• Stephen

    So how much would you be willing to offer in a Bedard deal? Obviously Hughes is off the table. But what about a deal centered around IPK? I dont know how willing the Os are to deal Bedard but I might be tempted to think about this.

  • The Scout

    I doubt the O’s will agree that “Hughes is off the table.” Why should they? With Bedard, more teams will be in the mix because his salary is controlled for two years, not one. I think the Yankees should reject a deal that does involve Hughes because Bedard has a significant injury hisotry and no prove record of durability. Besides Kennedy, the Yankees would have to offer either Tabata or Jackson; the O’s do want young outfielders. The Yankees really cannot offer bullpen help for the O’s until some of the injured relievers start to throw again in games. Instead the Yankees would need to offer promising young arms that would be potential starters or relievers, of whom Horne comes to the top of the list. So the best offer from the Yankees might be Kennedy, Horne, and one of either Tabata or Jackson. That is a pretty steep price; it might not be enough to get the deal done; and I’m not sure how much it adds to the Yankees.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Something to consider about Bedard: His injury was a strained oblique muscle, and the O’s shut him down for the season. His injury wasn’t related to his pitching arm.

  • http://riveravenuewatch.blogspot.com Mike NYY

    I would love a deal centered around Kennedy for Bedard. I could see that happening to.

  • zack

    Wow, does that article not say anything or what? Pure spec with not even a hint of what those packages might be. I suspect the Yanks/Sox would have to blow away the O’s with an offer to motivate them trading him within the devision. And of course, Angelos is no fan of George, so who knows.

    Bedard has show steady improvement year to year, though he still has yet to throw 200 innings. I would have a hard time trading Hughes for Bedard, but i suspect the O’s will demand him.

  • Whitey14

    It sounds like the Orioles will be looking for similar talent as the Twins were for Santana. I’m guessing no matter how far discussions go, or how good the deals look, Peter Asbestos, I mean Angelos, will quash them in the end so Bedard doesn’t get dealt within the division.

  • Ivan

    That article is hard to believe there. For starters, Peter Angelos would almost NEVER, EVA…..EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA would he trade Bedard to the Yankees or Red Sox. He HATES the Redsox and the only team he HATES more than the Redsox is the Yankees

    That Article seems very vague to me and shouldn’t be believed.

  • eli

    does anyone know what our “best offer on the table” was?

  • Nefarious Jackson

    Angelos would be the best owner in sports today if the competition was between him and James Dolan and Angelos would only win by a whisker— he is an absolute imbecile would has shot his own team in the foot numerous times Nix’ing trades that have already been set up, trades that would have obviously helped his team… dont think he will ever trade Bedard in Division and if I had to bet the Dodgers have juice to get him

  • Count Zero

    Ditto — I have said all along that I would be shocked to see the Os trade Bedard in the AL East. In any case, no way Hughes is on the table as I see it.

  • http://memotosteinbrenner.blogspot.com/ iTz_DADDY_YANKEE

    I been saying all along that we should center our focus on Bedard?
    We dont know out of the big “3” who will really pan out , all we know is who has the most potential! All one would have to do is look at the 1988 Mets they had Dwight they had Darling and they had Cone, Whom had the best and longest career of the three? David Cone that’s who! The least heralded at that time.

    It does pose the Question however? with A Bedard or Santana or perhaps even a Sabathia next years free agent class

    How many starters can we have with Joba slated to return to the rotation?

    I say plug in



    Than Move “Wang” to set up he is a ground ball pitcher with mid 90’s velocity and in tight situations where you need a double play he’s your man nd will be seen in limited basis, If he doesn’t work out than I guess exchange him with Joba, but Joba’s has to many pitches to many looks andstuff is too good tonot be a 7 or 8 innings pitcher

    Offcourse nuturing guys like olendorf and going out and getting a quility set-up man is high priority this year

    But I say we can wait on Santana , Sabathia or even Beddard, although it would be nice one of them wouldn’t it?

    • Count Zero

      Wang as a setup man…you are indeed, deranged.

      You want to take a guy who has 417.1 IP over the last two years with an ERA+ of 123 and relegate him to the pen? A guy who has only a 3.83 K/9 over his career and is worse from the stretch? Right when we only have one other starter who can go 200?

      Remind me never to visit your blog…

  • dan

    Another 40-man spot available:


    via MLBTR

  • Chris

    Move Wang to a set-up role? Are you kidding.

    1. He won 19 games 2 years in a row. Has any other pitcher in the AL done that.

    2. He cannot CANNOT pitch fom the stretch – he is aweful when he does.

    3. He doesnt strikeout people – and that is what you want a relieve to do. In fact he pitches to contact which translates better into starting than relieving

    If they would give the Twins the same package as they would for Santana than I am just done with this team. I doubt they will so I would call it a 99 to 1 shot they get him as that is what the Orioles would want unless they want Double-A pitching instead of majo league ready guys.

    Let’s just hope that the Twins decide to keep Johan (doubtful) and the Indians dont sign Sabathia (even more doubtful) because the Yanks wont give up any young talent