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Pettitte declines his option but...
The best Scott Proctor story you'll ever hear


AFL Peoria Javelinas (6-2 Loss to the Phoenix Desert Dogs)

Brett Gardner: 1-4, RBI, SB Tied for the league lead in SB’s with 14. Robbed of a hit (Line Drive) by the third baseman.
Juan Miranda: 1-4, 2B, R (the box score incorrectly shows 2-4) Lined a double off the LF wall
Reegie Corona: 0-3, BB, R Robbed of a double by McCutchen on a shoe string catch. Hit the hard all night but nothing to show for it.
Steven Jackson: 2IP, 2H, 2ER, 3K, 1BB All three SO’s were on great sliders.

There were a couple scouts that were pimping the Yankee prospects during the game. It could be just coincidence or it could have something to do with the GM meeting that are taking place right now. They were very complimentary of BG, calling him the ‘fastest player in the league’ and said that he’s been ‘hitting the snot out of the ball’.

Pettitte declines his option but...
The best Scott Proctor story you'll ever hear
  • Keith

    not for nothing, but you wonder, with Johnny Damon and Melky’s name being throw around as trade options, if the organization has given the thought of throwing BG into the mix sooner than later in order to faciliate a trade to bring in a 3B, or whatever.

    • JP

      I could see that. Once he gets called up I think he’s gonna force his way into the mix. I’ve never seen such a dominant player that doesn’t translate to a box score

  • Count Zero

    Too early. He only has 181 AAA ABs with a .674 OPS.

    Best case scenario, he makes it to the bigs mid-season. And he would have to be tearin’ it up in SWB to do that. (Unless it was driven by injuries of course…)

  • Kanst

    If you delve deeper into his AFL stats you will notice that even with the lofty BA he still only has 2 extra base hits.

  • daneptizl

    But then you also have to take into account that he very frequently steals 2nd, essentially making it a double.

  • zack

    Gardner needs to figure out how to hit the ball into the gap or down the line with a little authority or his value is never going to be very high. Right now he is looking like Juan Pierre, and nobody wants that…

    • Travis G.

      no, he’s like Juan Pierre who can draw walks.

    • JP

      His stats are very misleading. He’s been hitting the ball hard very consistently in the AFL but they just haven’t found the gaps. The scout wasn’t exaggerating – he’s been hitting lasers but probably 50% of them have been right over the second base bag. He needs better placement but solid contact hasn’t been a problem.

  • Keith

    sure, because having Juan Pierre (and Luis Castillo, another slap hitter) at their best at the top of the order really restricted the Marlins offense during that WS run in 2003.

    seems like from what i read on Bronx Banter about Girardi’s managerial style in Florida in ’05, they wouldnt be opposed to speed and defense in CF, with speed at the top of the lineup.

  • Steven

    Gardner looks like Reggie Willits II.

    • dan

      That’s probably a better comp than Juan Pierre, although I think Gardner will hit for more power than Willits. If you look at Gardner, he’s pretty damn strong. He’s been rushed through the system because of his success, but hasn’t gotten a chance to develop power because of that. I think .290/.400/.390 will be his future.