THT: Yanks still pretty good

Red Sox bias? What Red Sox bias?
Hankenstein: 'One day you all will bow before us and beg for mercy. If you're lucky, we will consider it.'

For all the talk that the Red Sox are so much better than the Yankees that we’ve seen around other parts of the Internet lately, a few writers are admitting what we know: The Yankees, who finished 2 games back of the Red Sox, are still very good. John Beamer, a Braves fan writing at The Hardball Times, takes an unbiased, statistical look at the Yankees (with Johan Santana) and sees a team that is very, very capable of winning 95 games. Without Santana the Yanks are probably hovering right around 90 wins.

The Yanks finished just two games back of Boston after a very poor start last year and were, by most accounts, the better team except for four days in October. I like the sound of what Beamer’s selling.

Red Sox bias? What Red Sox bias?
Hankenstein: 'One day you all will bow before us and beg for mercy. If you're lucky, we will consider it.'
  • Alex

    that 95 wins with santana of hughes, so you have have to thing that there is a loss of like 4 wins right there.

    and i think he means shelly duncan, not eric duncan.

    and who knew betemit had “plate discipline in spades”?

  • Relaunch

    Thats great and all but those 4 October games are the most important ones.


    Look, i’m going to put an end to this RIGHT NOW. Anyway who says the Red Sox are much better than the Yankees (i.e. the entire Baseball Tonight crew – especially Steve “i couldnt hack it as a GM so now i pretend to be one” Phillips) need to relax and actually think about what they are saying. Last year, the Yankees were absolutely decimated by injuries and used more 1st time starting picthers than any team in the last 90 years.

    That being said, WE WERE STILL, FAR AND AWAY, THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL DURING THE 2ND HALF, WE CUT 12.5 GAMES OFF THE RED SOX LEAD, AND WE FINISHED THE SEASON WITH A WINNING RECORD AGAINST BOSTON IN HEAD-TO-HEAD MATCHUPS (not to mention we beat them 5 times in a row at one pt). All this amounts to one incontrovertable fact – the Yankees are just as good, if not better, than Boston. The only reason they won the WS and we didnt is b/c they didnt have to face us in October (which everyone knew they were shitting their pants about) and b/c we ran up against a Cleveland team that had the hottest pitching in baseball (not to mention Wang gave us absolutely no chance to win games 1 and 4).

    So my point is this – everyone needs to RELAX. The Yankees dont need to make any earth-shattering changes, their already one of the best teams in baseball. The Sox get all the talk and hype cause they won the WS this year, but in all honesty, the Yankees were still the team nobody wanted to face from May 1st – on, last year. I am very confident in Joba and Hughes next year, and a rotation in October of Pettitte (big-game picther/stopper); Joba (absolutely electric and unhittable last year); Wang (very good picther who had a couple of rough games – dont forget he pitched great against Detroit in ’06); and Hughes (once he got his legs and stregth back, was basically lights out from September-on).

    In Hank we trust. Dont buy into the hype about Boston. Schilling is washed up and fat; Dice-K was mediocre at best and had to be shut down at the end of the season b/c of a “tired arm” – never a good sign; Beckett’s year was an aberration (see ’06); and Wakefield is terrible. We will be fine. ESPN just wants ratings, thats why they hate on the Yanks and blow the Sox – they go for the “shock value.”

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    funny how the media pendulum swings. a few days ago, it was “screw it….trade the kids…” now it’s “look how smart they are for keeping the kids.”

    no wonder blogs are so much more trusted than the news. it’s all just spin out there. sports are no exception.

    • Sunny

      I do agree that the commentary has swung back this year. Though I think blogs like RAB here have something to do with it. Before places like RAB or PeteAbe’s blog came into place fans like us are left only with bar/coffee shop convos or the occassional forum threads.

      I’ll bet your bottom dollar that the Yankees have been paying attention to the Yanks blogosphere and at least getting a sense of where the fans’ sentiments are. Kudos to the guys here at RAB.