Yanks, A-Rod agree on contract outline

Bonds indicted
Did the Yanks really get a $275-million deal?

This should silence a few more of the doubters out there, but I won’t breathe easy until A-Rod and the Yanks are holding the requisite press conference.

From ESPN:

Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have agreed to the outline of a $275 million, 10-year contract, a deal that potentially would allow him to earn millions more if he sets the career home run record.

The amount of the guaranteed money was revealed by a person familiar with the negotiations who spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because the deal hasn’t been finalized. A-Rod met Wednesday in Tampa, Fla., with the Steinbrenner brothers but the parameters of the deal were set in place last weekend.

All that’s left is for the Yanks to draft the agreement, and, yes, Scott Boras will be involved there. I guess I’ll have to move A-Rod back into the “Current Yankees” category.

Bonds indicted
Did the Yanks really get a $275-million deal?
  • PsiFighter37

    Don’t know if they’ll do a press conference – I would imagine a conference call of sorts. Of course, there’ll probably be a lot of questions about this when he accepts the MVP award on Monday.

  • kris

    How does this contract make up for the lost Texas money? The yankees outbid themselves again.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

      because for the first 3 years the yankees are paying him only 21.5 mil, roughly what they spent w/ texas’s money

  • http://www.Nicks2Cents.blogpsot.com Nick

    The Alex Rodriguez Conundrum will follow him for the rest of his career.

    You cna’t get rid of him because he’s too damn good. And you don’t feel comfortable keeping him because he’s so wired to fail in the clutch and break your heart.

    Link to full column:

  • dan

    completely unrelated, but wtf are these things that let u mess with the sidebar and minimize the post? Any practical purpose(s)?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Theme upgrades. Good eyes, dan. I just installed the upgrade about 10 minutes ago. It’s pretty much just eye candy, but minimizing the post does make it easier to read the front page.

  • Mike R.

    Does anyone think that we are a Johan Santana away from a title in ’08? Just me?

    • Keith

      you’re not the only one.

      • Mitchell’s Eleven

        some folks just never learn…

        we’ve collected superstars for the last seven years and have been trounced by teams that are always greater than their individual parts. we won four championships because we were that kind of team. i’d love to have Johan Santana too, but not at the expense of building a core for the next 10 years.

        • Keith

          and for the talent you’ll need to move to trade for Johan, you are going to extend him w/o question, so he will be part of the pinstripe core for the next 5 years.

    • Clay

      Yeah, Johan Santana and at least 173 games.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Let’s go Arod. Maybe now that he’s “comfortable” and there’s no question about where he’ll be for the next ten years, he’ll loosen the F up and produce during the post season.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    People keep talking about that whole “team concept” and how that’s the reason the Yankees haven’t won a title since 2000. Honestly, if you’ve watched more than 15 games this past season you can tell that the Yanks were pretty close knit from the ragging on A-Rod from the bullpen to the jubilant celebration that occurred when Bobby Abreu collected his 100th RBI on a fielder’s choice in the final game.

    Not only that but that whole team crap is BS. Pitching wins championships and thats the main reason why the Yankees havent won. They got to the WS with the “mercenaries” Jason Giambi, Mike Mussina, Hideki Matsui, and Aaron Boone but they had the pitching that year to lead them to the Fall Classic. In 2004 when you have to rely on Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez to pitch Game 7 of the ALCS you know you dont have any damn pitching and thats why we went down hard.

    We have pitching, and hopefully with the return of Andy Pettitte we will have deep pitching, and I dont care about Chen-Ming Wang’s October performance because any guy with 38 wins over two seasons and a ERA in the 3.60s is an ace in my book.

  • http://www.sportsmusings.wordpress.com JCP

    I remember seeing once that someone wrote that the comments that follow A-Rod posts are pretty good barometers of core baseball beliefs…. couldn’t agree more

  • eli

    How badly did we overpay? What was our pre opt out offer? 5 year extension at 30 less the texas discount on the remaining 3 for 81? total 230 over 8, 28.75 per?
    Now were paying 275 over 10. 27.5 per. How are we getting a discount?!?! Seems like were rewarding him for this nonsense. Giving him two extra years I doubt he could get anywhere else for what? A 40 + year old DH at 27.5 per??
    Someone tell me my math is off

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