Three years, $40 million in Mo’s “ballpark”

What's your highest bid for Jorge?
0-fers for everyone!

Mark Feinsand gives us a quick update on Mo and Posada. I found something particularly interesting:

Mariano Rivera also figures to test the market, as teams can begin talking money with all free agents on Tuesday. But unlike Posada, Rivera has sat down face-to-face with the Yankees, as the two sides expressed a mutual desire to continue their relationship. The Yankees have offered Rivera a three-year deal worth $40 million, which is in the closer’s ballpark.

If another club comes within $5 million of that offer, I’ll be shocked. Three years and $40 million? I think it’s kind of insulting that Mo hasn’t already accepted. No other team is going to pay $13.3 million per season for a 38-year-old closer who would be 41 at the end of the deal. Unless they’re run by lunatics and think that Mo’s 70 innings are going to get them over the hump.

What's your highest bid for Jorge?
0-fers for everyone!
  • E-ROC

    Mo felt ”disrespected” so he wants to make the Yankees ”suffer” and wait. It is insulting. That’s a very fair offer. He should look in the mirror.

  • Count Zero

    Agreed. That’s more of a “respect” offer than it is a rational one. And in Mo’s case, I’m good with that. The guy’s a first ballot lock and we owe him more than anyone for 96-00.

    • steve (different one)

      mariano missed 3 weeks in september of 2006 with an elbow problem and then just expected the yankees to give him a 2-3 year extension in spring training.

      i think he will eventually sign, and things will be back to normal, but this “disrespect” card is so old and annoying.

      in this respect, Boras was right about A-Rod’s situation being similar to Mo’s. Yankee fans wanted A-Rod to sign whatever was offered without testing the market. Both Mo and Po are being allowed to test the market and come back.

      There is the Texas money, but as long as A-Rod and Boras knew that opting out would cost them an adjustment for the Texas money, they should still be allowed to negotiate with the yankees under that assumption.

      • pettitte’s stare

        I think Jason Stark at ESPN makes a very valid point as to what the difference is. The $21 million is actually more when you have to add in the luxery tax that the yankees are paying on people. Check out the article, I know the numbers are somewhat skewed but still interesting. Sorry, have to be an insider to read it.

    • Kyle

      Maybe I’m not understanding why this “allowed to test the market” line comes from. With Jorge and Mo, their contracts ended which allow them to test the market. A-Rod made the choice to end his contract without even hearing what the Yankees had to offer. I think that is what bothers me the most about “being able to test the market”

      • steve (different one)

        actually Posada had a player’s option for 2008, so yes, it’s pretty much the same situation as A-Rod.

        the opt out clause is really just a fancy name for a player’s option.


        the deal includes a Team Option for 2007 worth $12M or a $4M buyout- + he has the rights to void deal after the 2004 season- + if he starts 330 games at catcher between 2004 and 2006, his 2007 option becomes guaranteed and a Player Option for 2008 is added- + 2007 option worth 12M became GUARANTEED on 8/5/06 and a player option for 2008 worth an unknown amount or a $4M buyout was added

        • Jeteupthemiddle

          I often use that site as my source for contract information, but I think that if Posada actually had a player option, we would have heard about it from other sources.

          The entire media would have been talking about him turning down his player option, and it would have been an official transaction.

          He simply declared free agency.

          • steve (different one)

            that is probably true.

  • Relaunch

    With Lidge on the Phillies, where does Mo really think he can close? This is ridiculous, if he continue sot play this dumb game, he may lose his chance to stay with the Yanks. F Cordero is available, while certainly not better, is younger and wouldn’t cost as much per year.

    • steve (different one)

      Cubs. Orioles. Tigers.

      many teams would probably make offers.

  • Mike R.

    I read that Hank Steinbrenner was “insulted” by Mo wanting to try the market. He has resigned as senior partner and is looking into buying the Dodgers.

    • Mike A.

      Sheesh, I thought you were being serious for a second.

      I’ve never thought about Mo’s contracts. It’s always been “whatever he wants, give it to him, no questions asked.” It’s the Yankees, the cash isn’t that big a deal, and I think Mo will still be a fine pitcher at 41.

      3 yrs, $40M? Make it $50M for all I care, we need the security blanket.

      • Relaunch

        Unbelievable statement. Give him whatever he wants. Please. Its like majority of the people of blogs make 2million a year so this is just chump change to all of them.

        • Mike A.

          We’re not talking about regular, everyday people having to pay his contract. The Yanks are worth $1.2 BILLION dollars. Is $40-50M over 3 years all that much for the greatest closer in the history of man? I don’t think so.

          And really, if he leaves, who closes? Joba? Farns??? It’s a downgrade no matter what, and the Yanks should never have to settle for less because of pennies.

          • Relaunch

            50 mill for 3 years for a pitcher that will pitch 70innings or less a season. Here is to praying you never run any kind of business or group of people.

            • steve (different one)

              i think you’re both right.

              $50M/3 for a 38 year old closer is insane, and if said closer was named John Smith instead of Mariano Rivera, no one would consider it. in other words, you are paying for past performance, and that is a bad way to run a business.

              on the other hand, moving Joba to the bullpen would be a colossal misuse of resources, so overpaying to keep that from happening is probably worth it.

              i say pay him. i am looking forward to watching Joba start next year more than any other part of the team.

              • Relaunch

                I don’t think though you would have to put Joba there. They could sign F Cordero if Mo continues this nonsense.
                These players are full of shit. One day, he said torre gone will affect his choice, then the next week he says it wont.
                Bottom line is they go where the most money is. None of them really care about “being a true Yankee” crap that we hear about. If Mo did, he would have signed an extremely good offer given to him.

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  • Rob

    Again, see what the market decides then pay the man. It’s really that simple.

  • Relaunch

    O’s – no, rebuilding team wont waste money on a closer, mo wont play for a loser
    tigers – possible
    cubs – possible

    My point is, he doesn’t have that much leaverage. If he is balking at 3 yr 40, let him go. Someone pitching 70innings is not worth that much.
    Also, his decline has already begun, he will be a different pitcher at the end of this deal.

  • JP

    It’s interesting their offering the same contract to both Posada and Rivera. They’re saying they value both players the same so it could get dicey if they pay the first guy a lot more than they expected.

  • Mike

    Same deal that I’d offer Jorge.

    Base: 3 years, 45 mil. 20 mil in ‘08, 15 mil in ‘09, 10 mil in ‘10. Then incentives that could make the whole deal worth 50 mil.

    • steve (different one)

      it would be much better to pay him $10M in 2008, $15M in 2009 and $20M in 2010.

      it doesn’t really matter if his salary “matches” his production, the total effect is the same, and 2010 dollars are worth less than 2008 dollars.