With Hawkins in the fold, talk reverts to Matsui

A fool and his money
Boston just radiates class

While I’m not a big fan of the Hawkins signing, I’m definitely of the mindset that we could have done worse. For example, by signing Vizcaino for three years. That’s simply unnecessary; some team is going to do it and regret it. Not because Vizcaino is bad, per se, but because he’s bound to have at least one very poor year out of those three, and the other two are toss-ups. It’s just not worth the commitment. At least with Hawkins, we know we can wave goodbye to him after 2008.

My main problem with him, though, is the inconsistency. As I’ve mentioned, he doesn’t strikeout anyone anymore, so his success is based how many guys he walks and how many hits he allows. He’s kept his walk rate at a reasonable level, so we can be comforted at that level. But since he allows a ton of contact, we can reasonably expect a fluctuation in his hits allowed. For a quick example, he allowed a .264 average on balls in play last year (though that might be low, since I calculated it myself…anyone know it for sure?), but allowed a .325 average on balls in play with Baltimore. So we’re getting a guy who, if lucky, can be solid. But we don’t know.

This looks like the last free agent move the Yanks will make, unless they deal one of the guys projected onto the 25-man roster. Yes, I’m talking about Hideki Matsui. Those talks will either heat up or die this week. Brian Sabean is also considering a Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios swap, which could also affect the situation.

Now, I don’t expect Cashman could pry away Lincecum or Cain at this point. Any deal would have to involve both Matsui and Ian Kennedy, plus a bit more, I’m sure. There’s a modicum of sense in a Matsui-Kennedy-Duncan for Lincecum or Cain swap. It would give the Giants two bats, plus an arm to replace the departing one. They get somewhat weaker in the pitching department — though Kennedy would probably fare rather well at AT&T Park — and add two bats to an anemic lineup.

The problem, of course, is that Matsui is 34 years old and is coming off knee surgery. Duncan is 28 and has little major league experience. So while their bats will certainly upgrade the Giants lineup, it’s tough to judge to what extent.

However, I think it makes a bit more sense than a Lincecum for Rios swap. It’s straight up, so your pitching is measurably worse. And while your lineup gets better, we once again get to the question of how much better. Rios is a good player who brings speed to the table, but you have to wonder if he’ll outperform Matsui over the next two years — those two years being the last two on Hideki’s contract and the years prior to Rios’s free agency. While you could turn around and sign Rios to a long-term deal afterwards, you could realistically do that after the 2009 season; I doubt the Blue Jays are going to have the budget to re-sign him.

If I’m Brian Sabean, I’m not sure what I do. Well, I’m sure that I don’t do Rios for Lincecum, but if the Yanks are coming at me with two bats and an arm, I’d find it hard to turn down. Then again, that could be my Yankees bias talking and my desire to see Lincecum in pinstripes.

On the other hand, if the Yankees are willing to accept a lesser package, they could take lefty strikeout artist Jonathan Sanchez, who can both start and come out of the bullpen. Brian Sabean could still do Rios for Lincecum and add the two bats to his order that he desires. But his pitching would be in the shitter.

Either way, you have to expect nothing to happen here. But it’s fun to think about.

A fool and his money
Boston just radiates class
  • Bo

    Isn’t this the same fool of a GM who traded/gave away Liriano, Nathan and Bonser for Aj P?

    Don’t put yourself in his shoes because hes proven he doesn’t think intelligently. That is why the Yanks can get Lincecum for Matsui.

  • MS

    I see this trade as a way to get Santana without giving up Hughes. Matsui, Kennedy, Duncan for Linsecum. Then we send Lincecum, Horne, and AJ to Minny for Santana. Again its a lot (5 players for Santana), but to keep Hughes, I would do this in a second. I’d be willing to give up more for either part to get him (just not Hughes).

    • http://www.pinstripealley.com anaconda

      For the sake of argument (since I can’t see Sabean being stupid enough to make such a deal), I would prefer to keep Lincecum for the next 5 years than trade him away for one season of Santana and $150M for an additional 6 years on top of it.

      The young trio of Lincecum, Joba, and Hughes could be dynamite for a very long time.

      Okay, time for me to wake up.

  • Ralph

    Is the Mahay speculation dead?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      It won’t be dead until he’s signed.

