Melky on the block

Quick hits from Yankeeland: Shelley, Joba and Andy
Reports: Santana turns down the Twins

In an article on possible destinations for Torii Hunter, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Yanks are shopping Melky Cabrera in an effort to land some pitching. No one elicits more vehement posting than Melky Cabrera, and I’d just like to say that if the Yanks can spin off a package centered around Melky for some pitching – Dan Haren and Joe Blanton may be on the block soon, for starters – I would pull the trigger on that deal in a heartbeat. I love his defense, but I’m just not sold on Melky’s offensive capabilities.

Quick hits from Yankeeland: Shelley, Joba and Andy
Reports: Santana turns down the Twins
  • Mike A.

    I’d rather go for Andruw Jones. And if the Yanks are looking at either Haren or Blanton, I hope Cash is smart enough to try and get Huston Street in the deal as well.

  • steve (different one)

    are Hughes or Joba going back with Melky for Haren?

    Melky is not the centerpiece of a Haren trade.

    i realize you guys know this, but i am just sayin’….

  • JCP

    Anybody else as surprised as I am that A-Jax was ranked ahead of Wieters amongst HWB prospects by none other than Baseball Prospectus? I think it’s great news, but after all I read about Wieters I do find it pretty amazing

  • JCP

    I’ve read that the A’s also have interest in Brett Gardner, but that may just have been idle speculation (as so many of these rumors turn out to be)

    • Kanst

      Melky and Gardner for Street and a prospect or Rich Harden.

  • Keith

    It’s amazing how much the dynamic of this pitching staff in general could change if Pettitte decides to retire or return.

    Haren for a Melky package may be a stretch, unless you load up behind him. Melky and a prospect for Blanton or Street could work, similar to a Jenks deal, and that’d be similar to the discussions the Mets are having to import Blanton with Milledge.

    Any deal that BC can pull off for Haren should be explored.

    me and my friend were thinking moreso what teams need a cheap CF, and have a pitching contract to move or dump?

    we thought of a handful of teams:

    to Milwaukee for Chris Capuano.

    to Pirates for Matt Morris (maybe if you take the Morris contract, they’ll offer you Marte in a package?).

    to the Cardinals for Anthony Reyes.

    to the Braves for Chuck James.

    to San Diego for Clay Hensley.

    to Giants for Noah Lowry.

    • JCP

      nice idea, but I don’t think Anthony Reyes falls in the category of needing to be dumped – he has less ML experience than Melky.

      Of the rest, I like Capuano the best because it seems that last year he was the victim of some bad luck (.339 BABIP)

  • Keith

    If i remember correctly, this was discussed at the deadline last summer when the Yankees were asking about Dan Johnson to play 1B/DH.

  • Keith

    ** related to above, when the A’s reportedly asked about Brett Gardner

  • Mike A.

    Billy Beane’s not an idiot, I think it would take Hughes-Melky at the very least to even start a serious conversation about Haren, with or without Street. Might as well just go for Santana then.

    • JCP

      I agree completely there – I think Beane hasn’t made any major trades recently because he hasn’t found the package of players he’s been looking for… we all know that another team can easily match any set of prospects the Yankees offer if the Yankees won’t give up Joba, Hughes or IPK….

      I too would like Andruw Jones – his defense is still top notch by the +/- system and he’s only 29…. Ron Gant, Reggie Sanders, and Greg Vaughn all had pretty horrible years in the 29-32 age range, and they all bounced back to resume being superior hitters… now, how many of them did steroids? that’s not for me to answer

      • The Scout

        Boras represents Jones. I doubt the Yankees want to go there.

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    you trade Melky if you think Gardner’s ready and can do the job just as well, and you don’t trade him for a spare part. any plan that deviates from keeping our youth has to be one that absolutely blows us away, not just blows the other team away. there’s too much devaluing of what we have around comment sections of boards.

    • JCP

      Personally I think it’s the other way around… Melky did go .273/.327/.391 last year, not to mention being the second worst CF in baseball in +/-. What’s so great about that, other than that he’s 23? Might he become good? Yes…

      But as a comparison, a certain other M. Cabrera had hit 100 ML homeruns by the time he was Melky’s age.

  • SpeedKills

    Am I the only one NOT AT ALL thrilled about Tori Hunter on the Yanks? At 32, while he still has good years ahead of him… how many? We’ve done the signing 30 something outfielders for awhile now… if Melky can be traded for pitching so be it, but I gotta agree with Mike A, you save these chips for Santana

    • JCP

      I think most people here would be pretty unhappy about Hunter coming to the Bronx, and personally I see it as a long-shot at best. The Yankees do value OBP, after all

  • dan

    A Huston Street for Melky deal is extremely hard to evaluate. I’d probably do it if the A’s accept. They’d have an 8th inning guy, keeping Joba in the rotation, and Shelley could be the 4th outfielder until Gardner is ready to either fill that role, or start (if someone gets hurt).

    • JCP

      if the A’s do that then I have absolutely no appreciation for how Billy Beane’s mind works… personally, I think there’s no way the Yankees would even offer that for fear of offending the A’s

  • SpeedKills

    and I’d rather get A Jones than Hunter if Melky is traded, or find a stop gap guy for a couple of years until the system starts to provide outfielders (ETA’s on Action Jackson & Tabata- late 09′ ish?)

