No, really, this time, Mo accepts

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Yanks looking at Mahay for lefty pen spot

After numerous reports that Rivera was going to sign the three-year, $45-million offer from the Yanks, ESPN is reporting that Mariano has accepted his deal. So that’s all over. Now, if the Yanks can just convince Andy Pettitte to return, they’ll have landed nearly all of the best free agents out there this off-season. Not bad considering where things were just a few weeks ago.

Vote Joba for NEXT
Yanks looking at Mahay for lefty pen spot
  • JimmyF

    Yes, so that means the team will be similar to the second place, first rounder losing team of 2007.

    • Ben K.

      Do we really have to go through the whole “playoffs as a poor indication of a team’s quality argument” again?

      The alternative here was that the Yankees lose A-Rod, Posada and potentially Rivera. There is no denying that this team is better with those three than without.

      • Greg G.

        Not to mention a full year of Joba and Hughes (and potentially IPK). Also, it’s worth noting that the offseason is a long way from over.

    • Mitchell’s Eleven

      I have to admit I got a chuckle out of that.

  • daneptizl

    Sorry Ben but that just makes no sense. 3 All-Stars=scrubs.

  • Mike R.

    I agree with Mr. Fallon. I think the Twins should non-tender Johan Santana. Why do they want that guy? They had him last year and didn’t even make the playoffs.

    But seriously. The Mo contract is brilliant, because it not only ensures his services, but it officially puts Joe Nathan out of the Twins’ price range next year and financially burdens the Angels if they want to sign K-Rod to an extension.

  • Adrian Padill

    This Mo Contract and JC Romero is gonna cause overrated closers to demand big deals.

  • Stephen

    I’m still worried about the Petitte situation. If he doesn’t return, and there is good reason to believe he’s going to retire, the rotation will be very vulnerable. Sure I’m as excited as anyone about the future careers of Hughes, Joba and IPK but I still have doubts about going into the season with three rookies plus a shaky Moose and Wang, who is a good pitcher but not an ace. Even if Pettitte does come back I would still like the Yanks to look into getting more depth in the starting rotation. Obviously Santana would be the ideal, but I don’t see the Twins dealing him until July, unless they were really blown away by an over the top offer. Beyond that the market is pretty thin. I’m not willing to call this offseason a success until the rotation situation is dealt with. That said there’s a ton of time left in the offseason and it should interesting to see how everything works out.

    BTW I just noticed the subtle change made to the A-Rod category, well done.

  • barry

    They should of tried to get Jon Garland, would of been able to get him cheaper than Cabrera probably.

  • E-ROC

    Buster Olney said that the Yankees are pursuing Ron Mahay aggressively. I like Ron Mahay but will he better than Igawa? Isn’t Troy Percival a free agent?

    Rivera’s return ensures that Joba will be in the rotation along with Hughes, IPK, Pettitte (hopefully! i don’t want to see Mussina in the rotation) and Wang.

    • Ben K.

      Don’t insult Ron Mahay by comparing him unfavorably to Kei Igawa. Remember how bad Igawa is? I know time clouds the memory, but the season just ended a few weeks ago!

      Anyway, Mahay would be a fine addition to the pen.

  • Stephen

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but please don’t laugh. What’s the deal with Pavano? Is there any possibility that he could pitch at some point? Don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting much from him, he would have to be number seven on the depthchart (or six if you remove Pettitte) but as we all know, unforeseen events happen and depth is always a good thing. I still say he could be a solid pitcher if healthy, keep in mind he was the opening day starter this year.

    • Count Zero

      I’m going to ignore the fact that you’re insane and answer anyway. ;-)

      Best case scenario (which is ridiculous when you think it’s Pavano we’re discussing here), he is ready in August or September. But far from in full game shape.

      He will be DFA long before the season starts, I would guess…roster spots being in short supply.

    • Ben K.

      That’s ridiculous. The Yankees don’t want Carl Pavano back. If you really think he’s going to be ready to pitch in the Bronx this year at all, I have a bridge to sell you.

      As for his being the Opening Day starter, that was just bad luck with Wang’s injury and Pettitte’s stiff back. The Opening Day draw wasn’t a recognition of Pavano’s quality.

      • Stephen

        The part about being opening day starter was meant to be a joke. I would have done one of those smiley-face dealies but I am morally opposed to them.

        As to this bridge business I’m interested… very interested