The whole family is back together!

Giants get their outfielder...
Couple of minor league losses

I’m covering over at MLB Trade Rumors tonight, so I’m going through the normal channels to find the latest transactions. You gotta believe this bit from RotoWorld made me snarf my beer:

Dodgers signed RHP Tanyon Sturtze

Yeah, there were 10 other names on that list — including former Yankee farmhand John-Ford Griffin.

The only remaining question: How’s Joe going to burn out Proctor’s and Sturtze’s arms? He’ll be pulling his starters in the fifth inning every game!

Giants get their outfielder...
Couple of minor league losses
  • dan

    Were Steve Karsay and Paul Quantrill invited to the party?

  • Mike A.

    This is just too funny.

  • Spike

    Sturtzy will have 50 appearances by the All Star break.

  • Count Zero

    OMG – that’s too funny for words!

    JT is soooo predictable.

  • kunaldo

    Tom Gordon anybody?


    Why do you really care? You should be more worried that the Yankees have done absolutely NOTHING to help them win in 2008. It’s the same team that doesn’t hit in the playoffs and same pitchers (almost) that couldn’t hold a lead or stop the opposition from adding on. So what’s so different from 2008 than 2007? Oh yeah, Joe Girardi will lead them to the promise land. Be careful, the one year wonder working only with kids lost his job. It’s going to be fun. Yanks will finish 3rd behind Toronto. NO POSSIBLE WAY they make the wild card unless they get GOOD starting & bullpen help. Runnin out of time for 2008……….

    • barry

      Are you forgettng that the team he managed for a team who’s history of good decisions is nonexistant. Oh yea and the Yankee rotation will have 3 young studs with a pitching coach that has proven to know how to teach them. Not to mention the Yankees have their two cogs in he rotation, Wang and Pettite returning, and Moose probably playing a 6th man in the rotation. Why don’t you go root for the Mets or something, stop wasting everyones time bashing Girardi and the rotation before they even had a chance.

  • Brian

    Torre: Now I used to have this guy I could trust in any situation, and I’m pretty sure he’s not with the Yankees anymore. Um….Scotty, I called him.
    Colletti: Proctor?
    Torre: Yeah, I think that’s him.
    Colletti: Yeah, he’s on the team already.
    Torre: Nice job! You know, in Spring Training, he’ll show us something.
    Colletti: Yeah, actually he showed us a little at the end of our regular season last year. The Yankees traded him here for Betemit.
    Torre: Never heard of him. So you’re saying the Yankees sent Scotty here?
    Colletti: mm-hmm.
    Torre: Wow, well I’ll have to tell Brian Cashman about that crap!
    Colletti: Why? He’s…the GM.
    Torre: For…
    Colletti: The Yankees.
    Torre: No shit!
    Colletti: …..
    Torre: That’s insulting. I thought he was my agent!
    Colletti: He was both, Joe, you’re right….now, about Gabe White….

  • Mike R.

    If the Dodgers can sign Vizcaino they won’t even need starting pitching. Throw Viz, Proctor and Sturtze 2.1 innings each Broxton and Saito close it out.

  • barry

    I’m gonna laugh when Joe Torre turns into the Dodger’s Isaah thomas.


    Throw your anger to your own team. It’s the ballplayers silly. They play the field, they make decisions what ball to hit and what to throw. Do you really care about what Joe Torre does with the Dodgers? All I am saying is look through the fog people. You talk about 3 young studs in the rotation. Well I say again it;s the same team as last year except the pen is more weak. Can’t anybody see that? Oh that’s right, Farnsworth will take us to MO, I forgot. Good luck to Joe Torre, I hope he gives the Dodger fans a constant playoff contender by guiding the Dodgers as he guided the Yankees, right into the playoffs every year. Let’s hope Girardi can do the same with the same team, otherwise it’s going to be a long long winter going into the new stadium a loser.

    • Joseph P.

      I have no idea why you work yourself up like this. Let them play the games. Quit worrying.