Quick hits from Cash-money

Let's play a game
Gardner shows some rare power

PeteAbe has a few good words from Brian Cashman. I’ll summarize.

  • This is the coaching staff. Those early reports – including one in this space – about Kevin Long’s departure were incorrect.
  • Joba Chamberlain will start unless Mariano Rivera leaves.
  • Related: The Yankees want Posada, Rivera and Pettitte in pinstripes in 2008.
  • Hideki Matsui is getting knee surgery; Derek Jeter is not.
  • The Yanks will decide in the next day whether or not they are picking up Bobby Abreu’s option. Signs are pointing to yes.

And, of course, the big news. The Yankees, Cashman said again, are utterly through the A-Rod. Cashman, Hank and Hal all tried to reach out to A-Rod, and the self-obsessed slugger didn’t return their calls. This snub along with the loss of the subsidy means the door is firmly shut there. I believe it.

On November 1, Cashman also claimed that Robinson Cano could play third base, that Wilson Betemit could play third base and that some combination of Shelley Duncan, Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi will man first base. As we seemingly wave good bye to Doug Mientkiewicz, you can bet a lot of money that the offseason probably will not end with those folks playing those positions come Opening Day.

Let's play a game
Gardner shows some rare power
  • Mike

    2 platoons betemit_crede at third and duncan wilkerson at first. Low cost short commitment

  • Pete

    Good riddance to A-Rod. Do you know what a distraction the whole “Mariano Blew His Legacy” comment would be next season?

    This single comment from Boras will be held over the ENTIRE clubhouse next season, with players repeatedly being asked by a buzzing media of “what’s your take on Mariano and A-Rod?”

    I don’t care how much production we lose, its hard to root for a team with this guy on it.

  • zack

    I don’t really like the “Joba Chamberlain will start unless Mariano Rivera leaves” bit, would prefer just the “Joba Chamberlain will start. Period” bit much more. Though, hoping/assuming Mo returns, I’m pretty sure one season of Joba starting will be enough to cement him there forever…

  • http://ibleedblueandwhite.blogspot.com Jamie

    I just said this on the other thread but since we are still talking about lightening rod and platoons…

    How quick we forget the great platoon of Charlie Hayes and Wade Boggs?

  • kunaldo

    Jamie, we also had great starting pitching back then…gotta make up for the wins somewhere….it may be possible, but we cant be sure about the youngsters just yet…better to make sure by upgrading at as many spots as possible…

  • McLovin

    Joba is wining the Cy Young next yr no doubt.

  • Mike T.

    Platoons are a great way of upgrading without having to borrow resources from other areas. Maximizing results via internal assets. Unfortunately in most cases, upgrading most spots is going to cost us from our young pitching. If we can keep the core of Joba, Hughes, Wang, and Kennedy together, the lineup should take care of itself.

    • Ron

      Agreed. Those 4 form what should be a solid rotation, although I do believe Wang & IPK would be available for a price, such as Santana. Phil and Joba, IMO, are untouchable for now.

  • http://www.overheardinnewyork.com NC Saint

    I like Andy Phillips and Duncan a lot. But if we don’t pick up someone for the position (or move Matsui, which doesn’t seem likely) I think Miranda should at least have a shot in spring training. A platoon with him and one of those two (probably Duncan) could end up being more than serviceable.

  • Jon M.

    If Bobby Meachum sends a runner and he gets thrown out at home is he going to be sent down to double A?