Is it too early to talk 2008 draft?

The A-Rod Plot thickens
A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, Hideki

Well, maybe just a bit. But that didn’t stop RAB fave Keith Law from posting his Top 60 Prospects for next year’s draft. I plan on getting into some draft stuff in a few weeks, but this’ll wet your tongue.

As a reminder, the Yanks have the 28th pick in the draft, and could still pick up an additional 7 picks if Pettitte, The Viz, Mo and A-Rod sign elsewhere. And yes, I think A-Rod will sign elsewhere. Don’t buy into Boras’ bullshit.

The A-Rod Plot thickens
A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, Hideki
  • Casper

    Sounds like the “bullshit” you refer to is coming from the Yankees, not Boras.

  • Ivan

    Hey Mike A. Why you still think that A-Rod would sign somewhere else?

  • dan

    Damn insider subscription. Not that the draft will look anything like this board come June, but who’s #28 on his list? (I know the whole thing can’t be posted, but one name ain’t never did nobody no harm.)

    • Mike A.

      Ethan Martin, a 3B from Stephens County HS in Toccoa, GA, is #28 on the list. Dunno a thing about him.

  • Greg

    Yeah seems like it’s almost a done deal

  • dan

    Mike, you seriously need a facebook picture… the question mark just isn’t very flattering.

  • Jamie

    Mike, you dont believe any of this? I hate being guilble…

    • Mike A.

      I honestly don’t. I’ll believe A-Rod is coming back to the Yanks when the ink is on the paper and he’s wearing the jersey at the press conference.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    i hope mariano goes

    that means a couple of draft picks and a bye-bye bid to an aging closer coming of a career-worst year who doesnt appreciate the value of being a true yankee

    which team could take him from 16-30 so we can get their picks?

    • dan

      Not sure if he’d go or not, but the dodgers (who he mentioned) are in the 1-15 range. I really want him back, but if he goes I’d like to get some picks for him.

      • JCP

        pretty sure the yanks would still get picks, just in the supplemental round (between 1st and 2nd) and then the Dodgers’ 2nd round pick.

  • kunaldo

    arods coming back, and i am ecstatic

    • Travis G.

      for 10 years?! i’m not.

      • Mike A.

        10 yrs scares me. This whole thing gives me a bad feeling.

  • yaba daba doo

    once again mike A is clueless… A-Rod is back with the yankees

    now we get the pleasure of reading mike A telling us why yanks would have been better with wilson @ 3rd

    • Mike A.

      Wait, when did I say we’d be better off with Betemit? All I said was that I don’t buy into all the bullshit going around right now.

      If you don’t like it, then do me a favor and don’t read.

      • Colter

        I love all of these bloggers saying they should be taken as seriously as the real media then when someone disagrees with them, as above with yaba daba doo, they get all thin skinned. You have a blog, you’re a ‘public figure’ so you have to take the criticism. If not, then it’s just the reader’s swallowing all your thoughts with no debate! Might as well just write it on a word document and send it to friends if you don’t want people to express their disagreement. I never hear real media people complain when someone disagrees with them, they just argue their points or ignore it which is what you should do. Lombardi is the same way, “if you don’t like it, don’t read’; lame.

    • dan

      If anyone wrote that I’m sure someone here would remember it. And I absolutely love this site, but if Mike (or Joe/Ben) were to write that Betemit is better than Arod then RAB would promptly be deleted from the bookmarks. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t read (I say that, yet I still read Was Watching lol).

  • Jamal G.

    you know what scares me…the fact that we would be worrying about who is available at no. 10 in the draft rather than no. 28 if it wasnt 4 arod. relax ppl, just bc we gonna resign arod doesnt mean we’re gonna start trading away young talent. arod is not gonna prevent the yanks from building around young pitching. we have the trinity up and ready in the bigs and now arod is gonna anchor the offense, i dont c a negative.

  • Mike R.

    The guy I have my eye on in the draft is Eric Hosmer. He is a top 5 talent who could drop because:
    1 – HE is high school first baseman. Teams are generally wary of drafting high school first basemen because there aren’t as many options as with other positions.
    2 – Our friend Boras.
    3 – This year has more college talent than past years.

    • Mike A.

      I think he ends up at Arizona State. Boras is going to want a monster deal for the kid, and he’ll fall to the 30th round or something, and no one will give him the money. Plus I think he’s a bit over-hyped at this point.