Anyone else care to grandstand today?


Representatives Henry A. Waxman and Tom Davis are jumping back into the fray. The two are going to ask Senator Mitchell, Commission Selig and Donald Fehr to come to Washington next Tuesday so that a bunch of politicians can look good on camera. I guess the House of Representatives has no other pressing issues to deal with today. Remember, folks: The Mitchell Report was commissioned to placate Congress. Mission Accomplished.

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  • Mike A.

    What a fucking joke.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Well, we need to be distracted by something. Flag-burning, two women getting married, and cursing in rap music isn’t doing it anymore.

  • Lanny

    We interrupt Congress’ busy day of adding pork to bills and getting nothing done to grandstand an issue they think is a pure bi partisan winner.

    Where are they demanding the NFL do a report?

    Wasn’t a doctor put in jail for illegally prescribing juice to Carolina Panther players a week before the super bowl????

    • Mike A.


  • Sean McNally

    Selig should have given his presser in a flight suit.

  • Nefarious Jackson

    How about 86′ing RealYankee – that jackoff posting complete nonsense in the other threads, no one comes here to read that shit

    • Count Zero

      I’ll second that.

  • Lanny

    Can we all give some major kudos to the RAB boys for not posting that fake list earlier today and showing a modicum of class?

    “real” journos could learn a lot from the great bloggers out there.

    The Old Media dies a little more each day and thankfully so.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Our government has their own issues with steroids given the whole Blackwater scandal. This is just getting so ridiculous.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Is the war over? Is the budget balanced? The deficit erased? All Americans have health insurance and Social Security is thriving?

    because that is the ONLY reason Congress should even give a crap about baseball.

  • Lanny

    When they call Roger Goodall in front of Congress, all the players that have been caught(merriman, harrison, etc), and all the ex players who have admitted it (golic) I’ll believe they are serious about wiping out the “problem”. They are doing it for the kids!

    Whats the deterant to kids? No one dies from this stuff if taken properly. They make u bigger, stronger, faster and you heal quicker. You can go from average player to making millions.

    What up and coming athlete out there is going to say no? Because they might get caught and embarrassed??

  • Beau

    Very true Lanny! There is no serious steps being taken to prevent the problem. Baseball has become the scape goat for steroid use. Someone’s personal professionalism will not prevent them from taking illegal substances when millions of dollars is there potential reward. This report is a joke, and is targeting only one professional sport. This was a very premature move to make before they tried to figure out how they can limit steroid use in this country period.

  • Kevin23

    The commissioner of football didn’t look like a complete moron when he testified. He agreed to implement suggestions, was open about their current and past efforts, and sounded relatively competent about how and why they’re used.

    Selig, on the other hand, looked like a deer in headlights. It was sad. He had to spend these millions on this report to look like he at least has the ability to inquire.

  • Kevin23

    Goodall didn’t look like a complete fool in front of congress. He sounded competent in the subject, and gave an honest assessment of what he was and was not doing and why. Selig, on the other hand, was a deer in headlights, wanting congress to believe steroids were just a locker room myth or something. What a mistake. Now he has to do all this to look like he has at least the ability to ask questions. What a complete sham. So unfortunate for everyone involved, solves nothing, says nothing new. What an expensive way of saving face.

  • barry

    Government should stay out of this, they ruin everything else why ruin baseball? Go after the NBA where a majority of the players are taking drugs, and I’m not talking about Performance Enhancing.

  • Jesse G.

    I have to admit I am pretty annoyed that Congress is taking this up especially since Waxman is one of my political heroes in the House (like Feingold is in the Senate for me). This is just stupid. Then again, House Committees have hearings on all sorts of relatively pointless topics in between all those hard-hitting hearings.

  • Lanny

    Waxman and Feingold are your heroes???


    Kucinich must be real mad at you for not chooisn him too.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      Don’t be obnoxious.

    • Jesse G.

      I do appreciate Kucinich although I realize that he is a joke in a lot of ways. Still, to say that Waxman and Feingold are on that level is ridiculous.

    • barry

      The only men I have respect for that are in any way related to government are servicemen.

  • Dimaggio5

    Congress gets involved in WAY too much. Government is WAY to big and has its nose in everything. This is just one small example. Barry – AMEN brother – God Bless the Troops and God curse the pigs who feed at the trough in DC! I live here and you have no idea how corrupt BOTH parties are – if there is one thing this city lacks is heroes.

    • barry

      There arent many men left in government that walk the same streets as the average citizen anymore.

    • Kevin23

      Amen Brother. Seriously. Everything has to be an issue for the federal government now. What ever happened to exhausting all remedies before invoking the authority of the most proven retarded entities for solving problems ever devised by man?