The Amazing Ajax

Mrs. Posada: Jorge wants the Yankees
The asking price for Miguel Cabrera (or Filling the 3b hole, part 2 of many)

Kyle Galdeira sings the praises of Austin Jackson. It’s a nice, quick read that’ll get you even more pumped about the kid, if that’s even possible. Ch-ch-check it out.

Mrs. Posada: Jorge wants the Yankees
The asking price for Miguel Cabrera (or Filling the 3b hole, part 2 of many)
  • dan

    I hope he can get to AAA sometime this coming season. If he can manage that, he’s in line for a callup in 2009, the last year of Matsui’s and Damon’s contracts. The strikeouts are worrisome (28% last year, ~22% this year, and 28% in hawaii), but hopefully he can overcome that problem.

  • Back Bay Yankee

    He seems to know it’s a problem. Ajax is a fantastic nickname.

  • Mike R.

    I was thinking a couple of nights ago. The projected starting OF for the defending champion Trenton Thunder should be:

    RF – Tabata
    CF – Jackson
    LF – Colin Curtis

    I haven’t taken the time to corroborate my assumption, but I think that could be the best outfield in AA next year.

  • Jamal G

    Yea and we might have the best bullpen in AAA next year if Mark Melancon and JB Cox can come back from their respective injuries. Reports are already good that Melancon has.

  • JP

    That’s one hell of a leg kick/Heisman pose. Now wonder why he’s worked on his balance so much. He could generate some serious power if he can keep that momentum behind him.

    • Pettitte’s stare

      I was thinking the same thing. I looks more like a windup then a batters natural step. It seems like this leg kick could really throw off his timing and if he ever gets a pulled hammy or any leg injury really throw him off all together.

  • Travis G.

    if Arod, Ajax, Dmat, why not Jtab?

    living in Philly, i’m very excited about Trenton next year. i plan to attend a lot of games.

    • Mike R.

      Trenton promises to be pretty loaded next year. It would seem that they are going to be a much more offensive team than they were this year.

  • dan

    I was just trying to figure out the Scranton rotation (off-topic, i know, but Jamal kinda brought it up), and this is what I came up with… either Kennedy or Joba, White, Horne, Marquez, either McCutchen or Clippard. I figured Karstens for the ML ‘pen. Rasner and Chase to the AAA ‘pen (not as sure on Chase). I really have no idea what to do with DeSalvo, however. To me, he has no future as a legitimate starter, making him trade bait (someone would bite on a 2.70 era). That leaves Jason Jones and either McCutchen or Clippard in Trenton to start the year.

    Thoughts? anything I missed?

    • “SEE-YA!”, A-Fraud

      No way Kennedy and Joba start the season in AAA. Riots will ensue.

      • dan

        I didnt mean Kennedy and Joba, I said OR, meaning one of them would go there. This would be bad from a PR standpoint, but I’m not sure it’s the worst thing for the pitchers themselves. If Joba remains healthy all year and makes 30 starts as the 5th starter, he’d be limited to 5 innings per start. I’m going back on my statement from before anyway, because he’d be limited to 5 IP per start in scranton anyway, so they might as well let him do that in new york. They really have to skip every one of his starts that they can if they want to protect his health.

    • Jamal G

      I agree with SEE-YA, I mean unless they are absolutely dreadful or suffer injuries I dont see why Joba/IPK wont be part of a 6-man rotation (again great idea by a user on this site, cant remember who) that along with those two includes Wang, Pettitte, Hughes in that order and Moose as the 6th man getting 20 or so starts. This way the load is taken off of Joba who can pitch only about 140 innings this year and Hughes because of injury this season wont hit the 200 inning mark. Although Kennedy’s arm is stretched out to pitched 190 to 200 innings we cant really expect to depend on three arms who are entering the first year of their big-league careers so having Moose their as a 6th man will be a damn good security blanket.

      One thing to remember, before Moose went through that horrid stretch of 3 games, he had an unbelievable streak of allowing 3 ER or less in 11 of the 12 starts before the bad streak. And those final four starts after his reinstatement into the rotation he allowed 3 ER or less in three of those four starts including two scoreless starts. Mussina just had one bad stretch, he still is a damn good pitcher and just two seasons ago he had 15 wins and a 3.57 ERA

      • yankz

        Great logic. Just two seasons before posting a 90 ERA+ for the Yankees, Randy Johnson posted a 177 ERA+ for the Diamondbacks! It was a GREAT trade because of what he had done two years before.

  • searay

    That’s 2 seasons and one back that needed surgery later………