Hank: We’d give Johan only five years

In Philadelphia, the Cashman vultures are circling
Attacking McNamee's Credibility

In a story in which she utterly buries the lead, Kat O’Brien reports that, while nothing new is going on, the Yanks are still interested in Johan Santana. That buried lead, however, comes at the end where she quotes Hank Steinbrenner saying that the Yanks would be inclined to cap any deal for Santana at five years through the 2013 season. “I wouldn’t do it if it were a six- or seven-year contract,” Steinbrenner said. “I wouldn’t go past five, on an extension.” Now, that’s some sensible talk from Hank.

In Philadelphia, the Cashman vultures are circling
Attacking McNamee's Credibility
  • CB

    I don’t see Santana signing for 5 years while he’s only a year away from hitting the market (unless perhaps if the yankees agree to redo his 2008 deal and up it by $7 million or so). On the open market he’ll get 7 years at $20 million per or whatever else he’s asking for. The Mets for one will throw money at him as desperate as they are.

    What Hank is doing here is anybody’s guess. Assuming he’s not incompetent, he’s clearly planting these messages to “negotiate” through the media. But what “negotiations” are these?

    Is he sending a signal to the Twins that we don’t want Santana that badly so bring down the price? Is he telling Santana that you need to be OK with these parameters before we make any deal for you? Is he sending signals to the Red Sox that neither one of our organizations wants him badly enough to pay the price in money/ prospects so let’s both stop bidding against each other (the Red Sox will clearly know Santana will no sign for only 5 years)?

  • http://yanksfansoxfan.typepad.com/ysfs/ Nick-YF

    perhaps he’s trying to provide Santana with an incentive not to waive his no-trade clause?

  • Geno

    I don’t see how showing our cards like this is ever a smart move.

  • Bo

    Why does he talk to Kat O’Brien?

  • Nefarious Jackson

    Another possibility is that Hank, who has never had to do a real days work in his life, who never had to building anything in his life, who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple- maybe Hank is a blowhard, use to people kissing his ass his whole life because of his last name, maybe Hank just isn’t all the bright… and this is yet another public statement that makes NO SENSE. Will his brother Hal or someone please get this guy to shut the hell up

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    if you read beyond the soundbites, i do like what he had to say about Brian Cashman. while it’s inevitable that some of the “Steinbrenner Way” is going to come our way with Hank, it’s the support he gave to Cashman’s efforts, plus some of his earlier comments that don’t get quoted often, that still make me feel like his head is mostly in the right place.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    When does this become collusion? I mean you aren’t supposed to talk about a player under another teams control. This just sounds like he is starting the negotiation before making the trade. I’m getting tired of Hank’s blabbing.

  • T. Kim

    He is definitely just trying to tell Santana that if we give up these prospects then you don’t get your 6-7 years. In a suttle way, meaning without tampering, he’s telling Santana’s agent to use that no-trade clause and to hold off until next spring if he wants that mega-deal. Remember when Cashman and Satana’s agent were on the same flight out of the winter meetings? Don’t be surprised to see this trade not happen, or happen then become void because of contract demands. Santana will likely play the season out as a Twin and sign with the Yankees for 7 years and $140 million come 2009. SAVE PHIL HUGHES!

  • Senor A. Boy

    Isn’t Kat O’Brien the worst Yankees beat writer around? She turned the once solid Yankee coverage in Newsday into pretty much 3rd-rate work. Anybody remember how cool Jim Baumbach’s blog was? It’s amazing to see the sheer lack of effort and quality when writers like Peter Abraham are out there.

    • Realist

      I must agree with you on that Senor! Ahh , the good old days over there;-).

      I don’t think this trade happens for the yanks OR the Sox and it’s fine with me. Wait to see if he is worth the prospects and cash first…during this season and pay accordingly via Free Agency. He spent time on DL the past two seasons and didn’t end well last year…I would rather see if this was an aberation or a continuing trend downward , before making such a major investment with prospects and cash.

      But hey , thats just my opinion…doesn’t make it right ;-)

    • Count Zero

      “Isn’t Kat O’Brien the worst Yankees beat writer around?”

      Precisely why it should be obvious that she’s being used as a tool…

      He is walking a fine line on tampering…and I would say he’s doing it pretty damn well. If Santana goes nowhere and becomes a FA at the end of this season, I want you guys to look back on this and say: “Thank you Hank — you’re a lot better negotiator than I gave you credit for.” ;-)

  • Ivan

    Keith (NJ): so then who is the potential star with Lester, and Lowrie? And if the Red Sox dont include Bucholtz, why should the Yankees need to include Hughes?

    Jim Callis: (2:57 PM ET ) That’s a good question. And that’s probably why rumors are that the Twins prefer an Ellsbury-fronted package. I’d rather have Hughes than Ellsbury. But I’d rather have Ellsbury (or Lester) plus Lowrie, Masterson, Kalish or the other various incarnations than the Yankees’ packages.

  • DanElmaleh

    Here’s my take…

    Hank’s just feeding the media information for inoformation’s sake. It’s his stratagey that no one knows what his true strategy is. Strange to deal with people like that. It’s like the deadline and the A-Rod ultimatum. Soon Santana will be a Yankee for seven years. And we will all say, what was Hank saying?

  • DanElmaleh

    Pehaps the true gold nugget of the whole article:

    Notes & quotes: Steinbrenner said the Yankees remain committed to having Joba Chamberlain in the starting rotation, and are not looking at him as a possible eighth-inning answer.

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