Reports: Santana turns down the Twins

Melky on the block
Thanking the Baseball Gods

According to Buster Olney, Johan Santana turned down a five-year, $93-million offer to stay in Minnesota. As this point, the Twins will probably look to trade him, and any team looking to acquire Santana will have to come up with a better offer than that. So let’s play the GM game. If you’re the Yankees, what do you do? Do you offer up a package of top prospects for Santana? Do you hope he hits the market next year and overwhelm him? A six-year commitment of over $20 million is a lot for any player, let alone a pitcher.

Melky on the block
Thanking the Baseball Gods
  • E-ROC

    I wouldn’t take the bait. Santana is a great pitcher, but that costs too much in terms of prospects, IMO.

    Any opinions on Scott Kazmir, if made available? I doubt the Rays would trade in their own division, but just hypothetically speaking, would any of u make that trade?

    • Mike A.

      Part of me is more inclined to deal for Kazmir than Santana. For one he won’t cost as much in a trade (but he’ll still cost a ton), but he’s also younger and he owns the Sawx. I think the Rays would trade him within the division, question is how comfortable would the Yanks be dealing Hughes within the division.

      • Mike R.

        In my opinion if the Dodgers want Santana he is their’s for the taking. A package of Kemp, LaRoche and Kershaw pretty much trumps any offer any other team would be willing to make. If they are not interested then maybe we have a shot.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    I think you have to seriously think about it if the Twins are willing to accept Melky, Hughes and 2 more prospects like Horne, Tabata or Jackson. I am not so sure they will take that package, but you have to really really think about it if they are.

    • steve

      oh god … not way …. u would be willing to give up our future 1 and 2 starter (hughes) our CF (melky) and future center fielder (jackson) or our future RF (tabata) AND another good ST (horne)

      sweet fancy moses. thats alot for an ace who will demand 20 mill, let joba and hughes develop and hopefully become that ace we’ve been looking for. its just not worth it IMO

      • Rob

        Exactly. No f’in way. Stay far, far away from Santana until he’s a free agent next year. The Yanks drop 65 million in salary after the season and it gives them another year to see what they have in their pitching ranks.

  • Wang Fan

    The Twins have lots of young pitching. The centerpiece can’t be more young pitching. My guess, is that the centerpiece has to be a young bat that can start to make up for losing Hunter and Castillo. For the Yanks, that means the centerpiece can only be Cano. Melky is a non-starter. I would trade Cano for Santana straight up because Santana, I believe, would be a difference maker come playoff time in a way Cano has not been the last three years. Cano plus? I don’t know. Cano and Gardner? Cano and Sanchez (to eventually replace Nathan)? What do you guys think?

    • barry

      Since you’re a wang fan, why dont we trade wang and keep Cano. I’d rather have cano than wang.

    • waswhining

      This is the deal of the year and I think you’re on to the parameters, wang fan. Cano would be the starter and centerpiece. I would hate to give up Wang although I think many would because of his slow finish in 2007 and performance in the Cleveland series. There might be something happening there. I kept thinking last year why oh why is he trying to get away from that sinker all the time; it was a transition year for him and I think better results are coming in 2008. Or maybe not. Santana to the Yanks almost seems like a no-brainer. Can’t see Hank not salivating on this one and a Sawks signing would have George calling for the blood of a Ca$hman. See how one of the papers had “Hank turning his attention to Pettite.” Good Lord. This guy is so comic book dumb, you gotta love him. He’s OUR nitwit. Here’s hoping he ousts that Lucchino wannabe Levine.
      I say give them Cano and Melky. That gives us three solid #1 and #2s Johan, Pettite and Wang. I like that kid SS they brought up the end of last year. Give him a 2nd base mitt.

      • steve

        no way he can be a full time 2nd baseman in this league. he doesn’t have the bat … he will be the UT man of the future, its tough to stomach trading cano, who will be our #3 hitter for the next decade. not to mention above avg defender.

        • waswhining

          a while back there was a chad jennings interview here; he commented on gonzalez:

          He is absolutely that good. My eyes were opened in spring training when a hard-hit grounder bounced off the third baseman (Baldiris) and shot into the air. Gonzalez grabbed it out of the air with his bare hand and fired to first for an out. One of the best plays I’ve ever seen. During the year, he went behind second base one time, all the way to the first base side of the bag, to make an outstanding play. I also remember him charging a ball behind the pitcher for an impossible out. He’s just outstanding. And his bat was much improved after his demotion to Double-A. He makes all the routine plays — I believe he only had nine or 10 errors — and he makes the dazzling, did-you-see-that plays. If he can hit, at all, he’ll be a nice player, at least in a utility role.

