The best Scott Proctor story you’ll ever hear

AFL Recap
Bradbury: Yanks must keep stance on A-Rod

Courtesy of loyal reader and frequent commenter Brian comes a tip to this article on the Dodgers’ Official Site about Joe Torre. In it, relief pitcher Joe Beimel relates a conversation he had with his new manager’s all-time favorite middle reliever:

I talked to Scott Proctor today. He said to be ready to pitch a lot. He [Torre] likes to use the bullpen.

I can only imagine how that conversation went. Poor Scott Proctor. He must be beside himself.

AFL Recap
Bradbury: Yanks must keep stance on A-Rod
  • yankz

    Read between the lines- you can totally hear Scotty’s voice shaking.

    “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

  • Count Zero

    I actually feel bad for the guy. It’s gotta be like a nightmare come true.

  • daneptizl

    “We just got arguably the best manager out there and you can’t put Joe Torre on a team that doesn’t have the talent to win it all.”—-He probably didn’t mean it that way but when I first read it I was laughing because I thought he meant Torre needs tons of talent to be able to win the series.

  • steve (different one)

    i love the proctor jokes as much as anyone, but the fact is that Grady Little used him just as much as Torre.

    • Travis G.

      bc Torre had turned his MO into a ‘workhorse.’