  • Kevin23

    Just say “no” to A’s hitters, and say “hell yes” to A’s pitchers!

    I watched Dan Haren a lot this year. He’s about as solid as they come. Anyone who doesn’t jump on that opportunity is a complete waste of baseball space.

  • Rob_in_CT

    I’m not against “shopping” Melky Cabrera. See what you could get… and if it makes sense, he is tradeable. But don’t just throw him away (I doubt Cash will).

    The problem is that his value may be down a bit now, given the way he faded at the end of the year and the new (to me) evaluation of his defense as, um, terrible.

  • Rob

    Just say no to trades of top-tier talent. You overpay and there’s no guarantees. The Yankees are the only organization that they never have to trade for talent because of their payroll. Wait for players to get to market, and then overpay there.

    The Yankees tried for how many years to replicate what the Sox did with Pedro? Weaver, Vazquez, Brown, Unit.

    Now they’re going to do the same looking for the next Beckett?

    No, develop your own and stick by them. I’d rather fail to get production for 6 years at league minimum than 6 years at 100 million.

    And just say no to Jones and Tori. It’s a bad contract waiting to happen.

    Melky is expendable because of Damon and Gardner. AJax is the RF for 2009.
    Trade Melky and from the surplus of 4/5’s (Karstens, DeSalvo, Marquez, Rasner) if you have to. Everyone else is off limits.

    • http://deleted Mike R.

      A-Jax is a Born CF. Why in the world would you want to put him in Right? I think the RF in ’09 could be Tabata with Jackson in CF if all goes well.

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      in the end, that’s the soundest plan this team can take. everyone’s infatuated with building video game-like teams, but what kind of teams wind up winning it all in the end?

      • Mike A.


    • Rob

      Ajax has the bigger frame – 6’1″/185lbs to 5’11″/160lbs – and is already hitting more more power. He’d grow nicely into RF.

      And I agree completely Mitchell. Don’t EVER trade top-tier prospects and then sign what’s needed in free agency. The only way to lose big is trading those prospects – through the player acquired and through the players lost. Sure, you might miss out on a Santana but you’ll also miss out on Weaver and Vazquez and Unit and Brown. Sooner or later great players get to market then you pounce. And if they fail you’re only out cash.

      The problem this year: There are no great players that are necessary in free agency. If something helpful can’t be acquired for Melky and the Grade C’s (Karstens, Rasner, DeSalvo, Clippard), hold back and wait for July.

  • SpeedKills

    and for thanksgiving, be thankful every day that the Yankees weren’t sold to the DOLAN family

    • JCP


    • Ben K.

      Can we highlight this and say it over about 1 million times? Every time I hear something bad about the Knicks – which these days happens about once a day – I’m thankful that the Dolans were blocked in their attempt to buy the Yankees.

    • Rob

      Seriously, I’m thankful for the Steinbrenner family. King George took an shoddy organization and whipped it into shape. After micro-manging the 80’s he learned to step back to. Now he’s given us an heir with that history as guide. Let them produce one suitable prince (or princess) every generation – rather than letting the court jester take the reins like the Dolans.

      Long live the Steinbrenner dynasty! :)

  • E-ROC

    I just hope Pettitte signs and Mussina not being in the rotation next year. Pettitte is the key. If he signs, it would make trading for an ”ace” or a big bat easier. I would sign Andruw Jones (one year deal) or Kosuke Fukudome. I don’t think Hunter will decline rapidly, IMO. Trade Melky(in a package) for Bobby Jenks or Joe Blanton.

  • Kanst

    I think that deal is plenty fair, Beane is notorious for trading away closers as he understands they are not that important. I think Melky and a good prospect would get Street

    • JCP

      So far as I can tell, the only closer Billy Beane has traded away since 2000 is Billy Koch, and in return he got a better reliever, namely Keith Foulke.

      Isringhausen, Foulke, and Dotel all left via free agency. While true that Beane won’t overpay for saves, he also doesn’t undervalue a quality reliever. Indeed, he gave up Mark Teahen, one of his Moneyball draftees, in exchange for Dotel.

      Huston Street is cost controlled, struck out more than a batter an inning, and had a WHIP under 1.00 last year. Yes, there are injury concerns, but not enough that Melky Cabrera makes an adequate return.

  • brxbmrs

    Blanton last year on the road had a 5.11 era (vs. 2.69 in Oakland – a pitchers park with tons of foul territory) 1.43 WHIP and .304 baa.

    In short, he’s a worthless POS that would get killed in YS. He’s got “Mets” written all over him.

    I’m not going to say anything about Melk except, the reason you keep hearing his name is b\c other teams want him – they don’t want to have to commit 90 mil for an aging Torri Hunter or K king Andruw Jones and watch them decline fast and succumb to injuries ala Johnny Damon.

