Joba is right now

BBWAA institutes Schilling Rule
The Santana clusterf*!& continues

ESPN The Magazine’s Future of Sports issue features our very own Joba Chamberlain as the NEXT athlete, but we already knew that. RAB favorite Buster Olney wrote the profile. Not only is Joba a good fit for the Yanks, but he likes to send a lot of text messages.

BBWAA institutes Schilling Rule
The Santana clusterf*!& continues
  • JCP

    and on the online video they had for choosing who’s NEXT, they incorrectly said Joba retired the first 60 batters he faced in the majors. Apparently he set an MLB record and none of us knew…..

    another wonderful demonstration of why I love ESPN….

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    It must’ve killed most of the ESPN staffers to pick a Yankee, rather than, say, Laptop.

  • Brian

    We don’t talk about this much, but what do you think goes on in Phil’s head when he’s on the block and Joba is on NEXT? No matter how tight they are, and I don’t doubt they are, he has to be shaking his head a little. In the very least I hope he is thinking, “that totally could be me…let’s go kick some ass.” It’s possible, too, that Joba’s charisma diffuses the focus on Hughes in a good way, making it that much easier for him to go out and get some.

    Save Phil. Save Joba. Save IPK. Save the Future!

  • save hughes

    yea phil isn’t that kind of guy though… im sure he’s happy for the success joba has had. phil is gonna do his talking on the field.

    • yankz

      You’ve met him? How do you know what he’s like?

    • Brian

      I 100% agree, save hughes, and I don’t mean to supplant good competition with unnecessary drama or anything, save hughes, but I will continue to look at angles by which hughes will focus on kicking butt, save hughes, and other ways, of course, save hughes, to subliminally and directly, save hughes, say “save hughes.”

      Ahem. Save Hughes.

  • Ron

    In 15 years when we look back at their careers, IMHO, Phil’s will blow away Joba’s. Which is why I was so against trading him. (Not that I would have favored the the deal if we substituted Joba for Phil – I wouldn’t have.)

  • dan

    Was that article even about Joba? It seemed like a Verizon commercial, which, by the way, Joba would be a good fit for.

  • Count Zero

    Long term, I think Joba was the best thing that could’ve happened to Phil. It took the hype pressure off him. Meanwhile, Joba seems like he laughs at his own hype. Which makes him better equipped to deal with it.

    This is one of the reasons I am against trading any of the trinity — I have a feeling they will be stronger together than they would be apart. They will feed off each other.

  • yankz

    “They’re his favorite form of punctuation”

    I’m more of a semicolon guy myself.

    Olney is right about the carpal tunnel- 200/day is absurd.

    • Count Zero

      Actually, I don’t believe you can get carpal tunnel from texting — you only use your thumb or both thumbs. IANAD, but I don’t think that movement has any negative effect on your metacarpals.

      Probably causes something else though. :-)

  • Mike A.

    Jobe better watch out while he’s texting Buchholz, one day his phone might go missing…

    • zack

      Damn! I was gonna say something similar!

  • zack

    I really like the stuff about his “Roger Clemens” workout regime. I can see Joba occupying the spotlight as a very good thing for Mr. Hughes, who can go about his business with his media savvy, Jeter-esque responses…

  • John C


    Can’t wait to see the “Big 3” bring the Yankees back to glory!

  • eric from morrisania

    I posted this in another thread, but… Congratulations to Joba for being named NEXT!

    In a related story, Homer J. Simpson was recently awarded the C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

  • Marsha

    I hope Joba has an unlimited text message plan.

  • Pete

    This was such a crappy article.

    The game was just declared the next breakout star in all of sports and we get a fluff piece about how much he loves texting.

    Hey Buster, to borrow a phrase: WTF?

    ESPN should’ve just paid a royalty to SI and reprinted their amazing 8-page story about Joba and Harlan. That was the best story I’ve read in a while.

  • Pete

    typo: I meant ‘the kid’ not “the game”