Guess who’s paying for A-Rod’s contract?

Mo Money
Yanks schedule available

If you said, “The Yankees,” boy, are you in for a surprise.

The Yanks tonight released two pieces of information. The boring one is the tentative 2008 schedule. Yankee Stadium will play host to its last game on September 21 when the Orioles come to town, and the Yanks will close out the 2008 season in Boston for what could be a pivotal three-game series. There ain’t nuthin’ like some drama to close out the year.

But the bigger news — and the bad news — is the cost. It’s going to cost you more than ever to get in to Yankee Stadium. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Now, I don’t know how much it costs to sit in the lower decks. Those aren’t my ideal seats, and I never sit there. But the prices are astronomical. The Field Boxes run from $240-$325 a ticket if you buy in advance and $350-$400 for day-of-game tickets. Those are the most expensive seats in the stadium.

But forget those seats. No one can really buy single-game Field Box seats anyway. In fact, I think they’re already all sold out for the entire season. Instead, let’s jump up to the good seats in the Tier. The Tier Boxes last year cost $60 for the so-called MVP seats and, I believe, $40 for the others. In 2008, we’ll be paying $65 and $45 respectively. The Tier Reserve jumps from $18 to $22 with day-of-game tickets going from $20 to $23.

Meanwhile, bleacher seats will now cost $14.

You can bet that the new stadium will see prices even higher than this. Yankee games are fast approaching Knicks games in price, and that’s not a good thing for the average fan.

Mo Money
Yanks schedule available
  • barry

    Ridiculous. I guess I’ll skip being there in person and enjoy the luxury box of my living room.

    • Stu

      Back when I was growing up, my grandfather always bought us seats behind the catcher, about 20 rows up. They cost $8 a piece. Oh how times have changed.

  • Manimal

    I really want to go to Camden Yards this year. Ill also get my hookup and go to the allstar game.

  • Chuck M.

    I guess that the Yankees, like the other pro sports franchises in this area, are not actually interested in having people like me at the ball games. So, now, to take my son to a Yankees game from Jersey will cost $9 in tolls, $20 parking (in the spots a mile away from the Stadium), and $28, assuming I leave the wife at home. Wow – $57 is a lot of money, not counting food.

  • Grant

    I would bet that the high prices have as much to do with this being a “limited engagement”, as far as Yankees Stadium is concerned, as anything else.

  • David

    I can’t believe we are finishing on the road in the last season of Yankees Stadium. That really pisses me off.

    • Travis G.

      that pisses me off too. does ANYONE in MLB have a brain?

      it’s really unfortunate. each year i’ve been attending less and less games – the hassle of getting there (either by car or subway) with 50,000 other people, paying $5 for a dog, $8 for a beer (although i generally bring my own food, even sneaking in alcohol), sitting through the endless music/commercials/canned ‘make-some-noise’ PA signals, possibly sitting through rain delays (i have a knack for those) or weather ranging from boiling hot to freezing cold, to then the hassle of getting out of there with the same 50,000 people. perhaps i come off like an asshole, but i far more enjoy sitting on my comfy couch with a cold beer/soda, getting dinner delivered, and watching the game in HD on my DVR (where i FF through all the commercials). you see the game better on TV anyway.

      i’m sure though they’ll get 4 mil yet again, but at some point the prices WILL get too high and sports stadiums will be filled entirely with luxury boxes while average fans watch from home.

  • Colin

    Stop bitching and go to the games, its the last season at Yankee stadium, you gonna let 5 extra bucks get in the way of watching the game? At least its not as expensive as seats at Fenway.

  • Joseph P.

    $14 for the bleachers? That’s a typo, right Ben?


  • dan

    Damn hypocrites. This post comes like two weeks after you guys introduce ads between post and comment section. Next thing you know, we’re gonna have to pay $9 to open the RAB web-page.

    • dan

      Dammit, I forgot to title that comment “Guess who’s paying for RAB’s student loans?” Oh well.

      • Ben K.

        Guess who’s paying for RAB’s hosting costs?

  • Zack

    Well, with the team paying out the nose for players like Pavano, what do you expect?

    But how in the hell can MLB continue to screw up so bad. Not only finishing on the road, but finishing in Fenway. hilarious.