  • Rob

    I have no way to judge what Brian Sabean considers a good deal when Rios for Lincecum is even being considered. And NoMass has the interview where he suggests exactly that. Even Cain for Matsui and Karstens seems possible.

  • Rob

    Is Sean Henn the only lefty in the system that could appear in 2008?

    • Rob

      In the bullpen that is.

  • Geno

    If we have the chance to trade bats and a decent arm to San Fran for either Lincecum or Cain, we have to pull the trigger. Who do they want? Matsui, IPK & Shelley? Done. Matsui, Melky & Horne? Done! Matsui, Melky, Shelley & White? DONE!

    Any of the above would give San Fran the bats they need and an arm to replace the one lost in the rotation. The loss of Melky would hurt, but Damon would be decent in center before Jackson’s ready. Losing Matsui’s bat would hurt, but we’d get over it.

    The point is, we’d be giving from a strength (hitting) to address an insatiable weakness (pitching). Put Lincecum in our rotation and it’s sick. Pettite, Wang, Hughes, Lincecum, Joba, Horne/White. Trade the Moose to the Phils for prospects.

  • Tripp

    Chase Wright and Igawa may be looked at in the bullpen during Spring Training. Sean Henn was awful, but I guess if he’s given a clear role for an entire year he could be better.

  • http://deleted Mike R.

    We landed Joba with a supplemental pick. I don’t think lightning will strike twice, but let’s not undervalue the importance of that pick we get when Viz signs elsewhere.

  • zack

    Heck, if the Yanks could somehow land Cain or Lincecum for a package centered on Hideki and Kennedy (and I don’t think they should trade Matsui for anything less!), then you do it in a heartbeat and screw trading for Santana, That would be a young 4 of epic proportions.

    I do, however, think that a move like that, even one for Lowry, might be just that, a move planned to offset the loss of Hughes in a Santana swap, since its not like the Yankees exactly need another young but unproven as of yet starter (or proven but not as good arm in the case of Lowry)

  • MS

    True, the Yanks could be looking to get Lowry to trade in place of Kennedy in a deal for Santana. HUghes, Lowry, and Melky for Santana. I hope that’s not the case. AT this point no deal for Santana should include Hughes.

  • Steve S

    Where did that rumor come from? I havent seen anything about the package for Lincecum just the stuff about Sanchez.

    • http://deleted Mike R.

      The rumor can be found in the minds of Yankee fans with over active imaginations. It’s more a hope than a rumor.

      • Steve S

        Thanks, I thought I took some crazy pills. Lincecum and Cain wont get moved in any of the packages mentioned. they were talking about Alex Rios for the guy. No offense to Matsui, but for a last place team with a nightmare lineup, Hideki Matsui is not the centerpiece to acquire a guy who looked brilliant at times last year.

  • Bo

    Who believes that whole thing of cutting salary to get Santana? They got 80 mill coming off the books next year. You really think that salary/payroll is the reason they haven’t made the move???

    Cashman doesn’t want to give up Hughes. Plain and simple. Why trade a productive bat who drives in 100 every year without batting an eye for a bullpen arm or a soft tossing #5 starter?

    Haven’t we had enough years where out bench stunk? Why not have as many talented guys on it as possible? No one stays healthy all year as we’ve found out.

  • Bo

    Just because the Giants “needed” a catcher didn’t mean he had to trade 3 plus arms for one. Especially a catcher that teammates hated at every stop.

    So he trades 3 plus pitching prospects for an average catcher with chemistry/people issues. Great move by the Twins even if only one of those talented arms work out. To get 3??? Wow.

    And you can say what you want about Liriano back then. But a lefty with that kind of live arm should never be the add on in a trade. Especially when a team that scouts as well as the Twins target him.

  • Jon

    If the Yanks can get Cain or Lincecum, or a couple of lights out bullpen arms, great. Otherwise, I don’t see why they would want to trade a guy who hit 25 HR and drove in over 100 last year. Do you really want Giambi playing every day? I sure don’t.

  • E-ROC

    How much of Matsui’s contract are the Giants willing to eat for Jonathan Sanchez? Wouldn’t be undervaluing Matsui? The Yanks should go straight for the prize. Matsui, Ian Kennedy, Betemit, and Duncan for Lincecum.