          I think he’d be a fun guy to watch and worth a shot. If you can bring in Santana without touching joba/hughes/ipk and get him for cano, melky, and a C pitcher prospect, I think the deal gets made. This team has so much offense that a bret gardner as fourth outfielder and gonzalez tandom next year is not going to affect a sp staff that has johan/andy/wang/joba/hughes with mussina and IPK as 6 and 7 slots.

      • Rob

        Sorry, but Cano is truly special. You want him at 2B for the next ten years. He’s a true player to build around. Give him up to get a Miggy C (like Soriano and A-Rod), not for pitcher that might breakdown, will cost another few prospects, and 120 million extension.

        Wang and Melky plus a few of the Grade C’s could be enough and I’m cool wit that.

  • CB

    Pass on Santana and take a chance on the 2009 free agent market.

    There’s a decent chance at least the one of Santana, Sabbathia, or Bedard don’t re-up and decide to test the market.

    If you were Santana would you sign a long term deal even if you were traded? Perhaps but only a year away from free agency I’d want to test my value in the market.

    Sabbathia and Bedard may not be in Santana’s class but I’d much rather have both Hughes and Sabbathia/Bedard in the rotation than Santana and the person they slide in in place of Hughes.

    I wouldn’t trade Hughes for Kazmir. At similar ages Hughes is the much better prospect. Kazmir’s shown a ton of talent but the results haven’t been there to warrant trading Hughes. Plus Kazmir’s had TJ and there have been questions about his mechanics/ injuries in the future.

    It’s one thing to trade Hughes for someone like Santana who has performed. But trading Hughes for Kazmir is trading potential for potential.

  • barry

    I’d say wait it out, don’t give up any of the top 3 and see if we can acquire another good pitcher like Haren. If Johan is doing what I think he’s doing he’s going to be looking for a big payday after the 2008 season probably putting up huge numbers. If anyone could sign him with a massive amount of paper its the yankees, why go after him now and lose more than just money.

  • Rob

    Stark also has this:

    “Johan Santana might not be the only starting pitcher the Twins move this winter. Clubs that have spoken with them say that in a deal for the right young center fielder, they might be willing to trade the much-coveted Matt Garza. But if they do deal Santana, they’d ideally come away from that extravaganza with a center fielder, making the need to trade Garza a moot point.”

    I’d trade Melky for Garza in a heartbeat.

  • E-ROC

    I would trade Melky for Garza too. Yankees might need to add somebody else to that trade to make it happen.

  • brxbmrs

    Garza’s era in both seasons is alot better away from the Metrodome, but his WHIP and baa are pretty poor no matter where he pitches.

    Why so high on him? At least he’s young.

  • Rob

    Garza’s 23 and has put up sick minor league numbers:

    303.1 IP 2.88 ERA 7.33 H/9 2.49 BB/9 10.04 K/9 1.09 WHIP

    It may not translate, but for the risk of Melky+(Clippard or Marquez), it’s a no-brainer.

    • brxbmrs

      Garza’s ML #’s are alot less impressive in his 24 ML starts – yep he’s young, but sp is not our weakness right now.

      Melk’s our only + ofer – and if the Yanks replace him with one of the big FA’s they will be getting older and more fragile and most likely entering into a L_T deal they will regret.

      I think any starter the Yanks give up – its got to be in return for a young star – I can’t see Garza as being the missing piece when we’ve got Hughes, Joba and Wang and possibly IPK.

  • CB

    I can’t see the twins trading santana and garza. I just can’t. I could see them dealing garza if santana resigned but that doesn’t look likely.

    Needless to say, if there was any chance of getting garza for a deal centered on melky I’d pull the trigger quick.

    The good thing about melky is his position – centerfield is just not an easy position to fill. with jackson and gardner the yankees have strong depth there. I think they’ll eventually deal melky – he’s too valuable a chip not to. if jackson is the real deal melky’s value would plummet as a left or right fielder.

    • Rob

      I agree, but I still think there’s a reasonable chance that Melky could develop power and turn into an Abreu/Drew-type corner, and with a cannon. Both broke out at age 24 and that gives Melky another two seasons to up his numbers. He just needs one .850 OPS season. And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s capable of that. Juan Rivera started to produce nicely after he left, and he wasn’t a CF.

