• http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    They got the series finale right, just the venue is a terrible choice. How can you have the Yankees, your flagship franchise finish on the road in two straight seasons. Especially the latter season which is the final regular season of the most infamous stadium on Earth. They are going to get blasted for this.

    • steve (different one)

      i think MLB has decided the Red Sox are the “flagship”. after all, they’ve never had a single PED user on their watch. a neutral third party declared it so.

  • Ol’ Semmer

    ARM and a LEG?

    It bothers me when people talk about the high Yankees ticket prices. Look closely at the packages. The Yankees have an 11 game package (Holiday Package) for $55.00. That’s 5 dollars a game! Look also at the Fuji $5.00 games, Coca-Cola games, Poland Spring Games, etc… the Yankees do a good job trying to provide tickets at affordable costs.

    Granted box seats are expensive, but so are First Class airline tickets, orchestra seats on Broadway, etc…

    11 games for $55.00. How much cheaper can tickets be?

  • Tripp

    Hey, atleast the Mets get to finish at home. I mean with all the history that surrounds Shea Stadium and the team it makes perfect sense. Two championships and a handful of Hall of Famers. Lets not forget about all the no hitters and perfect games they have thrown since their establishment….oh wait they haven’t thrown any.

    I hate you Bud Selig.

  • Andrew

    2 measely off-days in April? Isn’t that the month where you ‘don’t need a 5th starter’? Color me confused. Is it always like this?

    • Kanst

      Thats the one that confused me most. I was counting on easing in the young guys since we normally dont need a 5th starter until May. Next year we are going to need a fifth starter the second time through the rotation

      • Andrew

        Guess we’ll be seeing Igawa/Karstens/Rasner sooner rather than later. Ugh.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Mike Mussina is still on the Yankees and is still better than any of those three pitchers.

          • Andrew

            Judging from years past (especially last year), I guarantee you one or more starting pitchers will be out for injury during the month of April.

  • Zack

    Other than that stupid stupid end of the season thing, I can’t say the schedule looks awful. They finally seemed to have fixed that “play the Red Xox 314134134 times in April and May then not again until Sept” as well as the “play each team home one weekend then away the next” crap that makes you feel like you have seen each team so much. For the most part, there is usually two series in between a repeat, which is an improvement. Spread out those non-divisional matchups a bit more. Cleveland AND Detroit the Yanks are done with by May 11 (not sure if thats good or not really), The Yanks do play the dreaded LAA three different times from Aug 1st on, two series IN LA/A.

    The Yanks play slightly more games on the road than home from Aug. 1st on, with s2 8 day road trips to the west coast, which could be killer….The longest RT comes in April.

    • steve

      sweet two series in LA ? that hasn’t happened in a while has it? I’m just saying this because i live in LA.

      its a shame we have to finish on the road, but let’s just hope they make the playoffs so they can finish the last season off with #27

  • Kevin23

    You guys actually put faith in the commissioner’s office to make a sensible schedule? After these last few weeks? The only sensible thing they’ve done in recent history was last June when they decided to break early for lunch so the pregnant intern taking notes could get her blood sugar back up. Other than that, they have done nothing but hurt the game with their willful ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence.

  • Kevin23

    BTW, this would have been the perfect year to play the Dodgers at home. When they played at Dodger Stadium a few years back, it was an electric atmosphere. Instead, we get the Padres and Reds. And why do we have to play the pirates every year. I’m sorry they can’t get their attendance numbers up on their own, but I’m sick of playing crap NL teams. Wait, that’s nearly all of them.

    • Andrew

      I dunno, I kind of liked it when the Yankees won 9 straight against those crap NL teams. Especially because their longest winning streak before then was 3 games.