  • brad k

    Am I on planet stupid? Why are supposedly good Yankee fans having such a problem trading Hughes. Have you guy’s really done the homework on this? Phil has a total of 13 major league starts. He is 5-3 with a fat 4.46era. His “stuff” was nothing like advertised and demeanor means nothing. Mussina is a rock on the mound and he still sucks. Unless all of the fans out there in Yankee land know something that the whole of baseball has never been able to figure out (the future of can’t miss pitching prospects) then you trade for the Cy Young winner. Santana is 29 years old and has the goods. Hughes is at best an unknown. It’s a no brainer !!!!

    • Geno

      Always good to hear from a Twins fan…

    • steve (different one)

      Am I on planet stupid?

      yes, you are. say hi to Paris Hilton and George Bush.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      “Mussina is a rock on the mound”

      Really, do you watch Yankees games? Mussina may be smart, but he has no control of his emotions. Hence, the Mussina Meltdown, usually spurred by an error made behind him or an unfavorable call.

      • brad k

        I watch every game they play even though I am trapped right now in Cleveland. Yeah I’ve watch Mussina meltdown for years over things like a bad call but for the most part people used to talk about his demenour and so on. Problem is that for all of that he couldn’t come up big on the hill. Who cares if Phil is calm and collected with maturity beyond his years. He is a rookie with “unknown” potential. It’s no knock on him it’s just that Santana is a proven starter in the AL. Just because the Yankees have made the mistake of signing guy’s like Pavano for too much money doesn’t mean you stay away from every deal that comes a long. That’s the greatest advantage the Yanks have……resources!!!!!! Both in players as well as money. What if Phil turns out to be the 10-10 guy he looks like? What if IPK is overrated? What do you do if your youth movement goes bust. I’d like to see this blog 2 years into a 3-5 year playoff-less run. All the while the Sox’s are enjoying their status as the new Yankees.

    • steve (different one)

      It’s a no brainer !!!!

      then where are all the other teams? how come no one else is lining up to make this trade?

      you think Jacoby Ellsbury is a deal-breaker?

      you don’t think the Dodgers have the money and the chips? what about the Angels?

      usually “no brainer” trades get completed, yet no one is stepping up.

      your analysis Phil Hughes based on 70 innings in his rookie season while he was hurt is what really is the “no brainer”.

      • brad k

        where are the other teams? there is only maybe 4 teams with the cash to make this deal work. The problem is that Santana has a complete no trade so really we are talking about 2 teams us and the sox’s. do the math. The leverage is right in front of your face. Either we deal or Bostons fields Beckett, Santana, Dice-K and a bullpen that gets the job done.

        • yankz

          Guys, we better start worrying. There’s more than one Boston!

    • Kevin23

      Brad, you sound like you work for the NYC media…salivating at every free agent and trade possibility. But until we start playing games exclusively on paper, the idea of trading all your young talent for aging veterans is not a good one. There is no such thing as a “sure thing”.

      • brad k

        aging veteran? Are you high. He is 29. Compared to most of our staff he is a baby. Oh yeah he can pitch too.

    • http://deleted Mike R.

      Mr. Sherman:

      Please use your real name when posting on the blog. We will not reject you because of your inane articles. You don’t have to use your full name. Joel S. or J. Sherman would be fine…This is Joel Sherman…isn’t it?

  • Shane

    I should would have given up 100 rbis/season for some dependable starting pitching last year. How many games did we lose 10-8 or 12-4 that we should have won 3-2 or 5-4. Matsui is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but we need top notch pitching. If that means losing Matsui and keeping hughes, why wouldn’t we!?

  • Shane

    ” I sure would” not I should would…..it’s monday, give me a break

  • E-ROC

    brad k– You pretty much got OWNED!

    • brad k

      no I didn’t get owned. I don’t take the field I don’t play the games. Blogs are pretty funny. I should have kept a running tab last season on the number of flip flops you see daily on the blogs. Lose today and it’s the end of the world. Win tomorrow and we’re a dynasty. Bloggers are infatuated with the “youth” movement. Do we really need to take a look at all the “can’t miss” and “top prospect” tags that have been put on paper and meant nothing? Where is Ricky Ledee these days? I remember people saying crazy things about Shane Spencer. I guess everyone missed the fact that he was a 27 year old call up, or better know as a washout!