  • Rich

    I would absolutely go after Santana. At best if Hughes reaches his full potential he can only hope to be almost as good as Santana. You’re talking about a 28 yr old southpaw who’s already won two Cy Young awards and should have won a third in ’05. If we don’t get him now and he’s traded to another team chances are they will sign him to a new contract and he’ll never hit the open market in 2009. The Red Sox have the pieces to go get him and we can’t let that happen. We have to acquire an ace to match up against Beckett and there’s nobody better than Johan Santana. A deal centered around Hughes, Melky and Tabata is not asking too much.

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      You don’t build a team based on one-upping the Boston Red Sox. They can sign whoever they want. We can build a team to beat a bunch of superstars. It’s what others have been doing to us the past seven years.

      Anything more than Melky, IPK, and two of the rest of the minor league litter, and i’d rather take my chances with free agency.

      • Steve S

        I completely agree, Melky and IPK + a Tabata should be more than enough. If the Red Sox are willing to do Bucholz, Lester, and another prospect than they can have him. But while his value is well known, this trade market wont be that crazy. The fact that he rejected that kind of deal already shortens the list of teams available for the Twins to deal with. I think the team that can legitimately pursue him is the Dodgers because they probably would give up a combination (2) Laroche, Kemp, and Kershaw + one more prospect. After that if Im the Yankees I do not want to trade away the young starters, especially Hughes and Chamberlain. I think Cashman needs to add another veteran starter but not at that price.

  • Stephen

    I say pull the trigger on almost any Santana trade. I would agree to a Hughes, Melky and one more prospect deal and I would even be tempted to say yes to a Hughes, Melky, IPK deal. As for the money, I think that the Yanks will be able to survive. Santana’s deal would essentially be the same money that Giambi’s been getting to waste away on the bench the last few years.

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      let me ask you this………why? do you have that little faith in building through youth that you’re willing to turn over young players, no matter what their ceiling, every time for a superstar player?

      to me, you don’t HAVE TO make any trade. there’s no one player out there which should overhaul your organization’s strategy, especially one that’s out there playing once every five days. we have invested a lot in young pitching that’s supposed to lead us for the next 10-15 years. let’s not sell the house the moment a supposed “sure thing” comes along.

      it’s like if people forgot about 1996-2000 sometimes.

  • Jamal G

    Im sorry but Im in no favor of trading away Robinson Cano who is right now the best offensive AL 2B and 2nd in the Majors only to Chase Utley. I know pitching wins Championships but that doesnt mean we can just disregard our offensive players for a pitcher. Granted this is Johan Santana but lets put the money on hope that he wont be traded and will hit the open market come this time 2008.

  • YankeeJosh

    It’s much easier to find a decent second baseman than a stud pitcher like Santana. I’d start with an offer of Cano, Melky, Tabata and Horne for Santana. If that doesn’t get it done, I’d think seriously about throwing Kennedy in.

    In no way do I include Hughes or Joba. Both are going to be at worst good pitchers who currently have less milage than Santana. The drop off from Santana to Hghes or Joba won’t be that great.

    Though I wouldn’t mind if the Yanks wait until he hits free agency and then sign him, to avoid losing any prospects.

  • george vb

    If the red sox get santana, we will be in trouble for along time. The yankees need a true front line starter to win the world series. If we want the championship in 08 we need to pony up for santana. Cano, Tabata, Hughes.

    • Travis G.

      i disagree with the sentiment that teams need a true A1 ace to win the Series. the Yanks won 6 pennants and 4 titles since 96 while having ONE Cy Young (Clemens in 2000, undeservedly btw). it’s about having 3-4 good to very good starters who give you a good chance to win every game. you dont need a Pedro or Clemens in their prime. we did it with Cone, Wells, El Duque and Pettitte, four good to very good pitchers (no lock HOFers). Johan’s team has never advanced beyond rd. 1.

      he also has been declining the last 3 years. they’re asking for too much. Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, Cano, AJax, etc. (whoever it takes) will be worth more over the next 10 years than Johan. plus he might hit FA. there we go. that being said, if a package of Melky, AJax/Tabata and Horne gets it done, so be it.

  • The Scout

    I’ve said it before: Santana has a lot of innings on his arm for a guy with a small frame. I wouldn’t bet on him being a number one starter for more than another two years. There were indications of decline this year in some of his numbers (and check out his record against the Indians, while you’re at it). If you deal for him, you aren’t getting the Santana of three years ago.

