Our long national nightmare will soon be over

Twins not happy with Yanks ultimatum
In bullpen news...

Jon Heyman reports right now it’s more likely than not that Santana will be traded and that we’ll find out late Monday if a trade is going down. We will of course have all the latest news on Johan Santana including when he goes to the bathroom and what he had for breakfast. But not really.

Twins not happy with Yanks ultimatum
In bullpen news...
  • zack

    I would still be surprised to see the Twins turn the Yanks down based on anything but the Sox offer being better, which without Lester AND Jacoby, it just may not be.

    Wouldn’t a package of Jacoby, Lester and Lowrie (minus Bowden/Masterson) get it done for them and really cost the Sox very little? Lester will,. in all likelihood, be the odd man out this year and in the coming years if any of those others develop, plus they won’t need a lefty with Santana, and being a lefty in Fenway isn’t such a great thing anyways…

    Anyway you shake it, the Sox with Santana for the next 5 years are much better than with Lester and Jacoby…And the Yanks would STILL have to look elsewhere for an ace most likely

  • Brian

    I think this is our deal to lose, certainly. I don’t know which outcome is the best; I’d make a terrible GM right about now, so kudos to Cashman et al for laying it all out, with a time limit. I think that’s wise. You can’t say we won’t be better off next year by making this move, you just can’t. Even though I kind of don’t want to go through with it…
    In the end, this would improve the club significantly going into next year. All of us here don’t want to live with Mr. Huge’s beatdowns on us everafter, though.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    No matter what the outcome – there will be unhappy Yankee fans.

    • zack

      Yup, but you have to look at it was win-win vs lose-lose

  • barry

    I heard he likes muffins. I have a feeling this means he’s coming to the Bronx.

  • kris

    It’s time for the Twins to make up their minds. I am sick and tired of their Boras-like posturing.