The Santana clusterf*!& continues

Joba is right now
Former pitching coach speaks about 'Alby'

Jon Heyman reports that more teams are in the Santana mix. Considering that Johan is not yet a member of the Red Sox and the Twins don’t have to pull the trigger now, this whole saga is far from over. I wonder if the Yanks are actually out of this whole thing.

Joba is right now
Former pitching coach speaks about 'Alby'
  • Ivan

    Put it this way, if the yankees are in, should we be surprise really?

  • Ivan


    Why Do I have a feeling since this Santana fiasco, that the mets are gonna be the winners in this.

  • Jamal G

    That’ll be fine if the Mets land e, at the most we’ll face em 2x a year.

  • Travis

    It might be the best outcome for Johan to go to the Mets. We don’t give up prospects and big money, the Red Sox aren’t strengthened, and Santana pitches in another league.

  • zack

    The Mets would of course officially kill their farm system with this trade, but it would likely make them a serious serious WS contender in an utterly crappy NL.

    That Heyman piece is atrociously edited…

  • zack

    So what do people think:
    If the Twins came to the Yanks tonight and said that they would accept Hughes, Melky, and the AG, would the Yanks do it? Would you be happy?

    • Ron

      I wouldn’t be happy if we traded Hughes straight up for Santana. I was worried that we would jump back in, but now I feel that Cash has convinced Hank not to do it. So unless Gene Michael can re-convince Hank to deal Hughes. it looks like the RAB campaign to Save the Big Three worked!

  • NYFan50

    Who knows? So many rumors and you just don’t know what is true and what isn’t.

    The Jays are reportedly trying to swap Rios for Cain and were offered Lincecum. Wonder if that is true, and if Cash is trying to get in on that. Would love to add Lincecum to the rotation mix. I guess they’d probably have to trade Cano. No other good, young hitters to deal.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I’m glad the Twins are beginning to realize that Boston’s offer is crap.

    I don’t want him. Let’s just stick with Hughes. Pettitte is back. We’re not desperate.

    I want an owner who says what he means and means what he says. I understood the backing down on the Arod thing, but this has to to stay.

  • dan

    %@!# the heck?! When’s this going to end?

  • trevor

    Would anyone give up hughes for lincecum? i guess if you really think those extra ticks of velocity are that important u would.

    • NYFan50

      SF is looking for offense, so I don’t even think that would be a possibility. Yanks would have to trade them some bats.

    • Ivan

      I love Lincecum, second fav prospect other than Hughes but I personally wouldn’t do it. If you ask Giant fans would they do it, it’s the same answer.

      Hey I think Lincecum has better raw ability than Hughes (which is not knock on Hughes but Lincecum has the better stuff).

      I think more people would probably take Lincecum over Hughes right now though.

      Nevertheless, you do have to take in account that Lincecum is 23 years old(older than Cain by the way) out of college and pitches in the NL in a big ballpark in the second weakest division in baseball(the central is worst folks)

      But hey you can go either way with these guys.

  • Jamal G

    The only way Im trading Robbie Cano to the SF Giants is if Im getting back a bat or another arm to go along with Lincecum or Cain. Would the Giants add on Angel Villalona? Lol, thats most likely a resounding no but I dont think that inquiry by Cashman would be disrespectful to the Giants causing them to back out of any negotiations. If I would have to pick between the two, I would go after Cain beacuse Lincecum’s frame just looks like its ready to snap in half and he may have stamina issues in the future.

    To be honest, I would like Cashman to take a peek into this but I would not want anything serious to come of this.

  • dan

    I bet you they’d seriously consider Cano for Lincecum. According to MLBTR (by way of Jeff Blair), the Blue Jays are offering Rios straight up for Lincecum. If they are considering that I think they’d do Cano. Thinking about the yankees 2009 rotation, I’d definitely do that. Just think about Ian Kennedy being your team’s 5th starter. Holy Shit. Of course, this is about 101% speculation on my part.

  • Eric

    The Sox were always a complete bluff. This proves it.