      • steve (different one)

        these are excellent strawmen.

        Shane Spencer didn’t become a star, so neither will Hughes!!

        the Yankees DID trade Ledee and Spencer. do you think that maybe they traded them b/c internally they knew those players weren’t as good as they were hyping them to be?

        have you noticed that the young players they have kept are all pretty good, and almost none of the ones they have traded amounted to much of anything?

        why is everything an absolute? yes, Hughes is “unproven”. that doesn’t mean he won’t be good. nor does it mean the Yankees are going to hold onto every single prospect they have.

        the key is to seperate the real stars from the overhyped ones and use the hyped ones to trade for veteran talent.

        the yankees have been pretty good at this over the last decade, so i’m going to put a little more weight on their opinion of Phil Hughes than yours.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    I understand that Jonathan Sanchez has a live arm and is a lefty, but his stats this season were vomit inducing. In 29 relief appearances he had only 6 perfect outings, and only 3 of those did he log 1.0 innings or more. Also in 4 of his releif appearances he allowed 3 hits or more. In his final 4 appearances which were starts, he allowed 24 hits, 13 ER, and 4 HRs in just 16.1 innings. His last start of the season he could not even record an out in the 2nd inning as he allowed 5 hits and 4 ER in an inning plus.

    I get some of you want to say Matsui is on the downside and you have to sell high in terms of Matsui’s trade value but I do not want to bring Jonathan Sanchez to the BX and watch him have to pitch to David Ortiz, Nick Markakis, and Carlos Pena in a tight game.

  • Beau

    Would Matsui and Kennedy possibly be on the table for Lincecum? I haven’t heard anything about the possibility yet as I have been busy since the Santana trade joke was going on. If so, who would have a problem with this? Do the Yankees not wanna part with Kennedy or has it not come up because the Giants see this as unrealistic? Just a couple questions… If someone can shine some light on it I’d appreciate it.

    • steve (different one)

      i don’t think anyone would have a problem with it, except for maybe the Giants.

      it sounds like the Blue Jays have offered Rios for Lincecum, but the Giants have yet to accept it.

      seems to me like they are hesitant to trade Lincecum, but who knows?

  • b/c

    Lincecum is Hughes.

    Getting him to trade him would be incredibly dumb.

  • brxbmrs

    FWIW, Bill James was on the Max Kellerman show today – ESPN 1050 – he felt Hughes, Joba and IPK were all for real and the talent gap between them was not significant.

    He was also asked to compare them to Lester and Buch – he declined saying he was too close to really be objective.

    Also felt Santana’s HR boost was not significant and just one of those things – did not rule out though that his best years are behind him – he said bb sees that type of thing all the time.

    As for trading Matsui – don’t underestimate the salary relief – its important – I really can’t see how anyone thinks Sui is worth more than Sanchez or Lowry – Matsui has serious injury and defensive concerns – plus in that lineup he drives in 75 runs or less.

    Sabean can’t be that dumb – I think the only reason he trades for Sui is b\c he doesn’t have to give up Cain or Lincecum.

  • kunaldo

    can we get fukudome first? he can replace matsui as the japanese left fielder…2 birds w/ one stone!

  • E-ROC

    I think Sabean can be that dumb to trade Lincecum for a Matsui package. It doesn’t hurt to try. All they can do is say no.

    Kosuke Fukudome would be a nice addition, but where would he play? CF? It’s possible. I like his on base percentage potential. He’s gap hitter for the most in the MLB. The Yanks would need to get in the talks soon before he decides to play for the Padres. I like how Chan Ho Park advised the Padres to make a run at him. That’s hilarious.

  • brxbmrs

    Think its more a severe decline in his fb and stuff in general as well as his lack of stamina (that he’s battled the last few years).

    He is a guy that has folded i.e. never won 20, 2001 WS – but I think his biggest
    problem is he’s almost done.

    In a way he’s alot like Pettitte – he’s had some great games (01 vs Oakland, 03 in relief against Boston) and some awful ones

    If we had the Moose of 6 years ago, we would have went to the WS the last few years – not that he would have been the #1, but he would have given us enough in the rotation to get there.

  • brxbmrs

    In re needing a Japanese player – I think what we may be seeing is that the excitement of having a Japanese star in mlb has worn off alot – a big part I think is b\c Sui and Dice-K were good – not nearly as great as they were in Japan.

