• Mike R.

    Even if Melky put up better numbers than Cameron next season people would still want him traded. He is very polarizing to Yankee fans. You either love him or want him gone.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      It’s nothing against Melky personally. We just feel that if the Yanks are going to trade Melky and expect something back in return, they should get on that sooner rather than later. Maybe the Melky Lovers end up right and he becomes an above-average CFer. Right now, he’s not one of those though.

      • brxbmrs


        What you guys just can’t comprehend is defensively Melky is already an above average centerfielder (Dave Pinto is talking out of his ass) and he hit at league average last year. Hitting .180 in September totally killed his offensive #’s – its all stuff you people know but just don’t want to admit.

        His situational stats were better than Hideki Matsui’s – Melk for Marte? There are worse deals I guess, but anyone who thinks Melky has peaked as a player in 2006 needs to stop worshiping Bill James and just take a pill and give the kid another year or two.

      • RollingWave

        Yeah… like that Mike Gonzalez dude, i heard he’s a stud ;)

  • dan

    Self promotion:


    • Realist

      I tip my hat to you Dan and appreciate the humor used :-)

  • The end is near

    Thanks ken Rosenthall, what a fucking waste of time

  • barry

    Thank God.

  • Manny

    he cant even hit for average anymore, hes just fast.

  • Realist

    I don’t think any Yankee fan dislikes Melky , it is that his name has appeared in several trade scenarios over the past 2 years. Most of us believe that Melky won’t get much better than he is and his trade value may never be higher? So if he is going to be traded it better be soon as he may never be worth more.

    • barry

      At this point how can the Yankees justify trading him. Without Melky you have to play Damon in center and Matsui in left. I think Damon is still a decent outfielder but hes a better than decent outfielder in Left opposed to Center. Not to mention Damon and Matsui both seem to be breaking down. I wouldn’t close the book on Melky yet though with Girardi at the helm who knows whats possible out of Melky.

  • barry

    ^article about Highes and the possible trade.

    • Realist

      That article needs an editor….Hughes “heres” trade rumors???? Lol , I am the world’s worst speller but know thats wrong!

      As far as what you said regarding Melky , I agree but like most fans……if they are going to trade him it better be soon as his worth is to The yanks not the rest of the leauge…he would suffer in another lineup. I love his arm and enthusiasm and hope he continues to develop but fear he won’t. His defensive skills are better suited for a corner outfielder but his lack of power makes him a liability at RF or LF. Hell , if he had decent base running skills , which he doesn’t , you could live with him in left…in THIS lineup..but that isn’t the case.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I’d like to thank the Milwaukee Brewers for saving us from making that blunder.

  • David

    We were never interested in Cameron. That was purely an agent trying to jack the price. Just like we never wanted Lowell for first base.

  • E-ROC

    ‘Ol well……