Vote Joba for NEXT

MVP for A-Rod
No, really, this time, Mo accepts

Voting for ESPN’s crappy little annual NEXT competition is underway, and Joba’s one of the choices. ESPN has either been horribly wrong when picking NEXT athletes (Kordell Stewart? Kaz Matsui?? The US Men’s Soccer Team???), or just too lazy to do any research and instead picked the most obvious choice possible (A-Rod, LeBron, Kobe). This is a rather useless honor, but I want Joba to win. So go vote.

MVP for A-Rod
No, really, this time, Mo accepts
  • Jersey

    If Joba wins NEXT, does that mean he becomes “Who’s Now” next year? Do they even do those anymore?

  • dan

    Word is that their next crappy little game thingy will be called “What’s NEXT?” where they ask fans to vote on the next crappy competition.

  • barry

    Joba should win based on the fact that there is like no real competition in that poll. All the other guys arent as groudbreaking as Joba.

    • B

      Gay is probably on his way to being THE star of the next Olympics and possibly redefining his sport in many ways.

      I voted Joba, just because I too want him to win this stupid thing, but you could easily pick others ahead of him when it comes to who is groundbreaking.

  • Ivan

    I gotta little bet:

    Which is more likely to happen:

    Patriots losing a game OR The Dolphins winning one?

    • Mike A.

      Patroits losing one. The Dolphins are THAT bad, and someone will put up a fight against Tom Brady (am I the only one that absolutely hates that guy?) & Co, and take a game.

      • Mac

        No, you are not. Me and every guy I know/grew up with in New York f&$#ing hates Brady. Like with an intense please-break-your-arm-type passion.

        I actually dislike him a lot more than Belichick, cause while Belichick is just a massively disrespectful, fat, old turd, Brady is kind of like the raging diarrhetic shit from hell. Pardon the grossness; I just hate that guy.

  • Ivan

    I don’t hate tom brady, but I do hate the patriots with a passion (or any team from boston or new egland for that matter).

    Mike A:

    it’s funny you said that are you the only person that hates Tom Brady, but the better question is there any body that likes Bill “Sociopath” Belichick.

    • kris

      I am glad Mr. Brady is actually scoring more TDs than supermodels. I didn’t think it was possible.

      I am a fan of New York pro sports. It sucks that most of them are mediocre (Giants), hopeless (Knicks) or reloading (Yankees). I think “Boston” fans are incredibly lucky right now. Other than that, I could care less about them. I also don’t want to hear them moan and groan again if they ever suffer another epic drought.

      • Mike A.

        Look at it this way – Boston fans have only one way to see their teams go: down.

  • Clay

    I can only understand voting for Joba if you think that Tyson Gay is already the best, which he may be. He’ll probably win the 100 and 200 at the Olympics next year.

    I’d vote for Gay, I could see him breaking the 200 meter WR, he ran the second fastses time ever at USATFs this summer.

  • Travis G.

    i really, REALLY dont care who wins that poll. ESPN is basically the National Enquirer of sports.

  • Kevin23

    I voted for Joba over Gay solely because of the cooler name.

    How can anyone hate Brady? lol…NY football fans are really in their own little bubble. The Giants are just in a conference of fanatical fans. The Jets fans are truly confused. But I would be too if I had to watch that team.

    On the west coast, everyone is in awe of the Patriots. Its the best team anyone can remember…ever. Enjoy history in the making. It’s just too damn bad that team is so close to Boston.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Ever since Tom Brady “celebrated” the Patriots first Super Bowl victory by leading a “Yankees Suck” chant in Boston…er…that’s when I started to hate him and haven’t stopped. It’s even worse to find out he calls himself a Yankee fan. No true Yankee fan would ever do that.

    But seriously…WTF do the Yankees have to do with the Super Bowl? NOTHING.

    It’s just that freaking Boston inferiority complext that will never go away. In a year of the Pats, RS, and Celtics, they are still talking about the Yankees…WTF???

    I’m just so glad when we win we talk about us.

  • JCP

    Joba retired the first 60 batters he faced? F@ck being NEXT, dude already belongs in Cooperstown….

    Seriously ESPN, you put up 3 stats about the guy, and one them is egregiously incorrect