Wang would like to stick around

Prospect Profile: Damon Sublett
Yankee-killer heads to Houston

The Yanks’ once and future ace Chien-Ming Wang would like a long-term deal from the Yankees, but as we know, the Yanks are loathe to give those out to their youngsters. More newsworthy in that Peter Abraham piece, however, is word that Wang thinks his agent is working on a deal. Last we heard, Wang’s agent approached the Yanks about a long-term deal, and when the Yanks told him to make the initial offer, he opted against doing so. That’s no way to run a business.

Prospect Profile: Damon Sublett
Yankee-killer heads to Houston
  • Kevin23

    Wouldn’t make an offer? Isn’t that sorta like, I don’t know, a vital part of the process? The proverbial “square one”?

    I like Wang. When he keeps it down and isn’t wild, he’s as solid as they get. He’s easily shaken, though. And when he’s off, he rarely gets back on track. He’s a solid # 3-5 starter for the next 5 years.

    Besides, with all the ground balls and GIDP balls he throws, it gives us the chance to watch Jeter play all-star matador.

    • Ben K.

      To be fair, while we soured on Wang after the ALDS this year, I think you’re undervaluing him to call him a #3-5 starter. He’s a solid #2 or #3, and if he cna get that K rate up just a tick, he’s a stellar pitcher.

    • Tom G.

      I don’t think it’s fair to project a guy that’s won 19 games in each of his first two complete seasons as a 3-5 starter just because he has a low k/9 ratio and had one really, really bad postseason. He was decent in 2005 & 2006.

      Everybody has always said Wang’s big asset is that nothing fazes him. Right now, he’s the ace by default because he’s won more games the past two seasons than Pettitte, Hughes, Kennedy, Mussina, Joba, Igawa and every other pitcher in baseball.

      I would tie him to a contract now, while stock is low, for as long as possible.

  • Mike44

    On another subject, is it bad that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Yankees getting Corey Patterson? Seriously, was it just me or did this guy not get 20 bunt singles and 40 stolen bases against the Yankees over the last two years?

    • Ben K.

      The same Corey Patterson who had a .304 OBP last year and has a career line of .258/.298/.414? Pass.

    • Mike A.

      What exactly does Patterson bring to the table that Brett Gardner can’t?

      • Nefarious Jackson

        Exactly, especially if Matsui and/or Melky are gone Brett Deserves a shot(he would deserve a shot at some playing time anyway)- the seat(centerfield) if being kept warm until sometime in 09′ when AJaX comes up

      • brxbmrs

        Paterson has more than 1 HR the last two seasons – that’s one thing he brings.

        Also, Brett’s .343 obp in AAA doesn’t scream “major leaguer”

        I’d like to see Gardner get a shot as the 4th ofer, but it amuses the hell out of me how you guys can be so dismissive of Melky, yet think Brett Gardner could be a stop gap in CF should Melk get traded.

        • Ben K.

          Corey Patterson’s career .298 OPB doesn’t exactly scream Major Leaguer either.

  • Geno

    No reason we shouldn’t keep Wang around for the next 5 years or so. On most strong staffs, I’d peg him as a very solid #3 guy going forward. On the staff we’re assembling though, he may end up being our #5 by ’09.

  • Rob

    Seriously, Brett Gardner projects to what Patterson would give, if not better. And the kid has a 85% SB rate in the minors.

  • zack

    Can we please just sign Cano and Wang to 7 year deals right now? There is nothing to suggest that those deals signed now wouldn’t pay for themselves…

  • Steve S

    Wang will be 28 to start next season, hes got three more years of Arb, how much of a discount could he possibly give and how many free agent years do they want to buy, one maybe two. I say he has had injury problems in the past. Table the contract stuff and decide next year or the year after.

  • RollingWave

    Well, IIRC Wang’s agent is a newbie . so he probably doesn’t really have a clear idea of what the deal should be like and is scared that he embarrase himself by proposing a joke either way.

