• kris

    Thanks for ruining the rest of my day.

  • http://deleted Mike R.

    I wanna dip my balls in it!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      What’s that?

      Baba ganoush!

    • Dan

      I’m actually seeing Showalter and Ian Black perform tonight. I’m excited.

      • http://deleted Mike R.

        Awesome! Where?

        • Kevin23

          Thank God someone else remembers The State. It not my own private shame anymore.

        • Dan

          At the Somerville Theatre in Boston. It was really funny, especially since most of it was definitely improv. I saw Showalter in the lobby and shook his hand, but didn’t remember until later that he’s a big Yankee fan and could/should have talked to him about that. Oh well.

  • Count Zero

    There was a guy like that on my HS football team. He would do things like run around the locker room with a jock strap on his head…

    Somehow, I’m not really surprised to find out that Damon is just like that guy.

  • Brian

    Oh you, Johnny Damon…..wait, what? Putting on your shorts in front of the other guys? Oh.

  • zzzzz

    such a character. the yanks are so much better when he is healthy.

  • Brian

    Due to this locker-cleaning conversation, I have just uncovered the real reason Andy Pettitte is thinking of retiring

    AP: Johnny, are those boyshorts?
    JD: Boyshorts, manshorts, whatever!
    AP: Um, yeah, my wife wears those.
    JD: Dude, now THAT’S SEXY. Does she just take them out of your drawer, or does she buy them herself?
    AP: She definitely buys them herself. For herself. Alright….later, Johnny.
    JD: See you next year, dude. I can’t wait to “man up” with you and your rich option. I see a lot of boyshorts in your future.
    AP: Right. For my wife, maybe.
    JD: (grins) See you soon, Raggedy.
    AP: (turning) Um, Joe? Anybody seen Joe?