• mike

    that is too funny! great site guys

  • http://mybaseballbias.com JMM

    These will go wonderfully with my matching Mel Hall and Steve Balboni candle holders carved from balsam wood.

  • JR_CLT

    I am definitely getting them and breaking them out everytime my Yankee hating neighbors come over.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      If you really did that and took pictures, I think that would be the most excellent piece of Yankee-baiting ever.

  • Is it spring training yet?

    Yes I could. Everyone in my life knows I live for this team. They’re also well aware that I’m nuts.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Admittedly, when I e-mailed this to my family, my sister’s response to my wondering if anyone was going to buy this was “i thought you might…”

  • steve

    “honey, do you mind grabbing the fine china out of the cabinet, and oh yea, don’ forget the yankee ceramic dipping set. we have guests coming over tonight.”

  • Brian

    I have to say, I am one of those fans who is certainly a fan but HATES wearing gear (not the Save the Big Three shirt, mind you, that’s a quality shirt). But this….this is just so funny and the last place you would expect it in a kitchen. Therefore, I know what I want now. Maybe not the plates, though. Now they’re totally lame.

  • http://lupevelez.blogspot.com lupe

    ha, my ma bought that for me a few christmases ago… it’s still in the box.

  • Tripp

    Ben, thanks for the Christmas present idea for my Dad. I was really struggling for a while thinkg about what to get him!

  • Barry

    That is straight up classy, I think I’ll get that for my mom so it can collect dust. On the other hand, it will keep those pesky Red Sox gremlins out of your kitchen.

  • Donnie Baseball deserves to be in the Hall

    Nice way to guido it up for the holidays!

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