    Any team that deals for him this winter will make the trade contingent on a window to sign him to a long-term deal. Otherwise teams will not be willing to give the Twins the kind of frontline talent they want. So if Santana gets dealt, do not expect him to be available when the Yankees shop for free agents next fall.

  • Alan

    Honestly, have we all lost our minds? Just because we haven’t won a world series in seven years doesn’t mean we have to sell the farm to try and win one in 2008. I really don’t think bringing in a Johan Santana is going to put us over the top and make us a bona-fide world series contender. To acquire someone of Santana’s pedigree we’d be making further holes in our rotation (Hughes, Joba, IPK), as well as putting holes in our outfield (Melky, Jackson, Tabata would probably be the likely suspects for a trade) not to mention whatever other arm/leg the Twins ask for (Horne? Cano?).

    We need to stop trying to throw money and prospects at a problem and give our scouts a chance to earn their paycheck. We had a dynasty in the late 90’s thanks to our home-grown talent (Jeter, Williams, Rivera, Pettitte, etc.) and acquiring role players to fit in between those players (Brosius, Knoblauch, Justice, Davis, etc.) I really think Damon Oppenheimer is going to be bringing in some stud prospects for us and if we let those kids develop we’re going to have a hell of a team.

  • NYFan50

    The Yankees have plenty of offense. They have more than enough offense. One could say they have a plethora of offense and pinatas, if you know what a plethora is. Or get that reference in any way. But I digress.

    Offense is easy to come by. It hits the free agent market far more frequently than pitching does. You have to assume there is virtually no chance that Santana reaches the free agent market. Someone will trade for him probably before the season begins, and if not then, by the deadline. That someone, in all likelihood, will demand a window to negotiate and make the trade contingent on Santana signing a long-term deal.

    If the rumors that the Twins were more concerned with offense than pitching is true, then great. More than great. That’s fantastic.

    Cano is young – 25. He’s got more good seasons ahead of him. And it’s pretty much impossible to replace that kind of production from a second baseman. But it’s not like you are replacing the production of Alex Rodriguez. Losing Cano means the Yankees score 900 runs instead of 950 runs. How do you replace him? You sign a stopgap 2B this year (Iguchi?) or make a trade for someone (Hudson, or sign as an FA after 08? Maybe Figgins if Cabrera gets shipped to Anaheim?). Frankly I’m not sure it really, truly matters who you stick at 2nd as long as they are competent with the glove. We aren’t talking about a lineup that is in desperate need of runs.

    Again, Cano is young and productive, and it sucks to lose him, but it’s not like the Twins are going to give up Santana for a bag of balls and a date with Derek Jeter. And if they are willing to part with Santana for something that does not involve Hughes, Chamberlain or Kennedy, you have to be ready to JUMP at that opportunity. Keep the core of the pitching staff intact and add the best pitcher in baseball? Really? A rotation of Santana, Wang, Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy could be 6 years of potential championships regardless of who is out at second base. With that rotation *I COULD BE OUT AT SECOND BASE*.

    If you can get this trade done without sacrificing any of the big 3, do it and don’t look back. If it takes Melky too, suck it up and still do it. Would it really, truly stink to have to sign Hunter to a 6 year deal? In the short run he’d be an upgrade offensively, and if ZR & RF are to be believed, a small downgrade defensively. After 2 or 3 years he’s likely to be albatross in center, but since when did the Yankees care about that? So you shift him to left or right when AJax is ready and you suck it up that he’s now an overpaid corner. Is that really the end of the world? Really? It’s not like we’re paying his salary. And he’s likely to be less of an albatross than Giambi is proving to be.

    So you’ve given up Cano and Melky, and gained a Mystery Meat 2B, Hunter (6 years) and Santana (assume a long term 6 year extension). Your offense has barely suffered because Hunter makes up for the loss of Cano, and the team is out about $35 million.

    Cano and Melky are probably not enough to get a deal done. What else will the Twins want? I’d add Horne to the deal, who has a world of potential (though he’s already 25) but who would have to shift to the pen with the rotation locked up long term. You hopefully don’t trade AJax or Tabata because they are the future outfield, and I’d try to keep Sanchez for the pen as well, but I think anybody else is fair game for a 4th prospect to throw in.

    If the Twins don’t demand one of the big 3 how can you really make the argument that the team can’t afford to lose Melky and Cano?

  • Kevin23

    Recent history is completely full of examples of teams trying to go for gold and sign big name pitchers to huge deals only to watch them either get hurt or decline steeply.

