10 things that could happen to the Yanks in 2008

Was another Hughes deal on the table?
NY Rangers may close out Yankee Stadium

Over at his blog today, Steve recalls a Ken Rosenthal radio interview from this morning where he says that the Blue Jays could to finish above the Yankees in 2008. This, before even pitchers and catchers have reported. So Ben and I got to thinking: There are tons of things that could happen to the Yanks in 2008. Here’s our list of 10 things that could happen to the Yanks in ’08.

  1. Brian Cashman develops the ability to foretell the future. The Yankees never lose again.
  2. Oil is discovered under new Yankee Stadium. Hal and Hank pack up their trucks and move to Beverly Hills.
  3. Derek Jeter volunteers to move to first base, “for the good of the team.”
  4. The truth of why the Yankees never bean David Ortiz is revealed. After Joba Chamberlain beans him in the seventh inning of a tie game, Ortiz reveals his true form, Godzilla, and devours the City of New York.
  5. In a change of heart, George says, “Ah, screw this,” and orders new Yankee Stadium to be torn down, mid-construction.
  6. Hank Steinbrenner contracts laryngitis, causing Kat O’Brien to lose her job.
  7. Josh Beckett’s arm falls off on April 1st. Marc Melancon, joining the Yankees in May, infects the entire clubhouse with a Staph infection. Devil Rays win the AL East.
  8. Johan Santana goes 34-0 with a 1.09 ERA.
  9. Melky hits .280/.354/.406, the exact same line put up by Bernie Williams in his age 23 season.
  10. George Mitchell uncovers evidence of rampant steroid abuse in clubhouses around the league. “I thought this incident was limited to New York,” he says. “We’ll need another $4 million for a thorough investigation. Except for Boston. I can vouch for them.”
Was another Hughes deal on the table?
NY Rangers may close out Yankee Stadium
  • steve (different one)

    Chicken Little is getting a lot of press today: guest blogger on LoHud, linked here and at Primer.

    i’m sure his next entry will argue that Cashman should be fired preemptively just for allowing the possibility of the Blue Jays finishing ahead of the Yankees.

  • Count Zero

    If you ask me, I think there is a pretty good chance the D-Rays finish ahead of the B-Jays. :-)

  • RZG

    At Waswatching part of his reply was:

    “Me? I guess I would have to say, now, that I would not be shocked if the Yankees finished third this year”

    Now, when there’s a 4 game losing streak he can go back and write “Back on January 14th I wrote I wouldn’t be shocked” etc., etc.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    It’s pretty funny that everyone considers the Red Sox run away favorites in the AL East. The Yanks would have finished in first if it wasn’t for their terrible April, plus the Sawx have done nothing to improve.

    The Sox have a good team, but they’re not invincible.

  • http://www.yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    people always talk about Arod, Posada regressing, DJ, Damon, Abreu, Matsui, Giambi getting older, but you never hear anything like that about the Sawx.

    I expect the offense to fare about the same. the aging of the older guys should be offset by the improvement of Cano and Melky.

    for years, the Yanks have been criticized for having an ‘ancient’ pitching staff. now that 3 rookies will be in the rotation, it’s ‘a bunch of question marks.’ just cant win with some.

    Really Mike, the Yanks were the best team in baseball after May.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Once Manny and Ortiz is gone, Boston’s going to be in alot of trouble. Let’s see how great Ellsbury and Pedroia are then.

      • daneptizl

        I’ve been hoping they don’t pick up his contract. Without just one of them, they’re completely different. But then of course Lars Anderson comes and saves the day without a fall in production.

  • http://riveraveblues.com JimT

    Now I not really sold on this idea that the Blue Jays are going to be better than the Yankees next season. The Blue Jays have been something of a fashionable pick for the last two to three years, it hasn’t happened yet.

