Yanks sign Juan Gonzalez?

Predicting the Future
Memorabilia from the Golden Age of New York Baseball

Tim from MLBTR found a report saying that the Yanks forked over a 2-yr, $2M deal to the now 38-yr old, Mitchell Report named ex-slugger. Juan Gone may have made the biggest blunder in the history of the universe when he rejected the Tigers’ 8-yr, $140M contract offer in 2001, a deal that would still have 2 years remaining. I don’t believe the report for a second – the Yanks have zero use for another DH, let alone a DH that hasn’t seen a Major League pitch in over 2 years. Chalk this one up to a slow news time.

Update: Nevermind, turns out December 28th is “el Día de los Santos Inocentes” in Puerto Rico, or “The Day of Holy Innocents.” It’s their April Fools Day. Oh those clever Puerto Ricans.

Predicting the Future
Memorabilia from the Golden Age of New York Baseball
  • Chip

    Hahaha, that is awesome. I love news reports with a sense of humor

  • JRVJ

    It’s “Day of the Holly Innocents”, not “Innocence”, and it’s not just Puerto Rico – it’s all Spanish speaking countries (including Spain) and I think France and Italy too (not sure about the last two).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      My mistake. I just copied and pasted it from the comments at another site.

  • http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    Thank God

  • Chris

    o locking up irabudidnt the same rpot state that the Yanks were close to locking up irabu to a long term deal.

    fitting that they would use the yanks for the story as thier front offuce apears to have been treating this entire off-season as the Day of the Holly Innocents – afrad to take any risks on the trae front,

    I hope that they are at least privatly gauging the value of moose, matsuie and moose. Either get johan and try to win this year though the next 4 years, or go with youth and try to trade away damon, matsui, and moose – hell even abreu who defenitly has some value.

    afor that matte – \even giambi should have some value of the yanks pick up some of his contact. 1 good prospect or bullpen am maybe? hey, if he is healthy he will give you 35 homes 110 Rhi – hardly easy to find now a days without spending 25 million pe yea

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.


      • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

        Knowing what we know now of the Day of the Holly Innocents, I think it’s quite obvious. He’s posing as an incoherent drunk. Joke’s on us!

    • Relaunch

      What language was this in?

    • Gustavo

      It’s a riddle, use every letter that is missing from his post and it says that God told him that Hughes will win 20 games next year and they shouldn’t trade him.

  • Chris

    key board is broken and i was still drunk from last night — sorry

    question was – would you rather deal cano melky and marquez for johan and a decent bullpen arm….or

    hughes, melky, horne, and a good AA prospect.

    comes down to what you think is easier to replace – a potential ACE, or an all star second baseman who could blossum into a 120 RB!, 25-30hR, 100 runs,l .320 BA numbe 3 hitter

    hitting is easier to replace and texiea is available next season, but having that production out of 2nd baseman is speial. in an ideal world, i would love to get a power hitting 1B like w thought we were getting with giambi and have a leadoff hitting high OBP speedster at 2B, but that is tough to find.

    comes down to who you like more cano or hughes and i also believe that by giving up cano it means the rest of the package can be lighter as he is proven commodity.

    sorry about the post – i thought everone here spoke fluent jibirisih

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      haha, love those drunk message board posts.. just teasing ya.

  • Grant

    Is that like El Malaguana?