    Don’t get cocky about what things could be on paper. Keep the young talent unless it makes sense from a business standpoint to trade. Paying Santana when his stock is at an all-time high is not business savvy. It is wishful thinking, and arrogance. A-Rod for 10 years is gamble enough for one off-season.

    Some folks need to get a grip. If you allow it to, the NY media will drive you to insane decisions every time.

  • Barry

    I’ve had a lot of time to think about this one because there is nothing to do until later tonight, so. I think the Yankees have a plentiful amount of starting pitchers at the moment. For all we know Mussina could have one more good year in him, all the rookies could potentially provide their share of quality starts, and Kei Igawa could develop into a good #5 or 6 starter. I think they should ride the wave for at least a year and if things aren’t going good at the trade deadline start making moves. As of right now though I don’t see the need for a rental superstar pitcher. Plus if you do acquire Santana and extend him the Yankees would then have three(Jeter, A-Rod, and Santana) players making approximately 68 million dollars, thats fucking absurd.

  • Mike NYY of River Avenue Watch

    Objectivally it makes a lot sense but theirs something to be said for the enjoyment of following and rooting for the same guys from draft day to their retirement. You know what I mean? How awesome has it been watching Melky and Cano joke around with A-Rod and their crazy handshakes. That kind of stuff can’t be replicated with superstars.

  • barry

    how great were the celebrations over the wildcard with all the rooks this year, baseball teams, any sport team for that matter, are like families. Look at the knicks all the money in the world couldn’t win them a basketball game.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Trading for Santana MAKES NO SENSE. He is a one-year rental and we’re talking about giving up Robinson Cano for that and Phil Hughes for that? THAT IS CRAZY.

    Wait for him to be a free agent and sign him with $$$. DO NOT decimate our young stars for him now. This is the LOSING formula that the Yankees did for YEARS and everyone was SCREAMING that they needed homegrown talent like they had in the late 90s.

    DO NOT TRADE YOUTH FOR SUPA-STAHS. Keep the youth and BUY the superstars.

    Anyone who would trade for Santana this year is crazy. You’ll see him walk away in a year while Robbie and Phil work wonders for the Twins. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  • Jeterismyhomeboy

    Does anyone know how many wins Santana was worth last year? 9ish (according to WARP). Does anyone know how many wins Cano was worth? 11. That’s two more wins than Santana. And that’s even including his pathetic first half. Everyone’s talking about how awesome it would be to have that stud pitching rotation, regardless of offense.

    Hello, calling the Astros (’06)! A team that had incredible pitching and holes in their bats. Useless. Who is going to be the heart of this ‘incredible offense’ in two years? Who? A-Rod, Jeter…um, Posada (?!)…and…um, well, if Tabata and Jackson pan out, I suppose we can count on them in their rookie years to be part of this 900+ run team, right? It is shortsighted to say, “We’ll put up 900+ runs every year, so trade away a young, cost-controlled, AS 2B, second only to Chase Utley for pitching, which we’re developing by the bushel.” The group of guys who currently supplies a huge bulk of those 900 runs won’t be here in just two seasons. A-Rod may be able to extend his peak years and slow his decline, but one man does not an offensive juggernaut make. Jete will begin his decline. Robinson Cano will be a staple of that offense.

    The Sox aren’t getting Santana unless they’re willing to part with Ellsbury (and I’m certain about this). The Twins need offense, so they are going to want a CF that can hit, rather than Coco. You should never build a team based upon what your rival is doing anyway. The Yanks are doing just fine with what they’ve got. Worse comes to worse, the Dodgers put down an imbecilic deal for Santana and sign him long term. Why they’d get rid of Loney and LaRoche (or Kemp) + Kershaw when they’re in a pitcher’s park and have no offense, is beyond me. Let Ned Colletti be the bigger moron.

    No Cano for Santana. Step back from the ledge.

    • NYFan50

      The Astros offense sucked. The Yankee offense scores over 900 runs. With the payroll and the free agent classes coming up, there are AMPLE ways to continue to put together offenses that are just as strong as the current one. Pitchers like Santana come along once in forever.

      • Giuseppe Franco

        A stable of young arms and talent like Cano, Hughes, Joba, and Kennedy come around “once in forever” as well and trading several of them away for a guy who will be a free agent at this time next season is INSANE.

        Cashman needs to keep the youngsters. This team can’t get younger by trading some of their best young players away and replacing them with older and less talented vets via free agency – especially when the market sucks ass.

