Hankenstein: ‘One day you all will bow before us and beg for mercy. If you’re lucky, we will consider it.’

THT: Yanks still pretty good
Yanks lose Gardner in Rule V draft

From the Times:

“People keep saying, ‘Do we really have a No. 1?’” Steinbrenner said. “I’m telling you, we’re going to have three No. 1’s three years from now, and we may have two or three great closer prospects, too.”

Amen brother.

THT: Yanks still pretty good
Yanks lose Gardner in Rule V draft
  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    I dont get all the hating on Hank by the media. They always complain how players/owners/GMs and of those sort never give them straight-forward and true answers, yet here we have one and I bet you today on MMD or other journalist/reporters are going to bash Hank for this statement.

    Anyways, Amen is right.

  • Patrick

    The most important line,

    “We’re going to be in beautiful shape,” Steinbrenner said Wednesday, a day after declaring that the Yankees had dropped out of talks for Santana. “I’m telling you, I’m very excited. I hope we can challenge this year, and I think we can. But the future looks even brighter.”

    What? He’s looking to the future? Music to my ears.

  • Mike R.

    How in the world could any yankee fan hate Hank. The guy is the best thing that has happened this offseason. Keep it up hank!

  • Perry O.

    I love Hank’s swagger!

  • Motown Yankee Fan

    That’s got to be great for Chamberlain, Hughes and Kennedy to hear their team’s owner speak about them like that. I love Hank.

  • save hughes

    of course he says this after he wanted to dump hughes for santana… but maybe cahsman persuaded him… i dont know i just dont feel that he has the right to say something like that after trying to trade phil.

    • Pete

      I think the fact that he OWNS Phil Hughes, does actually give him the right…

    • usty

      There’s a big difference between WANTING to do something and HAVING to do something. When the best pitcher in the game, in his prime, goes up on the trading block, sure you’d love to throw crap out there and get him for nothing. But a situation like that requires you to give value to get value. If anything, it should be a testament to the value and high regard the ownership/FO has for Hughes that it was so painful to put him on the table, even when it was for the best pitcher in the game.

  • save hughes

    btw people will always bash him and hate him because of his last name. get used to it.

  • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

    @#$% yeah, Hank. Give ’em hell.

  • JT from NYC

    Hankenstein: “F the sux, F these haters, and F the media. We will take over the world in 3 years!!!”

  • Beau

    I think the degree of negotiating they did to acquire Santana with Hughes in the deal was fair. Santana is the best pitcher in the game and still Young. If the Twins decide that they passed up a great trade proposal and come back I still think you need to make that trade. I really want to keep Hughes. I couldn’t say that enough, but a proven future hall of famer is hard not to take. Steinbrenner does believe in Hughes so much that he was the centerpiece of the trade by far. He didn’t compromise Hughes in any way and quite honestly I think they all had second thoughts on losing him in the first place.