    Yanks have a ton of DH’s – Duncan, Damon, Abreu, Posada, Giambi – Matsui is really expendable – especially when you consider his knee, wrist and D.

    • Rob_in_CT

      “I really can’t see how anyone thinks Sui is worth more than Sanchez or Lowry”

      Because, um, those guys suck? Lowry in particular. At least Sanchez has the strikeouts going for him. But the walk rate is nuts, especially if you move him to the AL. Matsui is a good hitter in his decline phase, and is poor defensively, sure. His contract is actually quite reasonable in this market. He’s worth more than scrubs who would get shelled in the AL… at least to the Yankees.

      Duncan = a guy you have around to hit LHP (10% of pitchers, roughly). Platoon partner with Betemit at 1B, spot starts in RF, maybe. Likely a AAAA hitter, notwitstanding some nice HRs last year.
      Damon = the team’s primary LF, who is getting older and more injury prone.
      Abreu = the team’s RF. Not a DH.
      Giambi – the team’s primary DH if Matsui is gone (shudder). When is the last tiem Giambi was healthy? You cannot count on him.
      Posada – C. When he doesn’t catch, he should get some rest on the bench. Occasional DHing is ok.

      Which brings me to Matsui. He can play LF, albeit poorly. He can DH (and has a history of hitting well as a DH). He is a better bet to remain healthy than Giambi (not saying much, I know). He remains an above-average hitter.

      If he could somehow be traded in a package that nets Lincecum, of course you trade him! But tossing him aside for scrubs is not smart, IMO. So I think he stays.

      • brxbmrs


        Those guys are lefties and maybe they aren’t up to your or my standards – the reality is Matsui is a huge question mark to even stay healthy and be able to play 120 games in the NL – no DH.

        Yanks don’t need to eat another 26 mil – and letting him go for Sanchez would be a nice deal.

        Also, if the Yanks decide to go for Santana – they obviously want to free up the $ – its important to them.

        Dissect Abreu, Damon, Giambi, Posada, Duncan, Bet all you want – the reality is with Molina and hopefully Gardner on the bench, we’d be much better served by getting rid of Sui. And by using the DH for all those guys at time we are a much better team.

        Abreu is below average defensively and 33-34, Damon won’t be able to play LF every day – that’s why you bring up Gardner and have him get 300+ AB’s and hope he can improve D while keeping those guys fresh.

        Our young pitching as well as Wang, Pettite and Moose will benefit immensely by not having Matsui ever being an option in LF.

  • http://www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com iYankees

    I don’t understand how people are saying that a deal for Alex Rios (Lincecum for Rios) is THAT bad. I understand Lincecum is a young and talented pitcher but let’s not forget that Alex Rios has been another excellent player and has gotten better every year. I don’t know what it is, maybe because he plays if Toronto, but Rios is only 26 and hasn’t even hit the power age yet. He’s got another 3-4 years of growing to do.

    Season 161 643 114 191 43 7 24 85 17 .297 .354 .498

    That line is pretty damn good if you ask me. And, if he gets better next year, who wouldn’t want him?

    • E-ROC

      Rios for Lincecum isn’t a good deal for the Giants because that leaves a gaping hole in the rotation while solving another problem. I wouldn’t be surprise if Sabean declines that trade. If the Blue Jays threw in a second tier pitcher, the deal would probably get done. As it stands now, Sabean hasn’t made a decision which means he’s probably not feelin’ that trade.

  • Bo

    This thread is getting ridiculous. I don’t know whats worse. Someone calling Mussina a rock on the hill or the thought of relying on Giambi to play everyday. Not to mention some anti Hughes talk from people who have obviously never checked his minor league stats, his september or his makeup.

    Trading the #1 pitching prospect in baseball should not be enterted into lightly. Especially when you have to give the pitcher you’re getting a 7 yr deal for 20+.

  • brxbmrs


    Its one thing to try, its quite another to expect the Giants to trade Lincecum for Matsui, Duncan and IPK.

    I think the Yanks are looking for a younger, lefty power arm for the pen – Sanchez and for salary relief.

    They might want to clear SUi’s salary b\c they are going to pull the trigger on Santana – but I think its more likely that Cash is going to keep the three kids and hope that Sanchez, Aby and Hawkins give the Yanks three more options to improve the pen – along with 6+ internal candidates.