        Haven’t we learned anything as Yankee fans when the team simply went out to get the big fish on the market every offseason only to be stuck with bad contracts and payroll inflexibility over the last several years?

        I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want Johan Santana. It would just be a stupid and desperate move to trade away so much young talent for him 12 months before he hits the open market.

        • inman

          i agree with ya brother

        • brxbmrs


          I really didn’t think Santana would hit FA – someone would trade for him and sign him at that time as a contingency of the deal.

          Now I think there is a slight chance that he will hit FA if he wants a ridiculous contract – i.e. 8 years 25 mil a year.

          However, the Yanks can’t trade Cano – that’s pure insanity – I’ll take my chances with the kids in the rotation and see what happens.

          I also am tired of chasing aging free agents and paying them top dollar for what they have done in the past.

          I’ll keep saying it, Santana threw over 900 innings the last 4 years, he’s 29 and he slipped a bit last year – don’t want to go down that road – even if it means Hughes, Joba, IPK all disappoint.

          I would however trade from Miranda and Jackson – I love how many here are projecting them to be All-Stars and they haven’t even logged in any real time at AA. I’d like to keep them, but if that missing piece turns up – a real lights out pen guy or a young 1st baseman – then I’ll take my chances in the OF the next few years.

          Guys like Crawford will become available – corner OFers are among the easiest holes to plug.

          • NYFan50

            Trading Cano is insanity why? Because the Yankees don’t score enough runs? It is just stupid to rule out trading offense for Santana if they aren’t asking for one of the Big 3.

            • brxbmrs

              Why is trading Cano insanity? He’s 25 years old, plays plus D and he hit .300+/.353 with 19 HR’s and 97 RBI mostly out of the 6/7 hole.

              What is stupid is that you don’t realize he is the only young offensive player that isn’t even in his Prime Yet. And we control him for 3 more years.

              All of our “offense” is from guys 32+ years old, ever think of that? And you can make the arguement that Cano is the only plus defender of the bunch – ever look at A-Rod’s ZR and RF?

              Cano is worth more than the current 29 year old Santana – plain and simple.

              • NYFan50

                You are wrong. Offense is easy to get. It’s always available. Aging players will be replaced easily on the FA market. Losing Cano barely impacts this team now or in the future. It’s great to get offense out of a position where offense is hard to come by, but that offense can be made up for elsewhere around the field. And it can be done so easily.

                To say Cano is worth more than Santana shows a clear lack of judgment. No GM in their right mind would not make that trade straight up.

                • Giuseppe Franco

                  Here’s where you are dead wrong.

                  It’s going to take more than Cano to get Santana. In fact, it will probably take Cano AND Hughes along with another high end prospect.

                  That’s insane.

                  If you can’t understand why trading that much young talent away for a one-year rental is crazy – then I can’t help you any further.

                  It’s not about simply trading offense away for pitching. It’s about trading one of the best young players around on the brink of super-stardom the Yanks still control for another few years.

                  Yeah, sure. Finding offense is easy when the market has good talent available but not so easy when the market sucks ass.

                  I’d like to have Santana too, but not at that outrageous price. Wait until next year when they can get him without giving up a king’s ransom in return.

                • brxbmrs

                  Yep, I’m wrong – offense is easy to get – that’s why the Angels spent 120+ mil on two overrated cfers.

                  That’s why a soft Bobby Abreu makes 16 mil this year as well.

                  You are still ignoring the defensive side of what Cano brings – and yes, he’s one of only two + defensive players on the Yanks – and will be a big part of any teams future – much more so than a guy who only throws once every 5 days and lost all 5 games he started to the division rival.

                  Glad your not the GM.

        • NYFan50

          I didn’t recommend trading them, as my post above indicates.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    I would trade Kennedy,Melky,Horne and another prospect.THats not too bad if we get and sign him for 6 years $120 million.The Mets will go hard for Santana.The Dodgers want a big hitter more then pitchimg and the Red Sox don’t have better prospects then the Yankees and there rotation is set.

    The Yankees are not going into the season with three rookies because they don’t have 160 innings each.If you force them to go long in inningsthey will have problems with there pitching arms and you have no lefty.

    I would try to put Damon in that trade and save Melky or one of the pitching prospects.Actually I would wait for the A’s fire sell we can get more for less.

  • brxbmrs

    Why would Santana sign for less $ than Barry Zito?

    Not going to happen.