  • Mat

    Not to sound like an ass, but people really need to stop bitching about ticket prices. It is the essential economic theory “supply and demand” if people are willing to pay that much then they should charge that much, in fact they should charge more, because there is such a demand for tickets.

    • mooks

      Its the truth.

      Look, I am sorry alot of fans don’t realize this, nor do most consumers, but expenses, whenever possible, are passed on.

      The red sox do it, microsoft does it, apple does it, hell, I do it (and I work for a real estate investment and management company, aka your rent goes up when our taxes and other bills go up).

      Companies do try and charge the max when possible, they remain cautious generally out of fear that rising costs will bring diminishing returns (i.e. prices get to high, demand drops so you lose money you hoped to gain and then some), increasing expenses force prices to rise and bypass the fear of diminishing returns out of necissity (think batteries, the price is actually more of a reflection of them being one of the most shoplifted items then of the demand, same goes for preperation H, but don’t, please don’t ask why on the latter).

      Yankee prices will go up do to increased expenses, and driven by demand. Jim Dolan jacked up cablevision rates after he lost his sexual harrassment lawsuit to Brown, and if he loses his tax break (worth 11 million dollars), he almost certainly will raise ticket prices, and anything else he can to offset those costs.

      I do it (yes, I guess I am evil then), companies and most businesses do it, its a part of life (the flipside, when you can not pass the costs on to the consumer because it will reduce revenue, i.e. the costs are just to much, is to go with the 2nd option, which is reduce payroll. When tax hikes happen, or certain expenses i.e. oil, electric, material, wages, etc, you reduce payroll, via layoffs, or reduction of bonuses, or slashing various personal costs).

      Its life, you do not have to accept it, but it is going to happen.

  • EJ

    Its a simple matter of supply and demand. Lots of people want to watch baseball. Yankee Stadium hasn’t gotten any bigger. People compete against each other for tickets. As demand rises, prices will rise too.

    It sucks that many people are priced out of Yankee Stadium, but don’t blame the Yankees. Blame the popularity of the Yankees. It would be unreasonable for the Yankees to charge less than market prices for tickets.

    • Kanst

      Exactly, you can blame the A-Rod contract, but if the Yankees hadn’t signed A-Rod, Mo, Posada, or Abreu and decided to rebuild I GUARANTEE that the cost of tickets still would have risen. Just because they know people will go. Until it becomes too cost restrictive to see a game people will keep going. It may seem expensive compared to previous prices but think of it this way, I pay 12 bucks to see a movie, the concessions there are just as expensive as at the game. So wouldnt you rather throw in an extra 10 on top of that and see a Yankees game instead.

      I am not made of money, I am a college student who barely scrapes by, yet I go to an average of 5 or so games a year. Its just how you choose to budget your money

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  • Kanst

    I live in Boston and have gone to a fair share of games at Fenway. And compared to Fenway Yankees games are cheap. You think 18-22 for Tier Reserve is bad? In Fenway last season you paid 20 bucks for standing room. It cost more to stand in Fenway park then to sit in Yankee stadium. The only place you can find seats cheaper in Fenway is upper bleachers (which is like the last 3 rows of the bleachers), those are only 12 but are also horrible seats

  • Joseph P.

    No one has to write an essay on supply and demand. We’re not nincompoops. Doesn’t mean we can’t complain about a forty-freakin-percent hike in bleacher prices.

    • Joseph P.

      Nevermind. Spoke too soon on the 40 percent thing. I’m used to buying bleacher tickets off season ticket holders at face for $10. Those will be $12. I’m a little less pissed now.

  • Andrew

    The right field bleachers are an absolute bargain. They’re actually pretty close to the action (if the action is a flyball to Abreu) so you don’t need binoculars to see what’s going on. They’re also home to the ‘true’ fans, who may be raucous, but you know they’re there for the game.

  • steve (different one)

    it’s funny that you picked A-Rod. A-Rod probably brings in more money to the Yankees than they pay him. in other words, A-Rod pays for A-Rod’s contract.

    the headline should have been “Guess who’s paying for Giambi’s contract?”

    of course, i know this was somewhat facetious. just saying.

    the yankees don’t lose money paying great players lots of money. they lose money paying sh*tty players lots of money.

