• Yankee Fan in Chicago

    $125 for the autograph of a guy who put up a .740 ops in AAA last season?

  • Mike R.

    The only way I pay that kid for his autograph is if he’s signing $100 bills. Even then I would not pay more than $100.

  • http://jukeofurl.wordpress.com juke

    That radiating is coming off toxic waste in the Charles River. AND let me see that kid’s autograph. . . I’ll be able to do it for you for half that price & throw in 2 Xs for Ortiz & Ramirez. . ..

  • Bo

    How much will it be worth in May when he’s hitting 240 with no homers?

  • http://quinnmedia.blogspot.com The Omnipotent Q

    What does this have to do with Boston? This sounds like another unfortunate episode of an athlete looking for a quick buck. I love Ellsbury as a ballplayer, but sure as hell isn’t the only one gouging the fans in the sleazy autograph business.

    • Motown Yankee Fan

      I’m reading this as it having something to do with Boston because the organization is permitting the ‘gouging’ as you refer to it to both occur and be publicized. This sort of behaviour strikes me as something the Yankees would put an end to. Case in point, when Mrs. A-Rod wore the offensive shirt to the Stadium, the organization spoke with her about it. Someone pointed this out in an earlier post in perhaps another Yankee blog, but compare what Ellsbury is doing to Joba providing signed baseballs to kids in New York doing well in school at the recent PAL event.

      • http://quinnmedia.blogspot.com The Omnipotent Q

        Players on all teams, including the NY Yankees, sell their autographs at shows. There’s nothing illegal about it, and if players want to do it, so be it. I’ve never bought an autograph in my life and never will. And it’s always good to hear players out in the communities helping kids instead of trying to make a buck off them.

  • Beau

    You guys ever think that maybe he was doing it to pay the late fees on the apartment he rents from Alex. Just kidding!;) That’s as low as it gets, using your (somewhat) celebrity status to exploit the people that are ultimately paying your salary anyway.

    • Yankee Fan in Chicago

      Buccholz probably swiped Jacoby’s laptop from his locker. He needs the money from the autographs to replace it.

      • steve

        ahh. that joke will never get old.

  • Beau

    Lol!=) I heard Boras is already working on his contract extension. In addition to his salary the Red Sox must agree to let him sell candy in the corridors of the stadium.=)

  • Count Zero

    That’s pathetic — who the hell would pay $125 for his autograph? There’s one born every minute…

  • jsbrendog

    sounds like scott brosius. I went to spring training in 99 and saw about 15 games with my pops and he was such a douchebag (brosius, not my pops of course).

    The best were soriano and mendoze, always willing to sign and schmooze with the fans even though neither spoke very much english. Brosius, before the games and after the games, wanted money for his autograph, a picture the cheapest, a hat a little more, a ball a little more and a bat the most. He did this to me at 4 games before i stopped asking.

    From then on out I always called him scott douchebag ( i was young and uncreative at the time). He was a great third baseman but just a whole big bag o’ douche as a person


  • Bo

    The Bucky laptop jokes will always be funny.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    The real dummy is the person who pays it.

  • jsbrendog

    true true good sir