    Mike continues to state that the Red Sox haven’t done anything in the off season to improve. I feel compelled to reply. While its true they haven’t made any trades or free agent signings there a few places where the Red Sox should be better in 2008. The most obvious spot is Ellsbury in CF and at the top of the batting order. The Sox patched up the lead off position with Pedrioa and Youkilis in 2007 but both are better suited batting elsewhere. They will have a healthy Jon Lester and Buckholz to start the season giving them better pitching depth. And it is a safe bet that J.D. Drew hits closer to his career averages.

    It is unlikely that Mike Lowell will repete his offensive numbers of last year. The catcher is a year older and could see a bit of a slip in his offensive numbers. But Manny and Papi had slightly down slugging numbers in 2007 and could easily make up the difference with a return to form.

    The Red Sox aren’t invincible, no team is. They just have fewer questions and more solutions than the Yankees.

    Also, please stop with this idea that the Yankees were a great team after April. They made the post season as the wild card and were immediately beaten by a better team.

    • steve (different one)

      so, you are saying their 3Bman and catcher will decline a little, which will be made up for by improvements in LF , RF, and DH, while shoring up some weaknesses in the rotation with 2 promising, but inexperienced rookies?

      wow, that sounds really different than the yankees.

  • Jeterismyhomeboy

    And by “promising, but inexperienced rookies” you mean only Clay Buchholz, right? Because Lester has over 100 professional innings with a WHIP that makes me wince just looking at it. Moreover, he has an awful MiLB WHIP, so it’s not like he can fall back on some previous track record of success. Unless Lester spontaneously learns some control, he’ll be at best a fourth starter.

  • http://riveraveblues.com JimT

    There are a few critical differences. The Yankees need thier younger pitchers to step in and play a key role right away, while the Sox will be looking for a more complimentary role from thier young arms. The other area is the bullpen. The Yankees really need to add depth to all of thier pitching. Until Joba came along, last years Yankee pull pen was a mess!

    • steve (different one)

      i am not denying that the Sox are the slight favorites going into the season.

      i think people just always love to mention how Yankees will regress/age. but no one seems to think it will happen to any Sox.

      for example, you say the Sox only need “complimentary” arms, even though no one knows what Schilling and Wakefield will give you. those guys are really old too…

      but yeah, the Sox are a little better set up to start the season.

  • http://riveraveblues.com JimT

    Lester is only 24 years old. Control is an issue with him. But stop and consider he pitched 1/2 of his first ML season sick. However, his ability to throw strikes is still at issue. A work in progress.

    • RollignWave

      I would certainly give Lester a benift of a doubt but the fact also is that the main reason he was viewed as a great prospect after 05… improving control … simply isn’t the case anymore. I’m sure cancer had something to do with it. but it still hasn’t completely reappear in 07. until it does he’ll always be pretty suspect.

      I’m also a bit preplaxed on why the cancer thing seemingly drove his status UP instead of down. yes he’s healed. but that doesn’t neccesarily mean it didn’t leave some sort of damage on his overall ability. and it’s true that his K/BB mark have both sliped since 05 anyway.

      I think the Yankees being passed by the Jays is virtually impossible barring major injuries to Wang and / or A-rod . the Jays pitching numbers were good last year but look at who they threw it up with… Litsch / Janssen / Marcum are all very suspect youngesters stuff wise and track record wise.

      Even without Santana they should be fine. their shot at the playoffs should still be very very good.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    Jim, the Yanks Trio has anything BUT control problems (and are all younger than Lester). the Yanks 6 starters are ALL younger than Schilling or Wakefield (even Moose). why won’t Beckett regress from a career year? or Daisuke too (Nomo regressed after his rookie year)? Schilling and Wakefield are BOTH over 40. Buchholz pitched 23 ip and he’s god’s gift to pitching?

    i’m not saying they’ll suck, just that they have issues and question marks too. the Yanks aren’t the only ones.

    DYK, Wang has a better career ERA+ than Beckett?

    also, the Sawx pen last year going in looked like their biggest weakness. who the fuck knew okajima would have a great year? my point is that bullpens are very volatile. what looks like a weakness for the Yanks now could be a great strength by mid-season.