For the Yankee fan who has everything ranks Joba 5th
Yanks leaning towards including Hughes in Santana package


Available for sale at the shop.

It does go nicely with the fresh rosemary and white wine. But seriously, is anyone going to buy that? Can you break that out at a dinner party with a straight face?

email ranks Joba 5th
Yanks leaning towards including Hughes in Santana package
  • mike

    that is too funny! great site guys

  • JMM

    These will go wonderfully with my matching Mel Hall and Steve Balboni candle holders carved from balsam wood.

  • JR_CLT

    I am definitely getting them and breaking them out everytime my Yankee hating neighbors come over.

    • Ben K.

      If you really did that and took pictures, I think that would be the most excellent piece of Yankee-baiting ever.

  • Is it spring training yet?

    Yes I could. Everyone in my life knows I live for this team. They’re also well aware that I’m nuts.

    • Ben K.

      Admittedly, when I e-mailed this to my family, my sister’s response to my wondering if anyone was going to buy this was “i thought you might…”

  • steve

    “honey, do you mind grabbing the fine china out of the cabinet, and oh yea, don’ forget the yankee ceramic dipping set. we have guests coming over tonight.”

  • Brian

    I have to say, I am one of those fans who is certainly a fan but HATES wearing gear (not the Save the Big Three shirt, mind you, that’s a quality shirt). But this….this is just so funny and the last place you would expect it in a kitchen. Therefore, I know what I want now. Maybe not the plates, though. Now they’re totally lame.

  • lupe

    ha, my ma bought that for me a few christmases ago… it’s still in the box.

  • Tripp

    Ben, thanks for the Christmas present idea for my Dad. I was really struggling for a while thinkg about what to get him!

  • Barry

    That is straight up classy, I think I’ll get that for my mom so it can collect dust. On the other hand, it will keep those pesky Red Sox gremlins out of your kitchen.

  • Donnie Baseball deserves to be in the Hall

    Nice way to guido it up for the holidays!

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