Giants get their outfielder…

For the Red Sox fan who has everything
The whole family is back together!

…and his name is not Hideki Matsui. The Giants signed Aaron Rowand to a five-year deal today. I’m not quite sure how this would impact the discussions between the Yanks and Giants concerning Hideki Matsui. The Giants do still need a left-fielder, but Brian Sabean probably feels he has his bat in Rowand.

For the Red Sox fan who has everything
The whole family is back together!
  • JT from NYC

    I still think that they are after Matsui. Even better, i think it may give them more reason to trade for Matsui. I read one of Sabean’s interviews and he said that they need more than just 1 bat for this lineup to even creep out of the bottom of the division in terms of offense. They were just ranked as the worse offense in the majors by espn:

    With that said, i wouldn’t trade Matsui who I believe is very important to our lineup, for just any pitcure. It would have to be a package built around Matsui (maybe kennedy) for Lincecum + prospect.

  • Al the Man

    Very sad.. I hope they still have interest in Groundzilla. Is it totally crazy to think the Giants would jump on Ian Kennedy and Matsui for Lincecum? I know the yanks are giving up a lot and I like Ian Kennedy a lot but Lincecum is a phenom. Someone please look at these minor league stats (I know Kennedy’s are pretty rediculous as well)

  • barry

    Rowand deffinately is not the Giant’s answer.

  • barry

    This is random but if we’re giving Pavano a minorleague chance why don’t we give Prior the same. It’s a shame mismanagement has destroyed his reputation and career.

  • Bbig

    I just wanted to throw this out there cause I feel like it hasn’t come up as much as it should: Everyone keeps complaining about the Yankees pitching staff and how we need to get an ace (obviously not as much on this blog but still). However, the most exciting parts of last season, for me, were watching phil and joba pitch. With any luck these guys are going to be starting pitchers on the Yankees for a whole season next year. I understand that they’re young and all that and they won’t necessary excel just yet or ever, but what if they do. What if Chamberlain pitches for 6-7 innings the way he pitched for one last season. What if Hughes pitches like he did versus Texas or in September. What if they’re still the awesome pitchers that we all thought they were when we had the hughes and joba watch at the top right of this page.

    Obviously a lot could go wrong with the pitching staff next year, but a lot could go right too. What if the ever pessimistic outlook on the Yankees pitching staff turns out (granted for like the first time in years) to not be all that bad. What if it’s awesome?

    • Ben K.

      Wait. What?

      You do realize that you’re talking to folks on a site that is selling t-shirts for that express purpose? That’s exactly the thinking that’s been repeated to death by us on RAB.

      • Bbig

        yeah i know you guys are. that’s why i said ‘obviously not so much on this blog’ but on the other blogs its ridiculous. i wrote it here cause i figured this site would be most in agreement and i happened to be on it when i was thought about writing it.

      • ceciguante

        bbig (and ben k. and other pitching optimists): it’s not that i want to be seen as a pessimist — if the yanks in 2008 field the team as currently constructed (i.e., about the same team as last season), i’ll root like hell for ’em. it’s just that when people say “stand pat! don’t bother with more pitching, ours could be good enough!”, i immediately recall the past 7 years of hoping it was enough pitching.

        when is it time to start dealing prospects for proven players? tough call. but maybe the answer is after the red sox have started winning for the first time in over 80 years, signing the best FA starters while the yanks have been experimenting with busts, and when the old yankee stadium is about to close. or, we can wait and hope the kids + latroy hawkins make the difference.

    • elbo

      sound like a lot of what if’s…What if the sox get santana and he wins 20 and beckett wins 20 and dice-k wins 17…? not going to matter who’s pitching for the yanks, they’d end up behing the sox again.

      a lot of what if’s….

  • Lanny


    The Giants still need 7 other bats besides Rowand. I’m sure they can find room for Matsui. At this point Kevin Thompson would start in LF for them.

    • Mike A.

      What, no love for Omar Vizquel?

