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Players' names flying fast and furious
Project P46

If, for some reason, you’re just finding this post, these shirts no longer exist. Sorry. But they were pretty sweet at the time.

It’s all we’ve been talking about for the past week: Should we trade for Johan Santana? Hells no! Why would we risk trading one of our big prospects for a guy who has seen a consistent increase in his BA/OBP/SLG against over the past four years? It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to keep our prospects.

Get your “Save The Big Three” T-Shirts here. We have a variety of styles: gray t-shirt, white t-shirt, navy t-shirt (though there is no text on the back of those), women’s t-shirt, and long-sleeve t-shirt. Larger pics of the gray available after the jump and by clicking on the image at the top of this post.

You can buy these snazzy T-Shirts right here.

Players' names flying fast and furious
Project P46
  • Patrick

    You guys should send a couple dozen of these to Yankee Stadium and Legends Field.

    ATTN: Hank Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman

  • Mike R.

    Is anybody going to make a “Win now. Get Johan.” T-shirt? Just to hedge bets.

    • http://YFvSF Nick-YF


  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    Love the shirt, but what will I do with it if one of them gets traded? Will it be relegated to the back of our drawers along with that Bubba Crosby shirt you know you all have there somewhere?

    For those who want a “Win now, Get Johan” shirt, the back of it should say, “because we would have traded Andy, Mariano, and Derek in ’95 as well….”

  • Matt

    I’ll buy a t-shirt that states Save Joba, Save Hughes, Send Kennedy and Melk for Santana.

  • Pfistyunc

    I would much rather buy a “we just acquired the best pitcher in baseball, bitch” hoodie.

    • steve

      mark me down for a size medium. in navy blue.

  • Kevin23

    I’m scared. I haven’t yet reached the level in society where I can allow myself to buy a shirt that only has meaning for 1 wash cycle before being made irrelevant by the geniuses in the front office. I’d get a whole lot more long-term satisfaction buying an In & Out shirt. Great pitchers are one thing, but great burgers are universal and timeless.

  • Glen L

    regardless of what happens 3 years from now this is a GREAT t-shirt!

  • usty

    Again…this is like what i said in a previous comment…I wish Mets fans made Generation K T-shirts back in 1995-1996. Save Pulsipher, Save Wilson, Save Isringhausen woulda sounded great before that 1996 season…but they showed that prospects are just that. (And they are all still just prospects)

    Say the Mets got an offer for one of those guys and prospects for 29 year old Smoltz before that 1996 season, the fans would’ve lost it too. But because they were “just prospects” we see the potential at what can happen with their careers. I say take the soon to be 29 year old proven guy.

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      seriously, dude, any other examples of Monday morning quarterbacking you’d like to treat us to?

      so would you have traded Mariano, Andy, or Jeter in ’95? answer that a second.

      • usty

        HELLO!!!! Monday morning quarterbacking is the EXACT same thing you’re doing when you site not trading Andy, Jeter or Mo. Some prospects succeed (your 3) some fail (2 of my 3 listed) because that is the nature of prospects. Would i love to keep all 3 of them? Hell yes…it’s always more fun to root for “homegrown” talent. But at the expense of not getting the best pitcher in baseball? Ehh…it’s a tough call. But I’ll take the 29 year old with 2 Cy’s. Just my opinion. And my “monday morning quarterbacking” was only to make the point that prospects aren’t always gold, despite their performance in the minors. (I wouldn’t trade Joba though)

        • Mike R.

          How much would the “Save Kazmir” T’s be going for on E-Bay right about now?

          • Mike A.


          • usty

            haha. But that trade was universally a WTF? Why? thing. Your best prospect for the crappy Zambrano was a trade everyone thought was stupid.

            I’m sure we could all site times when prospects did work out, didn’t work out, traded and sucked or traded and were awesome. However, this is not a Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps situation we have on our hands here.

            We’re talking about trading for someone whom is regarded year in, year out, as the best pitcher in baseball. We’re going to have to give up value for that.

            That said, I’m fine if the Twins want too much, with us walking away. I’m not pushing for them to break the prospect bank for him. But a fair trade is worth it in my opinion.

      • zack

        You also need to stop with the analogy of Jeter, Pettitte and Rivera. The only connection whatsoever is that its 3 players who were about to hit the majors. You could make the same argument about ANY trade that involved prospects for a superstar. Some work out, some don’t. The fact that those three weren’t traded and became stars doesn’t correlate to trading or not trading players now. There are lots of players the Yanks SHOULD have traded that they didn’t as well…

  • JJ

    Isn’t 36 Moose’s number?