    Think about it – If Gary Matthews Jr could get a 55 mil contract Melk is worth alot – there’s no need to trade him like he’s gonna go bad, Damon can’t play CF anymore and he’s needed in LF. I’d love to see Gardner get the shot only to see all the complaining people here would do once they see his total lack of power and his arm instead of Melk’s. ALso his .343 obp in AAA doesn’t scream to me that he’s ready for the bigs.


    Andruw Jones turns 31 in April – he’s not 29.

    • JCP

      correction duly noted

  • E-ROC

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Gardener in CF either. It probably won’t happen because it’s all about power these days.

    • brxbmrs


      If Gardner could get ob at a .370 or more clip – I’d love to see him in the lineup – I don’t care about power – we need D to support our pitching – we’ve got more than enough offense.

      Melk is worth alot to alot of teams b\c the fa cfers are all getting old – and they will cost a ton – and as easy as some here say it is to find a good defensive cfer – we know its not – Yanks suffered with an aging Bernie, then Lofton and Womack – people here have short memories.

      Also, Andruw Jones and his 130+ K’s is a terrible fit for this team, Hunter comes up small in big spots with the bat and he’s banged up and Rowand most likely had a career year (although I like him the best of the 3).

      Btw, Melk K’d the least of all the Yanks last year – we need that kind of hitter to go along with the aging sluggers – and regardless of what Dave Pinto or anyone wlse says about Melk’s slump after Aug 15th, the kid made a two run difference in the Carmona game with his bat and arm – if Joba hung on, we most likely would have advanced.

      Anyone know if Street was hurt last year? I thought he was…

  • barry

    Any deal they can get for Haren they should take.

  • Rob

    Haren is an injury waiting to happen. Injured pitchers stay injured.

    • steve (different one)

      are you confusing Haren with HarDen?

      • Rob

        Yes, my bad. Still, I don’t see what’s so great about Haren. He looks worse on paper than Vazquez did. Certainly nothing worth trading Grade A/B prospects for.

        • barry

          Haren is proven to be good and he’s done nothing but improve over the past 3 years. Look at the strikeout numbers, 2005-163,2006-176, 2007-192. He only walked 55 this year, and that was his highest total, his whip was very good as well, 1.21. I’m not saying trade Joba, Hughes, or IPK, but trade Melky and another prospect if the need be.Haren will be 27 this season and he has experience against all of the American League teams we’ll be facing, hes a smart move and alot cheaper than Johan.Plus his numbers against Boston in his career are surprisingly decent, he could shine with the Yankee offense.

  • Ivan

    I trade Melky for Jenks if that rumor was true.

  • Travis G.

    it would be nice to get Haren, but not worth trading Joba or Hughes for. No top level prospects please.

  • bart

    Trade melky in any decent deal – it doesn’t have to be earth shattering – while he has respect.
    Jackson and Gardner are both better OF and will hit better – we all love his arm and his enthusiasm but together they can’t compensate for his hitting, and bad routes to the ball — at this point Damon is better to the ball, and hits better

    The three young guns – Joba, Hughes, and IPK are a crapshoot — there just is not enough data to know — ignoring inury that can happen to anyone — a proven starter, haren, peavey, Bedard is worth one of them — especially with the Minor Leaguers moving up — if Pettit comes back the Yankees will need 2 of the three– gun to head I’d keep Hughes and Joba – trade IPK and if you have to trade Wang, but not in the same package — patient teams solve him — he just scares me – but I respect he may develop an ability to get the key K.

    Santana 20M a year for 17 wins a season, key wins in playoffs for nect fove years is a bargain compared to Clemens and his cost alone, but fsactored with the waste on pavano – a steal — still the trade has to make sense – and he would have to sign a contract – no sense in renting him at a high price

    BUT I would not trade any of themm for less than a proven front line starter

    Happy Thanksgiving – we are lucky to have options and a great team to cheer for

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    The Yankees are making a mistake shopping Melky, he’s a very good putfielder, shows development and he’s 23 years old. The stat sheets
    may not not always tell the story of a young player, and I would hate to be looking at this guy a decade from now trying to recall the name of the pitcher the Yanks received in return.

    To be honest I don’t trust Brian Cashman in value for value trades, too many mistakes over the years, Mike Lowell, Johnson and Rivera, Ted Lilly are just a few examples. A pitcher like Santana is a no brainer, but look at how many overrated pitchers the team has aquired or signed in the last few years, Vasquez, Weaver, Hammond, Farnsworth Wright, Brown it goes on and on. So to me it’s a bad combination, trade a young player still developing and going out to get “pitching help”. Sign some free agents, fine, make a legitimate offer for Santana, fine, but trying to steal some talent from another team, not with Brian.

  • waswhining

    Here’s some good news from Michael Silverman, a Boston Herald writer:

    One major league source familiar with the Sox’ thinking said that a package of both Buchholz and Lester, or one of those pitchers and Ellsbury, would be “way too rich” for the team to part with. .

    If that is the case then no worries about offering Cano. Looks like Melky and one of our B grade young arms should fill the bill.

    • Ben K.

      Thing is: The Twins don’t have to make a deal. I don’t think a pacakge of Melky, a Horne-like arm and other prospects is good enough. But I’m quite happy waiting twelve months for Santana to hit free agency.

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