Hava Molina


With Jorge Posada under wraps and Mariano Rivera‘s return seemingly imminent, the Yanks can now turn their attention to the team’s other holes. First up, according to The Daily News, is the ever-popular backup catcher situation. At the end of their piece on Posada, Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden report that the Yanks and Jose Molina are close on a deal. No word on the length, but I like this move. Molina should lessen the burden on Posada next season.

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  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Here’s an idea. If Joba, as we hope, is a starter next season, Molina is his personal catcher. Anyone else having nightmares about Jorge trying to block Joba’s put-away sliders in the dirt?

    • Mac

      I’d rather Jorge got used to catching Joba’s slider, cause in the play-offs that’s going to matter, as we saw this year…

      I love Molina though and really hope he’s coming back. He’s great defensively, he sells pitches extremely well, and calls a great game. And he’s about 110% cooler than Stinnett or Flaherty. Although he totally needs the Fasano ‘stache…

    • B

      Jorge seemed to work fine with Joba last year, at least out of the pen. Missed a few pitches in the dirt, yeah, but they were normally good to go.

      It’s Kennedy and especially Hughes who struggle with him, for whatever reason (his pitch selection, inability to frame pitches, etc.).

  • brxbmrs

    Molina was great for us last year and he filled a big hole since Cashman got awful backups the last few years.

    With Torre gone, hopefully Girardi understands the need to NOT have Jorge catch 130+ games a year.

    Molina did everything well for us last year – except run – that was just ugly. :-)

  • JCP

    Personally I’d like to see the Yankees wait and see if the Pads offer Barrett arbitration