    • steve

      moose is 35

  • JJ

    Oh sorry, I take it back.

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  • steve (different one)

    can i order a “Save Phil and Joba but we’d be nuts not to trade IPK for Johan Santana” t-shirt??

    • Stephen

      hear hear!

  • steve

    how about a we start up a 5K race to save joba and hughes. we’ll call it the “RAB’s run for the support of Joba Hughes and IPK’s future in pinstripes awareness 5K.” with all proceeds going towards santana’s FA contract. now who wants to sponsor me?

  • niteislander

    if your going to trade Phil and IPK.. and friggin Melky.. why not go after someone else.. the kid on Philly Cole Hammels.. or Kazmir.. (there both 23) I mean go for the Youngest Ace arm out there… why give away that much for a 29 year old who may break down… that is nuts!!

    • Travis G.

      i agree but that would cost way more. and frankly, we HAVE those under 23 guys on our own team: they’re called Phil, Joba and Ian. they havent reached the level of Hamels or Kazmir yet but they might.

  • niteislander

    I guess my point is for that price you can have anyone.. and 30 year old pitchers tend to break down.. etc.

  • Bo

    Everyone should stop thinking that prospects are gold. They are used to get ballplayers. You have to trust that the baseball people know which ones are stars and which ones should be traded. Maybe they feel Horne, Marquex etc will be better than Hughes. We don’t know. Don’t be seduced by a ranking system.

  • Mr. Faded Glory

    I’ll file it next to my “Save Hensley Meulens” t-shirt

  • My Pinstripes

    This is Johan Santana we’re talking about though, not some retread. Change that t-shirt to save 2 of 3.

  • Sean

    Not trading Hughes or Ian Kennedy for Santana is ridiculous. Kennedy is projected as a 3 or 4 starter, and who knows how good Hughes will be. He doesn’t throw that hard and was pretty inconsistent this year. I know he was young but who knows how these guys will turn out. Johan will be lights out in New York for 5 years and that is a guarantee. Please get Johan, will be a great christmas present.

    • Joseph P.

      “Johan will be lights out in New York for 5 years and that is a guarantee.”

      That statement is completely false. Nothing is a guarantee in baseball.

  • Rebecca

    That is awesome. Win.

  • homey G

    I think Cashman is going to try hard to trade Damon and IPK or Hughes + a tier 2 prospect for Johan with the obvious caveat of paying for a good chunk of Damon’s salary… Also, I think that baseball people over hype prospects for years with thoughts of trading them….Don’t you think Cashman was thinking this deal through in 2005-6? your damn right he was. that whole time he was stashing Joba away while hyping up Phil Hughes….. Sorry for the conspiracy theories, but it MUST have some validity….right?

    I’ll take Johan over Hughes allllll day. remember, Lefties prosper in Yankee stadium because of the large left center. We’ll see what happens!

    I don’t know about you, but I’ll be happy either way. as long as he doesn’t go to the Red Sox….which worries me big time

  • homey G

    Does anyone have any thoughts about how the most recent D.Young for M.Garza trade is going to affect this process for the yanks?

  • Bo

    Yeah. The Twins will definately jump at the chance to take Damon. Why not throw in Igawa too???

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  • homey G

    good call on damon, but it is worth a shot… What about Matsui?

  • Paul

    I love Yankees fans talking about pitchers breaking down after 30. F’ the pinstripes

  • Mark

    You never know. He could break down. Over 7 years, he might. There is a much bigger injury risk for pitchers than positional players. So you’re paying him 20+ million a year. Then chances are, the yankees got to go pick up an outfielder to replace Melky…Aaron Rowand? another 4 years for 10+ million. Plus the yankees need to pick up some guys for the bullpen. Santana is a great pitcher but his numbers have been slowly declining these last few years. They declined very little but still. Plus people need to give Hughes a chance. People seem to forget that he was the #1 pitching prospect in all of baseball last year. He does need to learn how to finish off hitters, be more efficient with his pitches and work deeper into games but I think people are writing him off too soon. He also was out a good amount of time, preventing him from throwing. I’m sure that had to do something to his arm strength. That could be a reason why his velocity was down slightly last year. He’s 21 years old. It was his first year in the majors. He also showed flashes of brillance. I am also very excited to see Dave Eiland begin working with Joba, Hughes, and IPK again. I mean they all did great in AAA with him and I think he will have a big effect on their developement. I’d like to see us stick with the kids and hopefully Andy comes back to be our inning eater/lefty.

    Bought my shirt earlier today

  • Therston

    we must save hughes…start a petition!

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