  • Lanny

    Why would anyone package Kennedy with Matsui for a pitcher who has one full yr under his belt and is undersized? You’re going to give up a 25 100 guy and one of the games premiere pitching prospects for that? To Sabean? The guy who gave away Nathan, Bonser and Liriano?

    There is zero sense in throwing in a top dog of ours for a rookie pitcher no matter how talented. Whos to say IPK won’t be better anyway?

    I just hate how him and prospects are tossed into “deals” like it doesnt mean anything.

  • Lanny

    There is no one out there more pro the Big 3 than RAB. And I pray they are proven right on it.

  • Mike B

    we’re not getting lincecum, as sweet as that would be. We’d be trading 100 RBIs for a fifth starter or a reliever. salary dump my ass, there’s no need to trade him and leave giambi as the DH. as much faith as i have in the big three, there are no guarantees, so with that in mind, wouldn’t you want all the offense you could get?

    • Ben K.

      In general, 100 RBIs is about as useless a stat as you could imagine. It’s totally dependent upon one’s place in the lineup and those hitting around you. I’d be more concerned with the 102 Runs Created. Almost Perfect has more on the fallacy of 100 RBIs.

  • Bbig

    also it wasn’t a question of saving the big three. it was a question of me getting exciting about getting to watch them next year. i understand most people here are big fans of the big three, no offense was intended.

    • Ben K.

      Don’t worry! No offense taken. I just wasn’t sure where you were going with your comment. That’s all.

  • Nefarious Jackson

    has anyone heard any leaks about the Mitchell report yet? Mike and the angry puppy seem to to have some early wiff and Mike seems like he is very bumbed about ” a lot’ of local players going to be named

    • Ben K.

      Haven’t heard anything yet and I’ve been looking. The names in the Mitchell Report will have to be placed in context too. More on this later tonight.

  • Rob

    I saw on another site something along the lines of this suggestion, and i think it’s fun to think about even if it doesn’t work in reality:

    Giants get: Matsui + Kennedy + some cash
    Twins get: Lincecum + Melky + Horne
    Yankees get: Santana + Sanchez

    Seems like everyone is satisfied and gets what they need. As a prospect, Lincecum is on par with Hughes but the Twins get Horne too in the Yanks not having to give up Hughes. Giants get their bat and a good young arm to slot into the rotation. Yanks get their ace and the young lefty for the pen even as they give up a bit more than they were prepared to, but they clear salary in the process.

    The only clear downside is the Yankee OF looks a lot less productive. Gardner can slot into CF and Damon into LF, but it seems they could use another bat, especially a RH one. It’s not a problem if they’re willing to give Duncan some OF starts against LHP. But if they’re worried about the depth, they could easily sign Reggie Sanders to a cheap one-year deal. Dude still hits LHP well.

    • Rob

      Could also swap in Bobby Kielty for Sanders. He’s a switch-hitter but is much better against LHP.

    • Steve S

      Im still skeptical that the Giants move Lincecum for Mastui and Kennedy. Lincecum is more established at this point then Hughes or Kennedy, so of course the Twins would do that. Im just skeptical the Giants would do it. And logically you might be better off keeping Lincecum.

      • Ben K.

        Skeptical? That’s all? There’s no way in hell the Giants are going to make that trade.

      • Ben K.

        I’d also be skeptical that the Yankees would want to make that move.

    • steve (different one)

      i like the creative thinking, but honestly, if the Giants were willing to give up Lincecum and Sanchez for Matsui and Kennedy, why involve the Twins at all?

      yankees would be “getting” Lincecum, Sanchez, Melky, and Horne by cutting out the Twins.

      i’d take my shot with Pettitte, Lincecum, Wang, Joba, and Hughes anyday.

  • Sciorsci

    No way in hell? For an undersized Tommy John surgery waiting to happen? Enjoy your T-shirts, Ben.

    • Ben K.

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by “enjoy your t-shirts,” and I apologize because I omitted a key part of my last comment. It’s not what I would necessarily do but it is what Sabean said himself. He’s not trading Lincecum or Cain. I don’t know if I agree with that statement, but hey, I’m not the GM.