What about Bud?

Rehab Guys: What Can We Expect?
Betemit signs one-year deal

Over at Pinstripe Alley, jscape2000 chimes in with his views on Bud Selig’s undeserved contract extension. He sums up my views in a few sentences:

A strike, a steroid scandal and a sham investigation, and a revenue sharing program that allows the owners to pocket obscene amounts of money without improving their teams? Not to mention draft-slot guidelines that stink of collusion, no international draft, and a screwy (Selig-designed) Japanese posting system. I wish it was this hard for me to get fired from my job.

Some day soon, I’ll write more at length on Selig’s tenure. Despite the bad, Selig has led MLB through the good as some of you noted in the comments to Joe’s post. But part of being a good leader is knowing when it’s time to step down, and Selig has long passed that point.

Rehab Guys: What Can We Expect?
Betemit signs one-year deal
  • Lanny

    This guy a moron?

    Only one thing matters

    Over 6 billion in revenue

    I hate it when people are so sanctimonious

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      A healthy revenue stream is not the only metric people use to evaluate the job done by the Commissioner of Baseball. While baseball is indeed a business, there’s more to it than that.

    • Count Zero

      Agree Ben — short term gain vs. long term legacy. Bud owes his longevity to his ability as the owners’ “YES” man — and I don’t mean the TV network. :-)

  • BigBlue

    Record profits, record attendance, unprecedented entry into global markets, strong development of market identity, unparrelled income growth of both owners and players…if this was any other industry, Selig would be compared to Gates, Ellison, Welch, and Tillerson.

    Let’s return to the days of Vincent and Ueberroth when almost every team was bleeding money, no out of market games could be seen on TV, the majority of in market games were on pay channels, owners needed to collude to keep players, expansion teams were viewed as a threat to the league, and playoff races were over in July for 80% of the teams. Ahhh…those were the days.