    • Ben K.

      I don’t think the Yankees are losing money. Period. If they were, they probably wouldn’t have given out nearly $400 million in contracts last month.

  • Rob

    What kills me is that of the last five years, counting 2008, the Yanks last series against the Sox will be in Boston for the 4th time. Worse, of those five seasons, the Yanks have never finished at home against the Sox. But 2008 will make twice in those five years they’ve finished in Fenway. The last time a pennant was a stake. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this if the same happens again.

  • Link

    I live in Va now and I must say Camden Yards is a wonderful option, beautiful park, and when the Yanks are there it really is Yankee Stadium South, 80% of the fans are in blue Jeter t-shirts lol…Amtrak to B-more and the stadium is right there…

    • Kevin23

      I second that! Beautiful Stadium! Great fans! They all cheer for the Yankees!

  • Link

    It wasn’t all that long ago I was buying game day bleacher seats for $8…almost double in about 8 years or so…

  • Relaunch

    I’d love to hear the idiots now that say, who cares, sign him for whatever he wants.

    • steve (different one)

      why, do you really think this price increase WASN’T coming if A-Rod signed elsewhere?

      the Mets raised tickets 40% and they haven’t done anything this off-season.

      for the last 5 seasons, the Yankees have have continually raised prices and yet every year they sell more seats.

      basic economics disagrees with your premise, so maybe you should think before calling people “idiots”.

      • Relaunch

        Basic economics? Most people have no idea have money is spent and made. They bitch about higher ticket prices but then say pay Mo and Arod whatever they want. Yanks rasied ticket prices every year for the champion seat, not the tier and bleachers. And who cares what the Mets have done. Does that mean its right because one team has done it?

        So the Yanks can go and spend as much money possible on every player so no real fan will attend the game. Idiots.

        • Kevin23

          I highly doubt “real fans” will stop attending Yankees games. I grew up in LA as a Lakers fan. Court-side, you’ll find only a hand-full of “true fans” because the cost of sitting there is conducive only to starlets, corporate big-wigs or trust fund babies. But head up a few sections, and there they are: the guys who work for a living a can only attend one or two games a season. It may be annoying to feel competition at your doorstep, but we all worship the capitalist god, and need to realize that is the natural order of things. The good news is that those “trendy” teams get to take all the rich people’s money and re-invest it into the team for the benefit of all fans.

          • Relaunch

            Did you not read what ticket prices they are increasing? They are not only increasing the MVP and Champion seats, but they are raising tier and bleachers. Don’t worry, you can have the real fans blogging on this site than be at the game. That soulds better.

            • Kevin23

              $14? It’s not that big of a deal. Go to the $5 games as someone suggested above. Its not a “screw you” to average Joe the fan…its an across the board fleecing of anyone who wants the novel experience of a game. You’re competing with every Joe from the midwest and west coast who is taking a vacation and is willing to pay more for the novelty. It’s just the way it goes. I’m sorry the “good old days” of every fan having access to everything for hardly nothing just dont last.

              • Relaunch

                I don’t go to the $5 games since I have full season tickets.

                • Kevin23

                  Then you have the option of selling them for a profit. You are in a much better position than 99.9% of fans…especially considering its the last year at the stadium.

                  I’m sure there is a sizable list of people who’d gladly take your seats. In the end, if you want everything for hardly nothing, pick an up and coming franchise…not the most successful one in US history.

                  • Relaunch

                    Yanks until this upcoming year suspended your tickets if resold

                    • Kevin23

                      And they only enforced it once, and received a heavy back-lash for it…never to attempt it again.

  • EJ


    The supply and demand was just a question of, “Why be angry the Yankees?” I see no reason to be angry at the Yankees. If you guys were all arguing “Shit, this sucks, we’re going to be able to go to fewer games” without assigning a target for anger, I wouldn’t have a problem.

    Its a reality that we’re going to have to deal with more and more in the next decade. Population is increasing. Baseball popularity is increasing. The new Yankee Stadium is going to be smaller, not larger. There is going to be a time when bleacher seats are going to cost 20 or 30 dollars. Our status as Yankee fans has its curse.