    He’s overrated for his win , but he’s also underrated by those who simply look at k/9. he does everything else well.. low bb/9, great gb ratio, very hard to HR against. works fast etc.. he’s clearly a good #2 #3 guy

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think Wang was more hurt last year than he let on. If anything, he needs to be told that it is better to be truthful about how you feel than go into a playoff game not feeling right.

  • Rob

    No reason to sign either this off-season. I actually like the Yankee philosophy. They can always overpay to keep their own. In two years we’ll know much better where Wang and Cano are headed. Then they can pay accordingly.

  • Bo

    It’s taking a huge leap blaming unknown injuries for any result. That’s just excuse making.

    Wang had a terrible post season. But that shouldn’t hurt what he did in the reg season.

    And if he’s your #3 starter, you got some rotation.

  • Travis G.

    i see him as a very good #2. for his shitty 07 LDS, he DID win the only LDS game last year. i think 5/60 is fair but i agree that the Yanks can afford to wait as long as possible to see if the low k rates ever do adversely effect him. not every team has that luxury.

  • brad k

    Why not wait. They can afford to keep him once he is on the open market. Why pay now? Solid #3


    I agree, wait on Wang. I like Wanger, but he’s starting to concern me a little. After the Toronto game last yr (when he got lit up for like 8 runs in 2 innings), he’s composure on the mound wasnt the same. He seemed a little rattled for a while since that had never happened to him before. After that game, he became very suspect with runners on base, and would all of a sudden spend an inordinate amount of time holding runners on rather than focusing on the batter and throwing strikes. Definitely saw a few innings were a guy would get on base and it would suddenly snowball for Wang.

    While he seemed to rebound late in the year, he got back into some bad habits in the playoffs and got absolutely lit up. Maybe Wang isnt as “ice” on the mound as we thought he is. Either way, I think we need to wait and see if he can re-adjust to the “old Wang” before we commit 50+ million and 4+ years on him.

  • zack

    Why the rationale for waiting? What good does it do to “wait and see” with guys like Wang and Cano? Where has that worked for the Yankees in the past? When has it saved the Yankees anything? Its a stupid business plan to wait and see on all of your young stars. We aren’t talking about the Bruney’s and Karstens here, we are talking about two of the centerpieces of the Yankees now and for the next 5 or more years. If Cano and Wang even just continue their #s and don’t improve, it will STILL cost the Yanks not to resign them. It makes no sense, and basing it off either the PS or one season isn’t smart.

    The Yanks are going to have to lock up a whole bunch of players in the next 5 years, so might as well get these guys out of the way now.

    • Steve S

      Cano would be smart because of his age and his position and the aging veterans in the field. But as I mentioned before as a business decision there is no point to signing Wang now when he is three years away from free agency and is 28 years old. By the time he is eligible hell be 32 and may not have the same value so you could theoretically allow him to walk at age 32. Yankees got lucky with Wang he didnt make it to the big leagues till age 26 and his prime years are during the time he cant go anywhere. Cano is a different story, one or two years of free agency may be worth buying at this point for a guy at his age (25) and his talent level. And I dont know what players they will have to lock up over the next five years. I can really only think of one legit guy: Jeter (aside from Cano and Wang) and if you want Melky (assuming Ajax isnt what we think).

      • Ben K.

        Wang made his big-league debut when he was 25.

        • Steve S

          I apologize, either way, he hits free agency after age 30. Its still optimal when discussing business decisions. The difference between 31 and 32 isnt that great when discussing free agent pitching. This is one scenario where you may be paying over market value for those years.

  • steve (different one)

    i would lock up Cano and wait one more year on Wang.

  • brxbmrs

    Seriously Rob, Gardner doesn’t – look at the HR’s Paterson has hit in his career and keep in mind Gardner is 24, with an average arm.

    If we are looking for a 4th ofer – Gardner is great to give the shot to – if we are looking to replace our CFer – its a big downgrade – whether its Gardner or Paterson