    And while Lincecum is real talented the Yankees have enough young pitching in house. Why would they give up Cano? One of their only young position players?

    Hughes is a legit ace type. While Lincecum has great stuff he doesn’t have Hughes type size which downgrades him. For better or worse.

  • Travis G.

    i cant believe the Jints would take Rios for Lincecum. Rios is a good to very good hitter (potentially) but Lincecum has ridiculously good stuff. if we had another good young hitter, i’d trade Cano for him, but we dont.

  • Mr.Yankee

    what about this bullpen guy we got for Clippard is he any good can he free Joba from the bullpen and fill in?

  • Count Zero

    You guys are making me crazy here! Why would you ever trade Cano for Lincecum?!?

    I swear, I don’t know what you guys have against Cano. By any objective measure he is already one of the top three 2B in MLB and he’s only 25 and cost-controlled. Right now Utley is definitely better offensively, but Cano has a lot more power potential still to come. For all that he doesn’t walk he has a career 117 OPS+; 126 in ’06 and 120 in ’07. He had an 11.8 WARP3 last year! On top of that, he may actually be the best defensive player on this team posting a 116 Rate.

    Any replacement at 2B would be a downgrade, and most would be a very severe downgrade — on the order of seven or eight wins. I mean at least when you were talking about trading him for Santana there was some minor semblance of sanity to that — trading him for an unproven NL pitcher — no matter how much potential he has — is just ludicrous. Lincecum has thrown all of 200 innings in professional baseball including the minors.


    • dan

      I love Cano. But Tim Lincecum, objectively speaking, is the fucking man. I know we’d be losing a lot in Cano, but even an average 2009 offense could win 100 games with a top 6 of Wang, Hughes, Chamberlain, Lincecum, Kennedy, Horne. What would that team’s ERA+ be? I’d guess around 120-130, which would be tops in the AL. All that, potentially, with an average age of around 24-25, for the combined cost of less than $10million. That’s why I want Tim Lincecum.

  • E-ROC

    I’d like for the Yankees to acquire Lincecum and bullpen arm for Cano. I’d make that trade. Plug in Gonzalez at 2nd. Can Betemit play 2nd?

    • dan

      Betemit can at least platoon at second with Gonzalez, he’s not gonna kill them defensively. However, I don’t see the point in talking about this, it’s never going to happen, no matter how much we dream (see my above comment).

  • Ben K.

    With yet another discussion on Cano, we’ve wasted nearly as many pixels on a non-trade that’s NEVER ever going to happen than on anything else this week. Well done, folks.

    • NYFan50

      My bad.

  • Jeff

    People want to trade Cano for a SF pitcher who posted a 4 ERA but wouldn’t trade him for Santana? Am I missing something?
    Cano is so full of talent and if people don’t see it I just don’t know what to say.
    I’m still fristrated that we aren’t pushing for Santana but getting over it seeing a multi CY young award winning pitcher in his prime doesn’t seem to impress anyone… maybe I’m sniffing crazy glue.
    On a deep philosophical note I think everyone’s recent opionions have led me to believe it is human nature to be happier in a hole looking up than to be on good ground and walking forward… yeah I am sniffing glue… my appologies.

    • steve (different one)

      what if the yankees get johan next year without giving up hughes? wouldn’t that be a fantastic outcome? relax.

  • Chip

    O I want to jump into the trade-making machine! Maybe we can get in a three-way with the Marlins and Giants, here’s how it breaks down. We give Kennedy to the Giants, they send us Lincecum, send the Marlins Cain, get back Cameron Maybin and we get Andrew Miller. See, I can dream too!

    • Ron

      Giants Lincecum, Cain Maybin
      Marlins Maybin, Miller Cain
      Yanks Kennedy Lincecum, Miller

      Chip, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Chip

        I don’t think you got the point that it was a joke. Everyone was making up stupid trade ideas so I was joking around by offering up a trade that obviously would never happen. Seriously, go tell your mom to go tuck you in so the bad comment monster won’t get you

  • Rob_in_CT

    WTF? Trade Robinson Cano? Put down the crack pipe and back slowly away.