    I really think they want to gain some p\r flexibility and open up the DH spot by jettisoning Sui.

    I doubt they expect anything from Giambi but Posada, the corner Ofers as well as Dunacn need to see some time at DH.

    BtW, Duncan’s blood clot I’m sure diminishes any possible trade value he might have had – another reason thinking that Sabean would trade Lincecum for that package is silly.

    • E-ROC

      I agree that IPK, Matsui, and Duncan won’t get it done. But it might get the Yanks in the conversation. That’s what I was trying to say. I guess it didn’t come out right. :) I do believe Yanks have a chance, if they’re aggressive.

  • Beau

    I think everybody mentions Giambi like you HAVE to play him everyday. First of all I would guarantee that Giambi is incapable of staying healthy a full season at this point in his career. I would rather rely on a Betemit then a Giambi at DH based on injuries alone. The lineup that the Yankees feature makes a hitter a little better anyway with it’s depth of dangerous hitters. Fill the holes that you need to fill and put in whoever you can at DH. If you can(that’s a big if) get a solid pitcher with Matsui being a big part of a trade, then go for it. I also agree that you don’t want to just deal Matsui for the sake of salary relief. He still remains as an RBI producer for the team. If you can use him to get a solid starter however then do it! You can replace Giambi with just about anyone as DH at this point.

  • cayman

    Read the interview posted at nomaas…… seems like Cain is in play, and I DO NOT believe IPK would need to be a part of the package. I happen to be a bigger fan of IPK than I am Cain, but thats just me….I understand that Cain is a proven commodity. Anyway, I think that we could make this happen with a Matsui, Duncan package, but by no means is an IPK required. Keep in mind the production that has just been given up. Then for some reason we are supposed to throw in one of our starting 5 on top of that for one of their starting 5????? Plaeas! Time to start clearing up our 40 man roster. Throw in Karstens and a Bruney or Britton for some relief help.

    Now I take Cain, and Package him with Betemit, A-Jax, and Marquez, as my final offer to the Twins…..or something along those lines. But they still get a prospect, and a top flight youngster as far as pitching goes. (They never seemed all that enthused about Melky anyway)

    Who knows what the Twins do when it comes closer to spring training, but I know this.,….The Yanks need to clean up the 40 man roster, and I would rather some trades for value than DFA’ing a bunch of guys and rolling the dice. Cain may be good, but I do not see him (considering he still has to transition to the AL) as some huge upgrade from IPK.

  • Bo

    Cut people some slack for thinking that the Giants will trade Lincecum or Cain for Matsui. They are brain dead in SF and it is not out of the realm of possibility that they would consider it.

    Cashman wouldnt be doing his job if he didnt ask.

  • http://riveravenuewatch.blogspot.com Mike NYY

    Here’s my idea, trade IPK, Matsui, Horne, and cash for Cain. Then convert Damon to frist base and sign Fukudome. THen you can put Joba in the bullpen for the year (JUST ONE YEAR).

    Joba holds down the 8th inning for the year and after the year hge moves into Pettitte or Mussina’s spot in the rotation. Fukudome gives you insurance for Giami.

    1) Cain
    2) Hughes
    3) Wang
    4) Pettitte
    5) Mussina

  • cayman

    Just based on the effort of your post, I almost feel like you are half serious.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    yeah, wtf, why not try to get Cain or Lincecum? Cash should at least give it a shot: Matsui, Duncan and Kennedy; or Matsui, Betemit, Duncan and Horne; or Matsui, Ajax/Tabata and Marquez. crazier things have happened. that would give us a ridiculous front 3-4 for the next 10 years!

    • Geno

      If Cain or Lincecum are truly on the table, we should get one of them immediately. I’d offer the Giants two from column A: Matsui, Shelley, Tabata, Damon; and two from column B: Kennedy, Marquez, Ohlendorf, Mussina.

      Let the Giants decide what they want. I’d guess Matsui, Shelley, Kennedy and Marquez, but who knows? Bottom line for us is we’d add another young ace to our staff, without giving up the house. Cain, Hughes, Joba, Wang & Pettite would just be wacky. Next off season, we sign someone like Sabathia to replace the ever-retiring Pettite.