probably be the case for the Yanks as well.